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Quote1.png With Hercules at thy side the mortals will give not a thought to anything but the magnificence of our presence! Especially if there be ladies in the audience. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Divide and Conquer!"

Rampage delivers a set of photos to the Champions' office showing them that Black Widow and Bruskin were captured by Titanium Man. Rampage taunts Ivan by telling him that his employer is really after him and that he goes by the name "Outcast", a name that sets Ivan off. When Rampage presses a button on his suit that he was told would open a communication line with his employer, it instead causes the suit to explode, mortally wounding Clarke and damaging the office. Ghost Rider races Clarke to the hospital while the other remaining Champions clean up and Ivan works on a way to find Widow. He comes up with a tracking device to home in on black pearls like the one Bruskin used as his calling card and Iceman helps him follow the signal. With his costume damaged, Angel has to wear a version of his old X-Men uniform while he and Hercules appear at the team's opening ceremony in the park. Just as the crowd gathers and the ceremony begins, it's ambushed by Titanium Man, Griffin, and Crimon Dynamo -- the Dynamo now being worn by Ivan's lost son Yuri.


  • Saladino (uncredited) letters only page 1.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Cables of Champions. Letters are published from Giles Dyer, Ed Via, William McDonald Neville, and Larry Twiss.

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