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Quote1.png It's poisonous, it's unpoliced, and smart people figure that at any one time there's three ships there that're still launch-capable. Chaparanga Beach is one the five most dangerous places on Earth. You shoulda brought your camera. Quote2.png



Chaparanga is a beach located in Indonesia and an humanitarian and ecological continued disaster, being a space-ships graveyard.[1]


Since more and more Aliens space-ships were falling on Earth (Cyclops speculated there was about one per week in the modern era). As every government can't deal with them (neutralize the systems, toxic components, etc), they are sold to private company who scuttle them in order to find useful component and technology, before dumping them to Chaparanga, with sometimes functioning systems, and even still flying ships.[1]

With a poverty level very high, the local people have no choice but to strip the ships for salvage metal, and alien systems and sell them to foreign company or to their government. Wolverine, quoting stats, mentioned that, at any time, at least three ships in Chaparanga were operational and launch-capable, before adding it was one of the five most dangerous places on Earth.[1]

Ghost Boxes

As the alternate-mutant Agent X-13 was looking for a way to power up his Ghost Box, he came to Chaparanga and hide on a ship, trying to connect it to the spacecraft reactors.[2]

Using the "Triploid Mutant"'s note-book, the X-Men were able to follow him, and stop him right before he could make it. The ships was taken down and the "Subject X" preferred suicide rather surrender.[2] The X-Men then leaves, taking a blood sample and the Ghost Box with them.[3]

Rachel Summers going to the encounter of Wolverine

Avengers vs. X-Men

During the Avengers vs. X-Men War, in an attempt to take down the mutant telepaths, Wolverine and the Avengers set a trap for Rachel Summers.

Logan came to the Last Astronaut bar, and soon, all costumers left, under Rachel's mind-control.[4][5]

The X-Men themselves had set a trap around to them, bringing the Phoenix-powered Namor and a squad of X-Men. The Avengers revealed to have a second trap prepared, fainting to evacuate Hope Summers who revealed to be a projection of her created by Charles Xavier in order to battle Rachel.

After a battle between the X-Men Rachel Grey, Iceman, Angel, Kid Gladiator (Kubark) and Namor confronted to the Avengers Captain America, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Thor, Wolverine, Beast, Black Widow, War Machine, Quicksilver and Giant-Man, Xavier put everybody in sleep and leave the battlefield, after having ask to Rogers to never call him back, unwilling to fight his own students.[4]

Doop and Warbird inquiring

Later, Doop and Warbird came there to investigate on the missing students (gone to the Hellfire Academy), beating several clients of the Last Astronaut including Krwwlqqr.[6]

Points of Interest

  • Numerous space-ships, some of them operational and levitating
  • The Last Astronaut, Chaparanga's bar[4][6]


Several scrap scavengers (Indonesians[2] & aliens[4][6])


Chaparanga Beach is an obvious reference for the South countries, such as India, who accept to stock on their beaches and lands radioactive materials, asbestos-contaminated ships, etc. It is probably inspired by the Alang Bay, and the controversy about the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau.

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