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Quote1.png You call me the God of Heroes? What heroes teach what the gods should be. So now, no matter what the cost...I undo all your cold wisdom has wrought, sister Athena! As my first -- and last act as All-Father -- I do what any true god should do -- what the heroes among us do every day. I give up restore...and then to walk away. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The End is Here"

The final battle between Hercules and the Chaos King has begun. On what remains of Earth, Galactus and Amadeus Cho try to move all of Earth's population into Continuum. Unfortunately, even with the latter's hypermind, there's no way to get billions out in time. Cho and Hercules argue over their fundamental beliefs before the latter declares that they cannot let the Chaos King win. Cho then gets an idea and tells Hercules to bring the Chaos King down to Earth. The God Squad then hit him with everything they've got. The Chaos King laughs at their attempts to foil him and begins to consume everything into complete nothing. But in reality, our heroes have sealed the Chaos King within Continuum.

Despite their victory, creation itself is in ruins. Hercules himself despairs when he is approached by an apparition of Athena. She tells him that once he's healed, he will take his position as an All-Father and remake the world. However, Hercules refuses to listen to her and instead uses his powers to restore everything to what it once was. Also, many deceased heroes, including Alpha Flight, are staying in the land of the living. Cho and Hercules then high-five after the former professes his love towards Delphyne Gorgon. But it turns out that Hercules has expended all his powers saving the world and is now mortal. The duo then walk towards a newly restore Olympus.

Solicit Synopsis

THIS IS IT!! THE MARVEL UNIVERSE'S LAST STAND! The Chaos King unleashes his ultimate attack against reality as we know it -- and our survival depends on a boy, his god, and their ragtag band of allies: The Mighty Thor! The Incredible Hulks! The Dead (and Living?) Avengers! The X-Men! Alpha Flight! But are they enough to stand against THE ANTI-ETERNITY ... The force that seeks to negate all existence itself? In this issue, the universe dies and everyone wins! …What?

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