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Unrevealed; formerly The Prophet

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Numerous unnamed members

Former Members
Tori Raven, Rashid, David Levine, M. Safaa, L. Ventmiglia, K. Rin, W. Fosburgh, C. Ward


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Chaos is mainly a financial organization, in charge of funding armies, countries, and laundring trillions of dollars.[1] Their leader, the Prophet, was bestowed with knowledge of the future by an unrevealed entity to use Chaos to ensure said future came to pass.[2]

Black Widow began investigating Chaos after one of their operatives managed to inflitrate the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and kill a witness.[3] After tracing their communications to an abandoned oil tanker near Costa Rica, Natasha discovered Crossbones working for them. She encountered the Punisher, who was following Crossbones' trail, and had discovered the ship was wired with explosives. Natasha tried to use the time left to find any clue regarding Chaos, but there was nothing.[4]

On behalf of Chaos, Rashid kidnapped Black Widow's counselor Isaiah Ross.[5] With the help of X-23, Black Widow rescued him.[6]

Chaos later exposed Black Widow to the press, compromising her.[7] Natasha bagan hunting down Chaos' accountants, using a list given to her by Tori Raven.[1]

Black Widow managed to gather all of Chaos' accountants in a boat near Barcelona. She planned to use them to gather information about Chaos, but her plan failed when it was revealed Chaos had sent reinfocements to watch over the meeting, a group of agents cloaked with invisibility technology.[8] Natasha was almost defeated by the agents as Chaos' accountants escaped in a helicopter, but the Winter Soldier rescued her. They both followed the helicopter, which was losing fuel due to damage. But when they caught up with the crashed aircraft, all of the accountants were found dead, killed by a mysterious agent. After the helicopter exploded, an unconscious Natasha was abducted by the Prophet, leaving the Winter Soldier behind.[9]

The mysterious agent teleported Natasha to Dubai. He presented himself as the Prophet, revealing to the Widow the origins of Chaos. He tried to convince Natasha that Chaos only wanted to ensure a bright future for humankin, using Dubai as an example, which Chaos allegedly helped grow. She doubted of the Prophet's true intentions, and declined his offer to join them. The Prophet later teleported Natasha to a Russian wilderness, to be dealt with by more invisible agents, who were soon killed by Natasha.[10]

After Black Widow ended up submerged in the freezing waters, the Prophet started looking for her from above the ice. She used a flare to distract him while she resurfaced from the water and attacked him. The Prophet was ultimately stabbed by Natasha in the throat, and his body was left partially submerged in the water.

A few days later, a kid named Philip was contacted psionically by one of the entities of the future, with the intention to make him the next Prophet.[11]

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