Chandu is a 12th Century mystic associated with Black John and Modred. Chandu helped capture and imprison King Richard the Lion Heart and opposed The Black Knight and the Defenders when they attempted to free Richard.

Chandu is able to summon extremely powerful Gnomes from his mystical flames and smoke. These Gnomes have the power to fell the Silver Surfer and stand toe to toe with the Hulk. Unfortunately, the Sub-Mariner determined that the Gnomes disinegrate when exposed to water.[1]

In modern times, Chandu and a host of other mystics calling themselves the Convocation of Wizards attacked Avengers Mansion looking for Doctor Druid. They wanted Druid's secrets of eternal youth, as well as the Black Knight's Ebony Blade. During this assault on Avengers Mansion, Chandu fought the Vision and defeated him with his magical attacks.

During this same attack, another member of the Convocation of Wizards named Le Sabre forced Hercules to surrender by taking a hostage. Chandu then used the Vision's body to bind Hercules. Sersi reformed the damaged Vision into three miniature versions of himself who then went on to defeat Chandu. Sersi then restored the Vision to his proper form.[2]


Chandu is an adept sorcerer who invokes many of the mystical entities that Doctor Strange himself uses in his spell casting. Chandu can fire mystical bolts of energy from his hands and create very powerful Earth-gnomes. It is unknown if Chandu has found a way to slow his aging or if he is a time-traveler, as his original time period was the 12th Century A.D.

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