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Quote1 My god. We can't do this. There's no way. ... I've run all the numbers! Checked them infinite times! The Chaos King can't be defeated! ... Herc! We gotta run -- ... Come on! There's no point in fighting when there's no hope! Quote2
Amadeus Cho

Appearing in "Paradise Lost"

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Synopsis for "Paradise Lost"

Balder is intent on going to Earth to help the God Squad but Amaterasu bars him form leaving, insisting that they must secure their divine realms.

Down on Earth, the God Squad are forced to fight Zeus, Hera and Ares, who are thralls of the Chaos King. Not even Venus' Siren voice nor the immense power of Galactus can defeat their foes. Hercules manages to mortally wound Zeus and break the Chaos King's hold over him. He tells his son that he will need the assistance of the other gods to defeat the Chaos King. Unfortunately, as Hercules locates the other gods, it is revealed to be trick of the Chaos King, who quickly slaughters all of the pantheons. Cho tries calculating a way to defeat the Chaos King but soon realizes that there's no way they can. However, Hercules is intent on continuing the fight. The rest of the God Squad back up behind an adamantine shield before the Chaos King nearly obliterates them. The Chaos King grunts that he failed to destroy his enemies. However, a nearby voice reminds him that only Hercules and Cho are the true threats to him. The source in fact Athena, revealing herself as a servant of the Chaos King and the behind-the-scenes force of his rise to power.

Solicit Synopsis

THE END OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE IS NIGH! As the penultimate step in the destruction of all creation, the CHAOS KING’S

annihilating army of slave gods -- including an undead (and angry) ARES, GOD OF WAR -- takes on every divine pantheon on this mudball called Earth! Can Thor, All father Hercules and the God Squad rally Earth's feuding gods to beat back their common enemy and save existence itself? Or will a shocking betrayal pave the way for the triumph of chaos and darkness? More epic, divine madness from New York Times Bestselling "Incredible Hercules" writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente and fan-favorite penciler Khoi Pham!


  • Cover incorrectly lists it as issue "3 of 4."

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