Channel City was a city on the South Coast of England created as the government's showpiece on battling overcrowding. Before moon shifted out of orbit, it stretched to the sea. After the droughts of early 8120s, the city was left derelict, without water or food supplies.

Later approximately twenty ex-Game teams led by the High Father cordoned off an area of the South Coast around Channel City, effectively denying government and the World Development Council access. Civilians from the area were held hostage. At the same time, the High Father amassed a lot of livestock in the city, thus, providing people with food and making them his allies rather than hostages.

Eventually, in 8162 the World Development Council sent Dragon's Claws to free the city from the High Father, who turned out to be a former National Union of Retired Sports Experts' former employee named Starick.[1]


High Father[1]

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