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Quote1.png Since the dawn of humanity, dead souls have collected in the netherworlds. Generations upon awakened! AND IN THE THRALL OF THE CHAOS KING! Quote2.png
Daimon Hellstrom

Appearing in "Return of the God Squad"

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Synopsis for "Return of the God Squad"

Hercules returns to the Olympus Group building. Hebe is eager to embrace her husband but his radiant Skyfather powers prevent her from even touching him. Hercules brings with him all of his slumbering comrades, who were struck by the Chaos King into a waking sleep. All except Thor, Venus and Cho (who was blessed as a Prince of Power) remained unaffected. And that's the least of their worries, as the Chaos King ensnares all living beings on Earth and put them in a slumber too. Luckily, Hercules is able to free time around the Earth, saving everyone from potential danger.

Meanwhile, the Chaos King sends his alien god-slaves to conquer the realms of the dead. Despite Pluto's attempt to rally his realm's denizens, he failed. Hercules then feels his father Zeus fall once again against the Chaos King, causing him to lose his concentration. Though Thor reassures him that they can win, Cho knows otherwise. Therefore, Hercules summons Eternity. Unfortunately, the abstract entity says that he cannot help them, for the Chaos King embodies pre-existence; if he fights against him, Eternity fights against himself. He leaves, expressing his hopes that Hercules can prevail.

Hercules then summons a new God Squad, adding Sersi and Galactus to their ranks. However, the Silver Surfer calls them fools for bringing his master to Earth while he was about to devour an uninhabited planetoid. He attacks the God Squad, despite their attempts to reason that if the Chaos King wins, then Galactus will not have any planets to consume. Hercules and Sersi are able to temporarily subdue the Surfer, before Venus uses her love powers to make him view Sersi as Shalla Bal.

Daimon Hellstrom then appears to inform everyone that the Chaos King has seized control of the realms of the dead, causing Death herself to flee, preventing everyone from dying, and with it, unleashed the souls of the dead, including the once deceased Olympians.

Solicit Synopsis

The premiere event of the fall continues! When the greatest threat the Marvel Universe has ever seen lays waste to reality and brings Earth's mightiest heroes to their knees, who you gonna call? That's right: the all-new, all-different, all-divine GOD SQUAD! The fan-favorite team from SECRET INVASION returns, led by Thor and Hercules. And check out the cosmic heavy-hitters they choose to round out their sacred strikeforce: Galactus, Silver Surfer, Venus, Sersi and Hellstorm! Plus: After the shocking death of a major Marvel character last issue, you'll never believe who the Chaos King has next on his hit list!

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