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Chanda was chieftain of Wakanda during WWII. Colonel Klaue led a mission to Wakanda in Africa to regain Adolf Hitler favor. His plane however crashed leaving him as the only survivor. Klaue was nursed back to health by Chanda. He befriended the king and was amazed by the hidden Wakandans, and the Great Mound of Vibranium. Klaue had the Wakandans build the Panther Idol icon, demanding that they worship it as a god instead of a brother spirit. When the panther refused, he tried to kill him murdering the queen Nanali instead. Panther escaped into the jungles, but when he returned he defeated Klaue and ripped his steel hand off, causing him to flee back to Germany.[1]

Chanda (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Unlimited Vol 1 1 0001

as Black Panther

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