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Quote1.png When I stole this Yellowjacket costume from Avengers Mansion back in the day, I planned to use its shrinking stuff only on myself. And for myself. But there was something about...that place. That group. It for me thinking I could be more. I went into space -- into the freaking future! I thought I had the chance to make something of myself. But I feel life ended before I really could. Quote2.png

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The newest, greatest and, in the carnage of the Chaos War, only team of Avengers around faces the threat that united them: the GRIM REAPER! Eric Williams has long been one of the Avengers' most fearsome foes, and now that he has fully pledged himself, heart and soul, to the Chaos King, he's looking to kill his arch-nemesis, the android Vision, and his allies -- Captain Mar-Vell, Yellowjacket, Dr. Druid, Deathcry and the Swordsman -- twice! And if they fall, every Avenger past and present will fall with them.


  • The cover of this issue (with the Grim Reaper being prominently shown) is somewhat reminiscent of his first appearance on this John Buscema cover.

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