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Aali (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 234 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #234

Aali was one of Conan's camp, who was captured and cooked by a couple of cannibal goblins who lived in the caves of Mount Raktavashi.[1]


Abbas (Earth-616) from Marvels Snapshots Civil War Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvels Snapshots: Civil War #1

Mrs. Abbas was the mother of Yusef, a boy who developed powers and used them in the service of the Toledo community with the hero name of the Helper.[2]


Abbotts (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 10 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #10

Mr and Mrs. Abbott were May Parker's nextdoor neighbors, who asked her to join them for a week on a trip to Florida after she came out the hospital.[3]


Abby (Earth-616) from Excalibur Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Excalibur #1

Abby was Nigel Frobisher's secretary.[4]

Abby (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 167 0001.jpg Appearances: Thunderbolts #167

Abby was a prostitute whose body was possessed by the spirit of a Wicca belonging to the ancient Celtic tribe of the Iceni who woke up when Satana arrived in London, convinced that she was the mighty matriarch they had been waiting for and that would guide them.[5]

Abby (Earth-616) from Point One Vol 1 1 0001.png Appearances: Point One #1

Abby was an eccentric painter who worked in large-scale abstracts, usually motion studies and post-figurative imagery.[6]


Abdul (Earth-616) from Defenders Vol 1 11 001.png Appearances: Defenders #11

Abdul was a Mohammedan who surprised the Defenders inside King Richard's prison.[7]

Abdul (Earth-616) from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 88 0001.jpg Appearances: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #68

While investigating the Robot-Master, Arabian Intelligence agent Abdul ran into Spider-Man.[8]


Abraham (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 133 001.png Appearances: Thunderbolts #133

Abe was a homeless person from Cleveland who was protected by Songbird from H.A.M.M.E.R.[9]


Abib (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 193 0001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #193

Abib was a lazy soldier confronted by Kaleb the Destroyer when he came to Bhoraji to organize and prepare the army for Conan's arrival.[10]


Abigail (Sersi's Roommate) (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 3 1 0001.png Appearances: Eternals (Vol. 3) #1, Eternals (Vol. 3) #2, Eternals (Vol. 3) #3, Eternals (Vol. 3) #5

Abigail was a friend of Sersi.[11]
She was told by her about meeting Mark Curry.[12]
Abigail tried to talk with her friend about what happened at the Vorozheikan Embassy.[13]
Her memories were eventually erased by Ikaris.[14]


Abrams (Earth-616) from Dazzler Vol 1 37 0001.jpg Appearances: Dazzler #37

Abrams was the general manager of the Revenge Inc. who financially helped Diana Simon and her father in exchange for being able to perform experiments on Diana, and because of these experiments Abrams was killed by Diana.[15]

Abrams (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 230 0001.png Appearances: Iron Man #230

Dr. Abrams coached Firepower until Edwin Cord convinced Senator Boynton Firepower was capable of concluding his testing without external interference.[16]


Ace (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 142 001.png Appearances: Avengers #142, Avengers #143

Ace was one of the gunmen who assaulted the Pecos train in 1873.[17]
Defeated by the Avengers, Ace eventually told them how to break into Kang's citadel in Tombstone.[18]


Achmed (Earth-616) from Avengers Annual Vol 1 22 0001.jpg Appearances: Avengers Annual #22, Avengers #366

When Victoria Bentley was attacked by Achmed to force her to reveal to him how to take possession of the Ebony Blade, Sean Dolan responded to her cries for help and managing to extract the Ebony Blade himself, he turned into Bloodwraith and killed Achmed.[19]


Acrallidus (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 218 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #218

Acrallidus was the city governor of Khauran. He allied with Conan to unmask Baron Sabaninus and uncover his plot to assassinate Taramis.[20]


Adamson (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 503 0001.png Appearances: Journey into Mystery #503

Adamson was Tso Zhung's personal assistant.[21]


Adaobi (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 80 001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #80

Adaobi was a Beyond employee working on cleaning the seaweed tanks who was captured by Kraven along with other Beyond employees.[22]


Addley (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2.0 Vol 1 4 0001.jpg Appearances: Iron Man 2.0 #4

In the dossier that Kaylie Doran read about Palmer Addley, there was also an interview with her mother, where she said that he was born when she was 19, that she initially thought he might be autistic, that he had good grades at school but always ended. in trouble, that because of his job and that of her husband he was almost always alone and was very intelligent to the point that at 16 he already knew much more than his parents.[23]


Adele from Savage Wolverine Vol 1 17 0001.jpg Appearances: Savage Wolverine #17

Adele and her husband Burt welcomed the two surviving sons of his sister Anna to their ranch, accompanied by Logan fleeing two racketeers.[24]


Adrian (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 2 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Venom (Vol. 2) #1

During the ethnic cleansing brought by The Bright, the infant Adrian and his mother were brought to safety by Agent Venom.[25]

Adrian (Earth-616) from mUnited States of Captain America Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: United States of Captain America #1

Adrian was Aaron Fischer's boyfriend, whom he met in a field where Roxxon held the people forced to work on the construction of the new stadium, and whom Aaron helped free along with the other inmates.[26]


Adriana (Spain) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 2 116 0001.png Appearances: Daredevil (Vol. 2) #116, Daredevil #500

Adriana was the daughter of Marta, a woman who met and started a relationship with Wilson Fisk when he tried to start a new life in Spain. Fisk became a father figure for Adriana and her brother Jaime, calling him "Uncle Wheelie". However, she and the rest of her family were slaughtered by the Hand and Lady Bullseye.[27]


Adrienne (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 3 35 0001.png Appearances: Ghost Rider (Vol. 3) #35

Adrienne was a N.Y.U. film school student who filmed Dan Ketch while he was touching his bike.[28]

Adrienne (Earth-616) from King in Black Captain America Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: King in Black: Captain America #1

Adrienne was a child who found herself in the midst of the onslaught of the Symbiote Dragons along with her cousin Dec and was saved by the intervention of Captain America, Falcon and Winter Soldier.[29]


Afan (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 10 20 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher (Vol. 10) #20

Afan was killed along with all the other members of the Black Dawn Fighters during the assault on their base in Tikrit by the Punisher.[30]


Agama (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 118 001.png Appearances: X-Men #118

Agama was one of the guards at Yoshida ancestral manor.[31]


Agami (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 1 4 0001.png Appearances: Wolverine #4

Agami was one of Lord Shingen Harada's advisors within Clan Yashida.[32]


Agnes (Earth-616) from Uncanny Tales Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Uncanny Tales #1

Agnes and her sister Laura were visited by Mr. Cotton from the Welfare Bureau after receiving complaints about the smell and filth of the house. He threatened to call an exterminator on the rats and attempted to kill one himself, one named Caesar, who attacked and bit him back. After he killed the rat, the women were distraught and lead him to their clean cellar where they chained up Mr Cotton and fed him to the rest of the rats.[33]

Agnes (Earth-616) from Spirits of Vengeance Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Spirits of Vengeance #1, Spirits of Vengeance #2

Mentions: Spirits of Vengeance #3

Agnes, a lesser demon, met Johnny Blaze and Daimon Hellstrom at the Wall Street Club.[34]


Aguinaga (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 3 8 0001.jpg Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 3) #8, Wolverine (Vol. 3) #9

Aguinaga was an El Paso Border Patrol detective. Together with federal agent Cassie Lathrop, he investigated a series of murders committed on the Mexican border involving the Angelica Rojas' Cartels and investigating an amnesiac Logan.[35]


Ahirn (Earth-616) from Conan the Adventurer Vol 1 6 0001.png Appearances: Conan the Adventurer #6

Mentioned:Conan the Adventurer #7

Gudrun's father and Hylda's husband, Ahirn lost his son and hoped Conan would marry Gudrun and become his son-in-law. He was religiously devoted to Mitra. Like the rest of his family, he was killed by a band of Zamoran slavers.[36]


Ahkbar (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 193 0001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #193

Father of nine, poor farmer Ahkbar was struck and possessed by the Shedu summoned by the Devourer of Souls.[10]


Ahmed (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Vol 6 4 0001.jpg Appearances: Silver Surfer (Vol. 6) #4

Ahmed was an Aqirian soldier; while he was on watch at night, a fellow soldier pointed out that the Moon was changing.[37]


Ahmet (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 179 001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #179

Ahmet plotted to become king and murdered Jamal when he discovered him. After the old prophet's death, he and his guards attacked Conan and Keiv, but the fight was abruptly halted by Imhotep's destruction of the city-state.[38]

Ahmet (Hammerhead) (Earth-616) from Daredevil vs. Punisher Vol 1 2 0001.png Appearances: Daredevil vs. Punisher #2

Mr. Ahmet was killed by the Jackal for leaking information of their movements to the Punisher.[39]


Aimes (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 41 001.jpg Appearances: Deadpool (Vol. 4) #40, Deadpool (Vol. 4) #41

Aimes was the warden of Crossmore prison in England and asked why Deadpool was being held in his prison instead of being sent to the Raft where there was a more congeniable environment for a person of his characteristics.[40]
During an interview with Dr. Whitby, warden Aimes asks her if she will allow all of her patients to walk around in costume as Deadpool.[41]


Akan (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 215 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #215

Akan was a warrior of the Ichiribu who first opposed Conan's offer to teach new methods of fighting.[42]


Akhmed (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 158 0001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #158

Akhmed was one of Sheik Ali Maksoud's men, who was called to investigate the attack of a werewolf in the tribe's camp.[43]


Akio (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 173 0001.png Appearances: Uncanny X-Men #173

Akio was interrogated in the Ginza district of Tokyo by Wolverine and Rogue about Nabatone Yokuse.[44]


Akira (Policeman) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 35 001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #35

Akira was an Osaka police officer who was killed by Lady Deathstrike.[45]


Akiro (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 181 001.jpg Appearances: Uncanny X-Men #181

Akiro was one of a group of children who witnessed a dragon appear in the sky, headed to attack Tokyo.[46]


Akmit (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 205 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #205

Just arrived in the city, Conan stopped by the stables of Akmit, who recognized him as a caravan thief and knocked him down, selling him to a slave trader.[47]


Akreon (Earth-616) from Kull the Conqueror Vol 3 2 001.png Appearances: Kull the Conqueror (Vol. 3) #2

General Akreon was a born and bred Valusian, who loved civilization and despised Brule's Pictish culture. When he ventured with Kull, Brule and Ethias in southern Verulia looking for the amulet of Ka, he tried to steal the kingdom from Kull. First he murdered Ethias, faking a drowning, then struck Brule, who promptly warned Kull of the betrayal. Akreon was then brutally killed by his own king.[48]


Al (Musician) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 32 001.png Appearances: X-Men #32

Al was one of the musicians who performed at the Coffee A Go-Go for Bobby Drake's birthday party.[49]

Al (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 105 0001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulk #105

Al and Rocky were caught during an attempted car theft by Hulk and Betty Ross. As the Hulk scared off the crooks, he began to change back into Bruce Banner. Taking advantage of this, Rocky took a shot at Bruce and they both fled away.[50]

Al from Doctor Strange Vol 1 175 0001.jpg Appearances: Doctor Strange #175, Doctor Strange #176

A short time later, Al was defeated by Clea when his gang assaulted her and Wong.[51]

Al (MPDC) (Earth-616) from Avengers Spotlight Vol 1 39 0001.jpg Appearances: Avengers Spotlight #39

An MPDC officer, Al arrested the gang of robbers captured by the Black Knight.[52]

Big Al (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Blue Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Spider-Man: Blue #1

Big Al was the owner of a Motorcycle Shop from which Peter Parker bought a motorcycle. Before buying it, Big Al told Peter that the bike was like a woman, he would never know if he wanted it if he hadn't tried it for a ride first.[53]

Al (Devereaux) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 45 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #45

Al was Mr. Devereaux's assistant for Lobster Man: The Movie.[54]

Al (Lawyer) (Earth-616) from Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol 1 7 001.png Appearances: Superior Foes of Spider-Man #7

Al was a former colleague of Janice Lincoln.[55]


Albert (USA) (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 9 001.png Appearances: Tales of Suspense #9

Albert and Ethel attended a lecture on yoga given by Chondu the Mystic.[56]

Albert (Fisherman) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 26 0001.png Appearances: X-Men #26

Albert and Barney spotted Kukulcàn's sphere of solar force moving fast across the night sky.[57]

Big Albert (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 55 001.png Appearances: X-Men #55

Big Albert was a member of the Grady Gang, who was defeated by the Avenging Angel.[58]

Albert from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 5 0001.jpg Appearances: Spider-Man Unlimited #5

Albert was a thug who confronted Tony MacDonald at the Eastside High School and sparked a random shooting.[59]

Albert (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 428 0001.jpg Appearances: Incredible Hulk #427, Incredible Hulk #428

Albert was an old serial killer who lived in the Everglades marshes. Entering the town of Sunville, Albert approached the young Billy Templeton and with an excuse kidnapped him, killed him and threw the body into the marshes. Blaming himself for his brother's disappearance, Skip went into the swamp to his research and was accidentally saved by Albert himself from the drowning, then took him to his home and there Skip discovered that Albert was guilty of his brother's disappearance and given the situation Albert he also held prisoner.[60]
Later, when Hulk set out to find the Templeton brothers, he found the culprit but Albert barked out that he did it to save them the children by handing them to God and taking them away from their families. Immediately after Albert managed to escape from the Hulk when there was Man-Thing's intervention and in the meantime trying to free himself, Skip set fire to Albert's house. Albert ran into the house and rescued Skip from the fire and took him to a boat where Skip tried to break free and both crashed into the water and there Albert was killed by an alligator.[61]

Albert (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 2 5 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 2) #5

Albert was a federal agent and took Tito Mendez into their ranks even though he suspected that Tito's father had asked for his son to be integrated into the Federal Intelligence ranks as a move to infiltrate one of his men but Tito's father reassured him that he had done to keep him away from his work.[62]

Albert (Koenig) (Earth-616) from Secret Warriors Vol 1 28 0001.png Appearances: Secret Warriors #28

Albert allowed Nick Fury to visit Valentina Allegra de Fontaine inside the BND offices in Berlin. Fontaine commented how much Albert resembled Eric Koenig asking if he was his son, but Fury clarified that it was in fact Albert.[63]

Albert (Andru Correctional Facility) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 4 001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4) #4

Albert was a security guard at the Andru Correctional Facility.[64]


Albescu (Earth-616) from Black Panther The Man Without Fear Vol 1 516 0001.jpg Appearances: Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #516

Albescu was a man in the Vlad Dinu crime family. Vlad ordered Albescu to create chaos in Hell's Kitchen but Black Panther learned about it and tried to force him to leave the city and after failing to convince him, threw him in a moving truck.[65]


Alby (Earth-616) from Monsters Unleashed Vol 1 5 001.png Appearances: Monsters Unleashed #5

Alby noticed Ellen Brandt coming back from the swamp.[66]


Aldo (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 174 0001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #174

General Aldo was little more than a Zingaran figurehead. Aldo was killed by Marshall Barabbus when he refused to sign the official decree for Santiar's execution.[67]

Aldo (Lizard) (Earth-616) from Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 238 0001.png Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #238

Aldo was a young and dedicated lab assistant hired by Dr. Connors to remove any last trace of the Lizard's evil persona from his physiology. While experimenting with Connors' own DNA, Aldo inadvertently created the Lizard creature.[68]

Aldo (Earth-616) from Daken Dark Wolverine Vol 1 7 0001.jpg Appearances: Daken: Dark Wolverine #7

Aldo was one of the Madripoor crime bosses. After Tyger Tiger had Madripoor's crime bosses confronted to select who would work for her, he was the first to be killed by Kobus Van Holten who stabbed him from behind.[69]


Alec (Earth-616) from Captain Britain Vol 1 6 0001.png Appearances: Captain Britain #6

Alec was ordered to alert the fire brigade and get a security team over the north end of the field of the London Heathrow Airport, following an explosion caused by the battle between Hurricane and Captain Britain.[70]

Alec (Exchange) (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 9 6 0001.png Appearances: Punisher (Vol. 9) #6

A member of Exchange, Alec was killed by the Punisher in North Creek.[71]


Alejo (Earth-616) from All-New Ghost Rider Vol 1 5 001.png Appearances: All-New Ghost Rider #5

Alejo was one of Robbie Reyes' coworkers at Canelo's Auto and Body.[72]


Aleshia (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 416 0001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #416

Aleshia defended the mutants from Kadril's accusations of killing Captain America during Onslaught.[73]


Alex (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 566 0001.png Appearances: Fantastic Four #566

Alex interviewed Debbie Green's ex-fiancee Jason live on television.[74]

Alex (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 1 55 001.png Appearances: Captain Marvel #55

Alex was a journalist that worked for the Denver Post and reported on Captain Marvel getting a job at the local Observatory.[75]

Alex (Earth-616) from King in Black Planet of the Symbiotes Vol 1 2 001.jpg Appearances: King in Black: Planet of the Symbiotes #2

During the symbiote assault on New York, he opposed the indications given by Hobie Brown by offending him by telling him that he was an important person and did not need his directives while the assault of the symbionts hit him firsthand becoming one of the people possessed by they.[76]

Alex (Earth-616) from Hawkeye Kate Bishop Vol 1 2 001.jpg Appearances: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #2

Alex was a guest man of the Resort Chapiteau and there he was put under mind control with a bracelet. In this way he was forced to kidnap a child, but Kate Bishop identified the place where the child was being held captive and freed her, also freeing Alex by destroying the bracelet that controlled him, and returned the child to her parents.[77]


Alexa (Earth-616) from Amazing Fantasy Vol 3 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 3) #1

Alexa was a trainer with the Black Widow Ops Program. After Natasha easily defeated older Daria in a training fight, Alexa allowed her to go take a shower. He pretended to help Natasha escape the center to test her loyalty.[78]


Alexei (Earth-616) from X-Men Liberators Vol 1 2 0001.png Appearances: X-Men: Liberators #2, X-Men: Liberators #3 & X-Men: Liberators #4

Alexei was a government bureaucrat who came from Moscow to evaluate Province 13's usefulness.[79]
After visiting the facility, he decided to close it.[80]
Alexei eventually gave the order to delete every memory and record of Province 13.[81]


Alexi (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 106 0001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulk #106

Alexi pushed Colonel Yuri Brevlov to destroy the Hulk at all costs.[82]
He even urged Brevlov to use the Uni-Disintegrator against him, despite possibly harming an innocent child whom the Green Goliath was protecting.[83]

Alexi (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 617 0001.png Appearances: Captain America #617, Captain America #618

Alexi was a former KGB agent who had been trained by the Winter Soldier. Many years later, Alexi reunited with Barnes in the gulag where he had been imprisoned and advised him by showing him the opponent he would have to face in the match that was being organized in the gulag.[84]
Alexi was later discovered to belong to the conspiracy that had Barnes extradited to Russia and imprisoned in Siberia.[85]


Alf (Steyr) (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 136 001.png Appearances: Marvel Team-Up #136

Alf was one of the Steyr Security Systems researchers who worked with Wonder Man.[86]


Alfred (Greenwich Village) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 36 001.png Appearances: X-Men #36

Alfred was among the crowd who watched the Beast and Iceman perform in Washington Square Park.[87]

Alfred (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 202 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #202

Alfred was one of Lorenzo Jacobi's henchmen.[88]


Algie (Earth-616) from Punisher Meets Archie Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher Meets Archie #1

Algie was a member of the rival gang of Red Fever who was called by Ernie after he got the tip from Scooter that Red Fever was in Riverdale and ultimately he clashed with the whole gang against the Punisher.[89]


Ali (Earth-616) from Knights of Pendragon Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Appearances: Knights of Pendragon #2

Ali was the Head Warden of Tsavo East Reserve, Kenya. He helped Dai Thomas investigate the murder of Mister Conrad and poachers' activity.[90]


Alice (Cobbler's Roost) (Earth-616) from Defenders Vol 1 20 001.png Appearances: Defenders #20

Alice was the owner of the town coffee shop in Cobbler's Roost.[91]

Alice (Doctor) (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 64 0001.png Appearances: Marvel Team-Up #64

Alice was a nurse called by Jeryn Hogarth to treat Daniel Rand after the duel against the Steel Serpent.[92]

Alice from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 14 0001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #14

One night in the Greenwich Village, Alice and her family saw Spider-Man (Peter Parker) fighting against strange four-armed creatures.[93]

Alice (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 257 0001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #257

Bill and Alice were a couple who lived in the apartment where Puma collapsed from the roof due to the Black Cat's powers of bad luck.[94]

Alice (Earth-616) from Punisher War Zone Vol 1 12 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher: War Zone #12, Punisher: War Zone #13

Alice, herself a psychopath, after the brainwashing she was made to believe to be the wife of George, and after he tried to attack her, she suffered a psychotic breakdown trying to kill Frank Castle that had just saved her.[95]

Alice (Genosha) (Earth-616) from X-Factor Vol 1 89 0001.png Appearances: X-Factor #89

Alice was among the Genoshan mutates serving the President of Genosha. She apologized profusely when she dropped tray of food for Prodigal of the X-Patriots. The President forgave her.[96]

Alice (Greenwich Village) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 20 0001.png Appearances: Spider-Man Unlimited #20

Alice witnessed the Zombie kidnap her friend Billy.[97]

Alice (Earth-616) from X-23 Vol 3 4 0001.jpg Appearances: X-23 (Vol. 3) #4, X-23 (Vol. 3) #5, X-23 (Vol. 3) #6

Mentions: X-23 (Vol. 3) #10

Alice was a girl who belonged to the cloning program that Miss Sinister cared for.[98]

Alice (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 6 26 0001.png Appearances: Daredevil (Vol. 6) #26, Daredevil (Vol. 6) #27, Daredevil (Vol. 6) #28, Daredevil (Vol. 6) #29, Daredevil (Vol. 6) #30

Alice was a teenager on the run from her mother. When her mother tried to bring her back to her house, they had a fight, and while Alice ran away from her, her mother was possessed by an alien symbiote, and together they attacked her, but she was saved by Elektra's intervention as Daredevil.[99]
Although Elektra managed to save Alice, unfortunately her mother under the complete control of the symbiote was killed by Typhoid Mary, also controlled by a symbiote.[100]
Elektra welcomed Alice, now an orphan like her, into her house after the death of her mother.[101]
Elektra tried to teach Alice how to fight and had her watch her knock out two henchmen from the Libris Crime Family.[102]
After training her, Elektra took Alice with her to a club she owned, used by Hell's Kitchen boss Butch Pharris for a party. When Pharris unleashed a masked man against Elektra, Alice collided with a henchman of Pharris, defeating him, and soon after she shot Elektra's opponent when he saw her in trouble, not knowing she was a member of the Hand.[103]


Alika (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 1000 0001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #1000

Alika was one of the evolved lycanthropes who was eventually defeated and killed Logan.[104]


Alisha (Earth-616) from Savage Avengers Vol 1 20 0001.jpg Appearances: Savage Avengers #14, Savage Avengers #16, Savage Avengers #20

Alisha was the bartender at the Bar with No Name in New York City. Conan met Alisha when he broke into Bar With No Name along with Magik.[105]
Alisha served at the Bar while Conan celebrated with the girls.[106]
Alisha told Rhino that in order to keep the Bar in that location, a big score had to be made that would keep the cops paid, and it would take four men to do it. Conan immediately volunteered.[107]


Alison (Earth-616) from Longshot Vol 1 3 0001.jpg Appearances: Longshot #3

Alison was Theo's daughter. She was a very lively child and she played at home with her sister and their little dog disturbing her father while he watched television.[108]

Alison (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 383 0001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulk #383

As she was watching The Metamorphosis by Nadia Dornova in Broadway, Alison suddenly felt a little strange and disappeared in thin air.[109]


Aliyah (Earth-616) from Black Panther Vol 8 2 001.jpg Appearances: Black Panther (Vol. 8) #2

Aliyah was the daughter of Kimura, a Black Panther sleeper agent based in Washington, D.C.. When a mysterious group of assassins set out on the trail of T'Challa's sleeping agents, they also targeted Kimura and after defeating her he was about to kill Aliyah and her father but they were saved thanks to the timely intervention of the Black Panther.[110]


Allen (Diamond Cutter) (Earth-616) from Namora Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Namora #1

Allen was accused of stealing from the father of his girlfriend Joyce Wilson, a wealthy jewelry collector, after having suddenly disappeared. Instead, Allen had been kidnapped by the real jewel thieves and was cleared and released by Namora.[111]

Allen (Earth-616) from Adventures into Weird Worlds Vol 1 16 0001.jpg Appearances: Adventures into Weird Worlds #16

When his friend Gordon Langley returned from India, he told Allen that he had developed mental powers taught to him by Yogis. Initially skeptical, Allen was later frightened by how Langley made objects disappear and came to the conclusion that they did not exist and were simply creations of another person's mind, and in fact they too vanished.[112]

Allen (Doctor) (Earth-616) from Marvel Spotlight Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Marvel Spotlight #2

Dr. Allen visited Jack Russell after he was found unconscious on the beach.[113]

Allen (Infant) (Earth-616) from Giant-Size Man-Thing Vol 1 5 0001.jpg Appearances: Giant-Size Man-Thing #5

Allen was a baby boy who was about to be sacrificed by Margaret and her followers to the demon Ehrthold but was rescued by the Man-Thing intervention.[114]

Allen (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 1 9 0001.jpg Appearances: Nova #9

Allen was the boyfriend of Clara Cooper, Nathan (Megaman) Cooper's ex-wife. When Nathan's nephew Caps Cooper went to Clara's house to warn her that his uncle was alive and was back, Allen slapped him loudly calling him a liar, but in turn he himself was beaten up by Megaman when he realized he moved on with his wife.[115]

Allen (Nurse) (Earth-616) from Rom Vol 1 55 0001.jpg Appearances: Rom #55

Allen was a nurse working at the Mercy Hospital who was infected by a Dire Wraith and died when the alien emerged by his body.[116]

Allen (Denver) (Earth-616) from Secret Wars II Vol 1 7 0001.jpg Appearances: Secret Wars II #7

Allen was a neighbor and friend of Marsha Rosenberg and Owen Reece.[117]

Allen (Earth-616) from Defenders Vol 2 9 0001.jpg Appearances: Defenders (Vol. 2) #9

Allen met Patsy Walker walking in Greenwich Village and asked her for an autograph.[118]

Allen (Attorney) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 547 0001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #547

Allen was Marla Jameson's attorney.[119]

Allen (Earth-616) from Venom Lethal Protector Vol 2 1 001.jpg Appearances: Venom: Lethal Protector (Vol. 2) #1

Allen was the boyfriend of Anne Weying, Eddie Brock's ex-wife. When Eddie, now linked to the Venom Symbiote, went to visit Ann, he found out about Allen and in jealousy was intent on eliminating him but he did not do it so as not to make Ann suffer.[120]


Alma (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 55 0001.png Appearances: X-Men #55 & X-Men #56

Alma rented her Uptown top-floor apartment to Warren Worthington III.[58]

She and her husband Fred were awakened in the middle of the night when the Angel attacked the X-Men in his apartment.[121]


Almadovar (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 2 2 0001.png Appearances: Deadpool (Vol. 2) #2

Almadovar was a mobster wanted by the Interpol and warring syndicates for a million dollar bounty. Sean Cassidy and Daniel Peyer attempted to capture him, but Deadpool managed to kill Almadovar first, thus ruining their career within Interpol.[122]


Almita (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Vol 6 3 0001.jpg Appearances: Silver Surfer (Vol. 6) #3

Almita was a Mexican girl who with her grandfather Horacio and a small group of people tried to emigrate to the United States by crossing the Chihuahuan Desert and stumbled upon while the High Evolutionary was terraforming the desert and almost trapping them in the jungle that was being created.[123]


Alonzo (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 1999 0001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1999

Alonzo was Senator Stewart Ward's driver.[124]


Alphonse (Earth-616) from Punisher War Journal Vol 1 31 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher War Journal #31

Alphonse was a member of the Humans Off Planet movement. He was killed by members of a gang while he was in a public bath to talk to an agent of General Urt.[125]


Amanda (Earth-616) from Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 231 0001.png
Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #231

Amanda was sold by James Johnsmeyer to his rival Wallace, as a prize for the Great Game.[126]

Amanda (Earth-616) from Captain America Sam Wilson Vol 1 10 001.png
Appearances: Captain America: Sam Wilson #10

Amanda was an SHN news anchor who reported on the nationwide protests about Sam Wilson taking the role of Captain America.[127]


Amar (Earth-616) from X-23 Vol 3 7 0001.jpg Appearances: X-23 (Vol. 3) #7

Amar was an ex-pirate who had reformed and become a special adviser to the Singapore police. He promised to bring Gambit and Laura to Madripoor if they found and rescued a police informant.[128]


Amaryllis (Earth-616) from Marvel's Voices Legacy Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1

Amaryllis was a vampire who in the company of Ian's uncle and another vampire attacked the boy and his friend Michelle in her father's shop where they went to retrieve the bag that Ian had hidden inside with the material to fight Ian's uncle who had become a vampire, but only Blade's intervention saved the boys who eliminated the vampires.[129]


Amber (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 328 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #328

Amber was Flash Thompson's latest flame.[130]


Amelia (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 2 25 0001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #25

Amelia was Emil Blonsky's favorite student in Duncan, whom he dedicated his last small piece of poetry before quitting the job.[131]


Ames (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 2 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Ghost Rider (Vol. 2) #1

Ms. Ames was a nurse working at the hospital in Arizona where both Johnny Blaze and Roxanne Simpson were admitted. When Satan, in Linda Littletrees' body, went to the hospital in search of Blaze, she told him the number of the room where he was hospitalized but that she could not receive visitors.[132]


Aminique (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 407 0001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #407

Aminique was a friend of Jessica Carradine.[133]


Amir (Earth-616) from Death of Doctor Strange Blade Vol 1 1 001.jpg Appearances: Death of Doctor Strange: Blade #1

Amir was a young vampire follower of Dahlia. He tried to annoy Sheriff Blade during a party called for the death of the Sorcerer Supreme and for the occasion dressed in a costume that resembled that of Doctor Strange.[134]

Amir (Earth-616) from Women of Marvel Vol 3 1 001.jpg Appearances: Women of Marvel (Vol. 3) #1

Amir was a former colleague of Shanna from the days she worked at the zoo. He enlisted Shanna's help to prevent a group of poachers from abducting baby orangutans in Borneo for sale on the black market.[135]


Professor Amtower (Earth-616) from Steve Rogers Super-Soldier Vol 1 1 001.jpg Appearances: Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1

Professor Amtower was a scientist from Nextin Pharmaceuticals, he waited in the car for a contact from the United Nations to reveal secrets of his company concerning the Super-Soldier Serum but that during the wait was killed inside the car to which it was set on fire.[136]


Amy (Earth-616) from Moon Knight Vol 6 3 0001.png Appearances: Moon Knight (Vol. 6) #3, Moon Knight (Vol. 6) #12

Amy was Marc Spector's assistant for the Moon Knight Hollywood show.[137]
She lost her job when the show was canceled.[138]

Amy (Groupie) (Earth-616) from Alias Vol 1 7 0001.jpg Appearances: Alias #7

Amy approached Jessica Jones during her investigation on Rick Jones, directing her to the bar Ultimate where Jones used to perform.[139]

Amy (USA) (Earth-616) from X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 39 001.png Appearances: X-Men Unlimited #39

Amy left her boyfriend after discovering he was a mutant.[140]

Amy (Nerd) (Earth-616) from Mockingbird Vol 1 6 001.png Appearances: Mockingbird #6

Amy was one of the passengers of the Diamond Porpoise cruise ship.[141]

Amy (Ulysses Cain's friend) (Earth-616) from Civil War II Choosing Sides Vol 1 6 001.jpg Appearances: Civil War II: Choosing Sides #6

Amy is a local of Point Pleasant, Ohio. She was the daughter of the county's sheriff. Amy was friends with Ulysses Cain since grade school and had become each other's confidante.

Together they made a pact, that if anything happened to any of them, the other had to get rid of anything embarrassing. Following Ulysses' disappearance, when he had been revealed to be an Inhuman and was secretly taken in by New Attilan, Amy fulfilled the pact and went to his house in order to retrieve a box he kept under his bed.

Some time later, P.I. Jessica Jones was investigating Ulysses for Tony Stark and she was eventually directed to Amy by her dad. Jones and Amy's dad visited her in job at the Frosty Town ice cream shop, and Amy showed Jessica the box, which turned out to contain nothing more than some adult magazines, spare change, drugs and miscellaneous mementos.[142]


Anak (Ichiribu) (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 215 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #215

Anak was a warrior of the Ichiribu who was entrusted with guarding Emwaya. He died in the catacombs beneath the Lake of Death, killed by the last golden serpent.[42]


Anatoli (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 10 0001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 3) #10

Anatoli was a boy who was taken to the Neverlab in Earth Orbit, and was the fist to meet the Hulk inside Neverlab.[143]


Anaxor (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 37 0001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #37

Anaxor was probably the misborn offspring of man and baboon, who was kept by Rotath as a pet. Challenging Conan, he was swiftly strangled to death by the Cimmerian in chains.[144]


Major Anders (Earth-616) from World of Suspense Vol 1 3 0001.jpg Appearances: World of Suspense #3

Officer of the G2 secret service, Anders believed that the astronaut Rusty Lewis had been replaced by a green skinned alien when he returned from his trip to the Moon. To prove this Anders traveled on the moon himself not finding any alien and on his return his face turned green too, but fortunately Lewis reassured him that the color would return to normal after 24 hours.[145]

Anders (Earth-616) from Force Works Vol 1 13 0001.png Appearances: Force Works #13

Anders was one of the guards at the Vault, who warned Warden Eric Jzemlico of a bad problem in the Vault's B.E.M. wing.[146]

Anders (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 8 52 001.jpg Appearances: Avengers (Vol. 8) #52

Upon Alfred Anders's death, Captain America showed up for condolences to his wife by telling her that he had fought during the war with her husband. Mrs Anders, having nearly lost her sight by now, did not recognize Cap of her and therefore was amazed that he had fought with her husband, as Alfred had fought during the Second World War and all of her old comrades had died. In fact she would have wanted a funeral for Alfred with the pallbearers and men in uniform, but it was not possible precisely because by now there were no longer any of those soldiers still alive, but to do that Cap volunteered himself and alone took Alfred's coffin to the cemetery.[147]


André (Mr. Six) (Earth-616) from Zombie Vol 1 5 001.png Appearances: Zombie #5

André killed the three nameless guerrillas who stole the amulet of Damballah.[148]

André (Earth-616) from Avengers The Initiative Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Avengers: The Initiative #2

André was having a drink with Janet van Dyne when she received a mute call from Henry Pym.[149]


Andrei (Earth-616) from X-Men Liberators Vol 1 1 0001.png Appearances: X-Men: Liberators #1

Andrei was a soldier who was killed by Nikolas' cell in Province 13.[150]

Andrei (Earth-616) from All-New Ghost Rider Vol 1 8 001.png Appearances: All-New Ghost Rider #8

Andrei was a bartender at the Century Bar in West Hollywood, working directly for Yegor Ivanov.[151]


Andrew (Manager) (Earth-616) from Skrull Kill Krew Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Skrull Kill Krew #2 & Skrull Kill Krew #3

Andrew was the manager of Kimberly Dee during her modeling career.[152]

Andrew (Earth-616) from Spider-Woman Vol 7 2 0001.jpg Appearances: Spider-Woman (Vol. 7) #2

Mentions: Spider-Woman (Vol. 7) #3

Andrew worked for Marchand Pharmaceuticals and supported Spider-Woman in an attempt to steal a sample of rare spiders for the development of a serum that could have healed Michael Marchand's daughter. To prevent him from being killed Spider-Woman hit him with the spider-venom forcing him to stay low, even though Jessica thought he was dead.[153]
It was later revealed that Andrew was not dead but that he was in a coma and could have made it.[154]


Andreyivich (Earth-616) from Champions Vol 1 10 0001.png Appearances: Champions #10

Captain Andreyivich was ordered to pick up the Crimson Dynamo with his submarine, although he disapproved of his witch-hunts instigated by forces within the Russian government. When the Champions attacked and defeated the Crimson Dynamo and his mercenaries, Andreyivich was eventually forced to shoot and kill Alexi Bruskin to defend his ship from the commissar's suicidal bombing attempt.[155]


Captain Andropolus (Earth-616) from Tales t Astonish -46.jpg Appearances: Tales to Astonish #46

Andropolus witnessed the attack of the Cyclops (A-Chiltarian Robot) and was questioned by Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne about the incident, who led them to George who was another witness.[156]


Andy (Earth-616) from Punisher Meets Archie Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher Meets Archie #1

Andy was a member of the rival gang of Red Fever who was called by Ernie after he got the tip from Scooter that Red Fever was in Riverdale and ultimately he clashed with the whole gang against the Punisher.[89]


Angel (Barman) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 3 7 0001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 3) #7, Wolverine (Vol. 3) #9, Wolverine (Vol. 3) #10 & Wolverine (Vol. 3) #11

Angel was a barman who worked for Nestor. He announced Logan's arrival to his boss.[157]
He also introduced Cassie Lathrop to his boss.[158]
He then closed the bar to let them chat alone.[159]
Angel was told by Nestor to get whatever he thought they could need to tend to Angelica.[160]

Angel (Diamond Courier) (Earth-616) from Toxin Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Toxin #1

Angel was a diamond courier who briefly dated King Cobra upon his escape from the Raft.[161]

Angel (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Vol 6 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Silver Surfer (Vol. 6) #1

Angel was a Mexican man involved in drug trafficking but was discovered by corrupt Mexican soldiers who riddled him and his girlfriend Carla with blows. However, Carla was saved by the intervention of the Silver Surfer who, however, was unable to save Angel.[162]

Angel (Earth-616) from Mosaic Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Mosaic #1

Angel was a friend of Beto, on whom he had a crush.[163]


Angela (Ile Pabo) (Earth-616) from Midnight Sons Unlimited Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Appearances: Midnight Sons Unlimited #2

Angela was sent by the voodoo priest Rene Giscard to lure Blade into a trap to kill him, but although Blace initially believed the woman's falsehoods later Blade managed to kill both Giscard and Angela's brother, the Taker of Heads, and after having her left alive, she tried to shoot Blade behind him but he hit her with his sword leaving her to die in the flames of Giscard's house.[164]

Angela (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 83 0001.png Appearances: Spider-Man #83

Angela was saved by Paul Stacy from a building on fire.[165]


Angelina (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 17 0001.png Appearances: Spider-Man #17

Angelina was a little girl who, despite the efforts of Spider-Man (Peter Parker), was about to die due to the accidental explosion of a nearby cooling-machine full of Freon. She and Spidey were eventually spared by Death and brought back to life.[166]


Angelique (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 3 0001.png Appearances: Iron Man (Vol. 3) #3

CBNC reporter Angelique interviewed Mr. Stark at the Hotel Alpine.[167]

Angelique (Earth-616) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 268 001.png Appearances: X-Men: Legacy #268

Angelique was rescued from her brutal husband by Frenzy.[168]


Angie (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 242 001.png Appearances: Fantastic Four #242

Angie was one of the hoodlums who attempted to harass the Thing in Central Park.[169]

Angie (Earth-616) from All-Winners Squad Band of Heroes Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Appearances: All-Winners Squad: Band of Heroes #2

Angie was Martin Goodman's secretary at Timely Comics. She was ordered by Martin to contact his nephew Stanley to write new comic stories.[170]


Ann (Reporter) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 92 0001.png Appearances: Spider-Man #92

Ann received the news from the press conference where Trapster publicly confessed to have killed Joey Z, framing Spider-Man for murder.[171]


Anna (Los Angeles) (Earth-616) from Champions Vol 1 5 0001.png Appearances: Champions #5

Anna noticed that Rose suddenly began to shiver as Robert Drake was passing nearby.[172]

Anna (Clerk) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 38 001.png Appearances: Spider-Man #38

Anna was a store clerk who just ignored Maxwell Dillon.[173]

Anna (Housemaid) (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 18 0001.png Appearances: Iron Man (Vol. 3) #18

Anna was the Smart House's housemaid.[174]

No Image Female.jpg Mentioned: Savage Wolverine #14.NOW; Savage Wolverine #17

Anna was the wife of Elias, a friend of Logan's from the Prohibition period. She died of consumption leaving four children in the care of her husband. Two years after his death, his daughter Vicky also fell ill with her own illness.[175]
After the death of Elias on the run from the criminals, Logan took his surviving children from to the ranch of Adele, Anna's sister, and discovered that upon Anna's death, Adele had suggested that Elias take the children to her.[24]

Anna (Sofia) (Earth-616) from International Iron Man Vol 1 4 001.png Appearances: International Iron Man #4 & International Iron Man #5

Anna was the administrator of the orphanage from where Anthony Stark was adopted.[176]
He gave to him the Amanda Armstrong's file.[177]

Anna (Earth-616) from Marvels Vol 2 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvels (Vol. 2) #1, Marvels (Vol. 2) #4

Anna was the girlfriend of Kevin Schumer.[178] Once, she was sharing a sandwich in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and chatting lightly about super heroes with Kevin when he got a call from KSHOOM and was forced to leave, leaving Anna alone.[179]


Annie (Pilot) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 120 001.png Appearances: X-Men #120 & X-Men #121

Annie was a DC-10 pilot who transported the X-Men from Japan to Canada.[180]
After a diverted landing at Calgary International Airport, she later took them back in American airspace.[181]

Annie (Earth-616) from Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 2 4 001.png Appearances: Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 2) #4

Annie was a young mother who was possessed by the Amulet of Kalmari.[182]

Annie (Cashier) (Earth-616) from Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 13 001.png Appearances: Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 2) #13

Annie was a cashier from Baker City who was saved from a robber by Vegas.[183]

Annie (Earth-616) from Marvels Snapshots Avengers Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvels Snapshots: Avengers #1

Annie sensed that someone had entered her apartment and intimated that she was about to call the cops when she realized it was Kerry and asked her when she could use her food all for herself.[184]


Antoinette (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 7.3 001.png Appearances: Fear Itself #7.3

Antoinette was one of the many Paris residents who were turned to stone by Mokk.[185]


Antonia (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Lifeline Vol 1 3 0001.png Appearances: Spider-Man: Lifeline #3 & Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #3

Hammerhead's sister, Antonia's life was saved by the Lifeline Tablet.[186] She had a son that joined his uncle's gang.[187]


Ara (Earth-616) from Avengers Endless Wartime Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Avengers: Endless Wartime #1

Ara was a Tabissara mercenary who shot down an Ice Harrier.[188]


Archibald (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulks Vol 1 616 001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulks #616

Sergeant Archibald was the leader of the Vill-Kill Korps.[189]


Arkhan (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 234 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #234

Arkhan was one of the hillmen who followed Conan after he killed their chief Yusef.[1]


Arkhaurus (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 218 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #218

Queen Ialamis' foremost advisor, Lord Arkhaurus allied with Baron Sabaninus of Korveka to overthrow Queen Ialamis and eventually annex Khauran to Koth. When the baron's plot was eventually uncovered by Conan and his allies, Arkhaurus was killed.[20]


Arlene (Earth-616) from Kingpin Vol 2 7 001.png Appearances: Kingpin (Vol. 2) #7

A friend of Portia Clennon, Arlene was murdered by Gino Ferzini.[190]


Arman (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 390 001.jpg Appearances: Incredible Hulk #390

Arman was one of Farnoq Dahn's soldiers assigned to pilote a Mandroid given to him by the CIA to stamp out the rebel uprising in Trans-Sabal. After being defeated by the Hulk and the Pantheon, he reported to Farnoq Dahn of the assault suffered by a giant green monster.[191]


Armand (Earth-616) from Wolverine The Amazing Immortal Man & Other Bloody Tales Vol 1 1 0001.png Appearances: Wolverine: The Amazing Immortal Man & Other Bloody Tales #1

Armand brought Olga to Lydia to have her baby.[192]

Armand (Barista) (Earth-616) from Civil War II Kingpin Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Civil War II: Kingpin #1 & Civil War II: Kingpin #4

Armand was the owner and operator of Café Muschio. He asked the Kingpin for help after his sister-in-law, Sonia, was kidnapped.[193] In return for rescuing Sonia from Janus Jardeesh, the Kingpin's Henchmen later asked Armand to deliver pastries to an apartment building on the corner of Broadway and Bond Street in NoHo, which also happened to be a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. listening post known as the Mole Hill. Armand died when the bomb within the box of treats detonated, killing the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. team in the process.[194]


Armando (Earth-616) from Marvels Snapshots Avengers Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvels Snapshots: Avengers #1

Armando told Kerry that his boxes of clothes that he had left in his apartment telling him they would only be there for two weeks were still there.[184]


Arne from Thor Godstorm Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Appearances: Thor: Godstorm #2

Arne was an oil rig worker under Brom's supervision.[195]
He was rescued by Brom when the platform exploded.[195]


Arni (Earth-616) from Giant-Size Chillers Featuring Curse of Dracula Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Giant-Size Chillers Featuring Curse of Dracula #1

Gretchin's son, Arni was bitten and killed by Dracula.[196]


Arnie (Pusher) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 202 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #202

Arnie was one of Lorenzo Jacobi's drug dealers.[88]

Arnie (Cherryh) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 179 001.png Appearances: Daredevil #179

Arnie was a body builder who was defeated by Daredevil.[197]

Arnie (Workman) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 258 001.png Appearances: Avengers #258

Arnie and Fletcher were two workmen authorized by Raymond Sikorski to find and confiscate the circuitry used by the Vision in the Avengers Mansion.[198]

Arnie (LAX) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 7 0001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #7

Arnie was one of the baggage handlers who saw Mr. Fixit's footprints from under the plane.[199]


Arnold (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 273 001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #273

Arnold was a doctor in the Queens County Hospital.[200]

Arnold (Electro) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 21 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21

Arnold was one of Electro's henchmen who helped him escape from a NYPD paddy wagon.[201]

Arnold (Earth-616) from Ka-Zar Vol 4 3 001.jpg Appearances: Ka-Zar (Vol. 4) #3

Arnold was a member of the Gorankians of the Savage Land who helped Felicity. After the Roxxon "Pangean Horizon" oil rig incident, Felicity told him to go to the beach with her crew and check on the turtle nest and immediately warn her if she was in danger from oil.[202]


Arnoldus (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 36 0001.jpg Appearances: Thor (Vol. 2) #36

Arnoldus was a Norwegian fisherman who worked on Sven's fishing vessel and suffered the same fate as the crew of the fishing vessel after Sven was possessed by Surtur.[203]


Arthog (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 229 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #229

Arthog was the slave master on board the Lemurian pirate craft which rescued and enslaved Kull when he escaped from Atlantis.[204]


Arthur (Earth-616) from Tower of Shadows Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Tower of Shadows #1

Sebastian Scrogg has been trying to create a potion of immortality for years. He shelters a fugitive, Arthur, because he will have to put up with whatever he makes him do, and however he treats him. Arthur assist Sebastian however he can. Eventually, Sebastian realizes that Redwood trees are practically immortal, and using sap from said tree, he finally succeeds. Before he can drink the potion, Arthur kills him, and drinks it himself. He becomes immortal by growing roots and effectively becoming a tree.[205]

Arthur (Maryland) (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 1 14 001.png Appearances: Eternals #14, Eternals #15

Arthur and Rusty created the Hulk robot in the engineer plant on the grounds of Maryland Institute of Technology.[206]
They publicly confessed they had built a computerized replica of the popular character, which somehow then ran out of control.[207]

Arthur (NYC) (Earth-616) from Eternals Vol 1 16 001.png Appearances: Eternals #16

Arthur witnessed the Cosmic Hulk leaping from building to building.[208]

Arthur (Earth-616) from X-Men Children of the Atom Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: X-Men: Children of the Atom #1, X-Men: Children of the Atom #2, X-Men: Children of the Atom #3, X-Men: Children of the Atom #4, X-Men: Children of the Atom #5, X-Men: Children of the Atom #6

Arthur was an Anti-Mutant Militia affiliate.[209]
He gave Chad and Ruben a high-powered rifle to kill Hank McCoy.[210]
Arthur then introduced Chad to Mr. Metzger.[211]
Arthur agreed to be tested for a transformation project.[212]
He then began the transformation process.[213]
Arthur was eventually confronted and killed by Magneto.[214]


Artie (Earth-616) from X-Factor Vol 1 215 0001.jpg Appearances: X-Factor #215

Artie worked in the town morgue and examined the body of Adina Malcom's father confirming that he had been killed by a vampire.[215]


Artyom (Earth-616) from Civil War II Kingpin Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Civil War II: Kingpin #2

Artyom was one of the thugs who murdered the Crime Master.[216]


Arvis (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 6 6 0001.png Appearances: Ghost Rider (Vol. 6) #6 & Ghost Rider (Vol. 6) #7

Arvis was a police officer from Lynchburg who arrested Johnny Blaze.[217]
He was forced by James Strahorn to persecute Blaze.[218]


Asher (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 50 0001.png Appearances: Fantastic Four #50

Dean Asher welcomed Johnny Storm and Wyatt Wingfoot to the Metro College.[219]


Astreas (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 5 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #5

Astreas was a normal human. He was a historian, chronicler and probably a philosopher. Astreas reported the events happened in Khauran. He had gotten a correspondence with Alcemides of Nemedia, and probably Alcemides used some of Astreas' informations to write his Nemedian Chronicles. Astreas was really surprised from the changes happened from Constantius arrival in Khauran. He asked himself if the Queen was possessed by a demon, and was quite sure that Conan wasn't dead but rode at the flank of Olgerd Vladislav and his Zuagirs. Astreas also spoke to Marcios, a soldier, who was sure that the Queen was a witch and that Taramis was alive but imprisoned. Astreas went to live in a camp of tents, some miles outside Khauran, and from there sent his letters using carrier-pigeons.[220]


Asuka (Earth-616) from West Coast Avengers Annual Vol 2 6 001.png Appearances: West Coast Avengers Annual (Vol. 2) #6

Asuka was Miguel Santos' former girlfriend.[221]


Attalus (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 5 0001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #5

Attalus was a normal human. He was a soldier and was one of the men who helped Marcios in freeing Taramis.[220]


Mr. Atwell (Earth-616) from Marvels Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Mystery Comics #10, Marvels #1

The original Human Torch saved Atwell's business from a gasoline Syndicate.[222][223]


Audrey (Earth-616) from Spider-Woman Vol 3 3 0001.png Appearances: Spider-Woman (Vol. 3) #3

Audrey was J. Jonah Jameson's and Marla Madison's housemaid.[224]


Augie (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 3 8 0001.png Appearances: Captain America (Vol. 3) #8

Augie and his partner were defeated by Captain America when they tried to loot councilman Andrew Bolt's office.[225]


Austin (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 332 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #332

Austin was Jonathan Caesar's assistant.[226]


Ava (San Pedro) (Earth-616) from Avengers West Coast Vol 1 65 001.png Appearances: Avengers: West Coast #65

Ava was a Wonder Man who spotted him at the Taco Loco restaurant.[227]

Ava (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 1000 0001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #1000

Ava was an evolved lycanthrope who was helped by Logan.[104]


Avery (Earth-616) from Strange Academy Presents Death of Doctor Strange Vol 1 1 001.jpg Appearances: Strange Academy Presents: Death of Doctor Strange #1

Avery and Chase were the two Weirdworld Mapmakers. When Amora and her son Alvi were looking for the wizard Pulsari who had taken Alvi's twin, Iric, thanks to an agreement signed between Amora and Pulsari years earlier, they turned to the Mapmakers who in exchange for an ice cream each drew a map, even if in their childish drawing it was difficult to interpret.[228]

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