Quote1 You recall my lesson on the three worlds? This is no world. This is a universe before life. If you were religious, then you would consider your god to be the creator of the universe. What if your messiah was here to mend your god's mistakes? The savior of the universe would therefore come to uncreate it. Reduce it to a single shadow. Quote2
-- Magister Karnak src


After the I.D.I.C. severed its ties to A.I.M and became a splinter faction, the Chapel of the Single Shadow came to be the headquarters of the group's delving into cultist fanaticism.[1]

Et Sic In Infinitum

After the religious movement had acquired their Nuhuman messiah, Adam Roderick, they immediately set out to bring their own plans into fruition using the boys talents to augment many of their followers though belief. When S.H.I.E.L.D. caught wind of their darknet site, both Field Director Coulson and Magister Karnak set out to their headquarters in Transia, Eastern Europe.

When the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier entered the rural monastery's airspace, it was immediately beset by super-powered religious agents with sonokinetic abilities, but the Magister easily, and rather bloodily, dispatched their offensive capabilities by singing an opposing hypersonic tune at them through a speaker system onboard the vessel he was in. Greatly thinning their ranks in the process.[2]

Once inside, Karnak discovered that the church had been created by Adam Roderick from a desire for "a human eye to see through to the end of time. An eye that could fight any attempt to close it." The eye is a vast thing on the ceiling of the central hall, with a black sclera, a black iris ringed by a corona of purple energy, and a collection of humanoids attached to the lashes, which act as a defense mechanism. Karnak subsequently recommended to S.H.I.E.L.D. that they destroy it.[1]



  • The Church may or may not be connected to stories of colossal prehuman monster skeletons which have been unearthed in the area and are believed to have belonged to Chthonic deities.

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