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-- The Griffin

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Created the Black Widow"

Angel and Ghost Rider fail to prevent Darkstar and Griffin from liberating Stuart Clarke from his hospital room. Meanwhile, the Champions' office is attacked by a small, remote-controlled missile. When Ivan and Black Widow analyze it, they recognize the calling card of Natasha's old trainer, Alexi Bruskin. Widow spots Bruskin on a nearby rooftop and dives out the window to go confront him, but the two former comrades are quickly interrupted by the arrival of Titanium Man.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Cables of Champions. Letters are published from M. Clive Hamming, Scott Gibson, K.J. Robbins, Ralph Macchio, and Dale Cendall.


  • In the letters page, future Marvel Comics editor Ralph Macchio predicts Champions will be cancelled unless major changes are made. He is correct! Champions is indeed cancelled after 17 issues.

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