Death of Leiko Wu

After Leiko Wu, his lover, was killed, he offered his help to Shang-Chi investigating the death. Shang-Chi who had clashed with him in the past, did not believe he was Leiko lover, nor did he believe he was a changed man, and refused his help. Believing White Dragon, had something to do with her death, Skull-Crusher have him the address to his club.[1]

Even though Shang-Chi didn't trust him, he decided to follow him, without him noticing. When Shang-Chi went to White Dragon's castle after a previous confrontation, Skull-Crusher revealed himself, and told Shang-Chi he was almost sure what White Dragon plan was, but they needed to act fast. They infiltrated the castle, and eventually entered a room where they found various disappeared clan leaders heads, spiked in a ritualistic way on a circle of swords. White Dragon then appears, and confronts them, but loses, it is then that Shang-Chi brother Midnight Sun appears, shackles both of them with his powers, and reveals he was the true orchestrator of this plan. Midnight Sun still needing the last two clan members for the ritual to be complete, kills Skull-Crusher, and White Dragon who offered himself to the ritual.[2]

When Midnight Sun performed the ritual, instead of giving him power over all the clans, it resurrected Leiko Wu. Leiko then using her newly acquired powers, summoned the spirit of Skull-Crusher, and the other clan leaders who pulled Midnight Sun into the underworld. Before disappearing Skull-Crusher gave Leiko one last kiss.[3]

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Skull-Crusher is a master of martial arts.[4]



Skull-Crusher wields metal balls attached to chains as weapons.[4]

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