Chaos was an Eternal created by ISAAC, the computer on Titan, when it was corrupted by Thanos. After emerging from his Life-Bath, he began absorbing everything around him, including Captain Marvel. Marvel was sent into the dimension of the creature called Tartarus. Marvel was able to destroy Tarturus while Elysius and Drax the Destroyer defeated Chaos by attacking his heart. When Captain Marvel returned, he damaged ISAAC enough where it was no longer a threat.[1]

Later, Chaos was resurrected along with several other villains by ISAAC with his powers increased tenfold and sent against Captain Marvel, Drax, and the Eternals of Titan. After knocking out Drax, Marvel was about to unleash enough power to knock out Chaos.[2]

Chaos attended the Devil's Advocacy along with many other demonic creatures to discuss the attack on Earth by the Serpent.[3]


Chaos had the ability to generate a vortex via material he expelled from his body that swallowed all matter around him. The vortexes produced led to a dimension that the creature Tartarus resided in. It's unknown if the vortexes led to any other dimensions. As Chaos released his material, he grew larger and expanded into the surrounding universe, growing more powerful. As he grew in power, his skin turned white in color.[1] After his resurrection, Chaos grew tenfold in power. He was bigger and could fire blasts of energy.[2]


Chaos was vulnerable to life energies and energies that give life, like Captain Marvel's photonic energy.[1][4]

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