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Quote1 ... T'would be unseemly for the Son of Zeus to follow the commands of a callow youth. Quote2

Appearing in "Mad Dogs & Businessmen"

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Synopsis for "Mad Dogs & Businessmen"

The Champions wait until Angel is out of harm's way to continue the fight, but Ivan is severely injured before Rampage manages to escape. In hopes of better coordinating themselves, the Champions elect Black Widow as their official leader. Meanwhile, Clarke's ex-attorney sees Rampage on the news, recognizes his client's exo-skeleton design, and is all too eager to call the police on the man who fired him. Clarke, having second thoughts about his plans after nearly killing someone, is about to dismantle the exo-skeleton when the cops show up. Desperately not wanting to go to prison, he dons the suit and a jetpack to attempt an escape. The Champions show up to help, with Angel now equipped with Hercules' mace to even out their fighting strength. Realizing he's about to lose, Rampage attempts to self-destruct with his jetpack, but Iceman's ice shields manage to keep everyone alive, though Rampage just barely. Lurking in the shadows, Crawley plots to use the power of attorney he still has over Clarke's business to sell the company, pay his creditors, and collect his fee. The only problem is that Clarke managed to survive...


  • 30 cent Variants of this issue were also published.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Cables of Champions. No fan letters are published. This page contains Tiger Talks and has information from Tony Isabella about his thoughts and insights on this new series.

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