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Dagoo (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 84 001 Appearances: Wolverine Vol 2 #84

Dagoo was a pagan necromancer who cursed Bloodscream.[1]


Dahl (Secretary) (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 4 4 001 Appearances: Captain America Vol 4 #4

Secretary Dahl was meeting with Nick Fury to discuss his concern when Captain America revealed his true identity to the public. During the conversation, Captain America arrived during the meeting, with Dahl trying to get him kicked out. Fury was more accepting and gave him the information he wanted. Secretary Dahl told Fury he was going to make his life hell for doing so.[2]


Daisy (Earth-616) from Elektra Root of Evil Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Elektra Root of Evil #2

Daisy was Max's mother.[3]


Dalca (Earth-616) from Black Panther The Man Without Fear! Vol 1 516 0001 Appearances: Black Panther: The Man Without Fear! #516

Dalca was a henchman in the Vlad Dinu crime family. Vlad ordered Dalca to create chaos in Hell's Kitchen but Black Panther learned about it and forced Lupei to leave the city.[4]


Dale (Earth-616) from Mockingbird Vol 1 6 001 Appearances: Mockingbird #6, Mockingbird #7

Dale was a Hawkeye cosplayer who met Lance Hunter aboard the Diamond Porpoise cruise ship.[5]
He was called as a witness in the Garfield Edsal murder case.[6]


Dalmus (Earth-616) from Conan the Adventurer Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Conan the Adventurer #1

Dalmus was a Gunderman who was humiliated by Conan in front of Commander Metrius. He was eventually killed by the Cimmerian during the battle of Venarium.[7]


Dan (Radar Technician) (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 84 001 Appearances: Tales to Astonish #84

Dan was a non-commissioned officer who ordered to switch on red alert as soon as an unidentified blip was plunging toward Midtown, approaching from inland.[8]

Dan (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 388 0001 Appearances: Captain America #388

Dan was one of the best Taskmaster students and was hired with others for a sparring partner session dressed as Captain America. The opponent turned out to be the Red Skull who killed Lenny and the other sparring partners in an extremely simple way.[9]

Dan (Earth-616) from Venom Vol 2 27.1 001 Appearances: Venom Vol 2 #27.1

Dan was A.J. Patton's husband. Dan questioned his husband's decission of inviting Flash Thompson, his high school bully, to their house for closure, but A.J. said that looking at Thompson only made him feel pity now.[10]

Dan (Annapolis) (Earth-616) from Red She-Hulk Vol 1 62 001 Appearances: Red She-Hulk #62

Dan was a policeman in Annapolis who spotted Elizabeth Ross.[11]


Dana (Earth-616) from Rogue Vol 3 1 001 Appearances: Rogue Vol 3 #1

Dana was touched by Rogue in downtown Salem Center.[12]


Daniel (Colonial) (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Vol 2 19 001 Appearances: Doctor Strange Vol 2 #19

Daniel was one of the colonials who spotted a flying man above Philadelphia in 1775.[13]

Daniel (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 61 001 Appearances: Marvel Team-Up #61, Marvel Team-Up #62

Daniel was the wing commander of the ocean liner upon which Carol Danvers noticed the battle between Spider-Man, the Human Torch and the Super Skrull.[14]
He then witnessed the Super Skrull attacking the cruise ship.[15]

Daniel (Hell's Kitchen) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 238 001 Appearances: Daredevil #238

Daniel was an old man who was accidentally hurt by Daredevil while he was fighting against Sabretooth.[16]

Daniel (SoHo) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 29 001 Appearances: Spider-Man #29, Spider-Man #30, Spider-Man #31

Daniel was a homeless kid met by Mary Jane Watson-Parker on her roof.[17]
Mary Jane then visited Daniel in his home and found he was tended by an old hermit.[18]
Daniel was eventually adopted by Mr. Hernandez.[19]


Danny (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 13 0001 Appearances: Marvel Mystery Comics #13

Danny the Dud has just been arrested, however after stashing away six-hundred thousand dollars and double crossing Sam the Barber, his critically ill accomplice, he is happy to be locked up for the next five years as he stands to be filthy rich upon release and will be safe from Sam while in jail. However, Danny the Dud is delivered some poetic justice when his prison barber turns out to be Sam, who. no longer caring about the money, slits Danny's throat with a straight razor.[20]

Danny (Earth-616) from Human Torch Comics Vol 1 19 0001 Appearances: Human Torch Comics #19

Danny was the boyfriend of the famous actress Rita Worth. After Rita was murdered, Danny revealed to the Human Torch that she was being blackmailed because someone had discovered that she had legally changed her name to hide that she was the daughter of a murderer.[21]

Danny (Earth-616) from Blonde Phantom Comics Vol 1 20 0001 Appearances: Blonde Phantom Comics #20

Danny was kidnapped by Morton Marion Maximillian Muse and hypnotized so that he would have abstract visions that he would then paint on canvas. Then Muse would have pass the paintings off as his works and sell them to rich people.[22]

Danny (Earth-616) from Joker Comics Vol 1 42 0001 Appearances: Joker Comics #42

Danny was Patty Pin-Up's boyfriend and photographer of the modeling agency she worked for.[23]

Danny (Earth-616) from Spellbound Vol 1 12 0001 Appearances: Spellbound #12

Danny operated the spotlight in a theater. An actor killed Danny when he found out his girlfriend was seeing Danny. The actor is condemned to the chair and escapes, but the spotlight pins him to the wall and the cops open fire. Only after his lifeless body slumps to the ground do the cops realize that there is no one at the spotlight.[24]

Danny (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 8 0001 Appearances: Journey into Mystery #8

Danny was engaged to Mina and wanted to marry her, not knowing that she was indeed the spirit of Mona Rand and that she was resentful of all men because she died at the age of 24 from a broken heart after the man she loved he took his money and his love, which is why she had developed a power to kill his suitors by throwing darts at a photograph of them that caused a heart attack by killing them, and Danny was among his victims.[25]

Danny (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 15 0001 Appearances: Journey into Mystery #15

When a man enters a bar and, as a gag, offers to Danny a contract for his soul for one million dollars, being a skeptic Danny signs it. No one sees the stranger leave, but a coincidence leaves Danny a one million dollar inheritance. As time goes by, the contract worries away at Danny, distorting his personality from likable to hostile. His employees hate him and his family leave him. One day he receives a visitor and it turns out to be the man with the contract looking for work. Danny is so angered that his life has been changed so dramatically by a practical joke that he seizes a heavy candlestick and kills the stranger. Now he feels that he has sold his soul to the Devil in actuality and walks out into the dark for Satan to claim him.[26]

Danny (Earth-616) from Strange Tales Vol 1 63 0001 Appearances: Strange Tales #63

Danny was a young boy who imagined that he had a rich uncle who suddenly appeared, but when he began to doubt, the uncle faded away.[27]

Danny (Earth-616) from Captain Marvel Vol 1 8 0001 Appearances: Captain Marvel #8

Together with another agent of the Organization, Danny was instructed by Number One to go to Lawson (secretly Mar-Vell) to threaten him and take possession of the Cyberex.[28]

Danny (Washington) (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 41 001 Appearances: Iron Man #41

Danny couldn't let Christine fall from a collapsing terminal building.[29]

Danny (Earth-616) from Hero for Hire Vol 1 11 0001 Appearances: Hero for Hire #11

Danny was a henchman of Señor Suerte who warned his boss that Rocco the Gimp had just called saying that a guy from Los Angeles had opened a casino in the area he controlled.[30]

Daniel (Salem Center) (Earth-616) from Marvel Graphic Novel Vol 1 5 001 Appearances: Marvel Graphic Novel #5

Danny was one of Stevie Hunter's students. He and his family were followers of Reverend Stryker, and thought little of sharing his anti-mutant sentiment in class, unaware two of his classmates -- Kitty and Illyana -- were mutants and associated with the X-Men. This eventually led to a fight between him and Kitty, which was broken up by Illyana's brother, whose presence intimidated Danny enough not to continue the fight.[31]

Danny (Earth-616) from US 1 Vol 1 6 0001 Appearances: US 1 #6

Danny was a client of Wide-Load Annie and Poppa Wheelie's Short Stop Diner and was among those who participated in the brawl against police officers who wanted to arrest Annie but in the frantic phases of the fight Danny wrongly struck U.S. Archer with a chair without causing too much damage.[32]

Danny (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 289 0001 Appearances: Fantastic Four #289

Danny was the foreman of the construction site of the Four Freedoms Plaza. Immediately after showing the progress of the works to the Fantastic Four, he was attacked by Basilisk and frozen with his optical beam.[33]

Danny (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 45 0001 Appearances: Web of Spider-Man #45

Danny was an henchman of Morris "The Snake" Diamond.[34]

Danny (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 1 447 0001 Appearances: Thor #447, Thor #448

Danny was a security guard at the Guggenheim Museum and was there on duty during an attempted theft by Absorbing Man and Titania.[35]

Danny (Earth-616) from Fantastic Force Vol 1 10 0001 Appearances: Fantastic Force #10

Danny and his colleague Jim were on guard at the Alaskan pipeline when they were attacked and killed by the omnivirus released by Zarathustra upon his arrival.[36]

Danny (Earth-616) from Spider-Man The Lost Years Vol 1 2 0001 Appearances: Spider-Man: The Lost Years #2

Danny was a henchman of Vincent Tannen and participated in the kidnapping of Detective Jacob Raven, but along with all the kidnappers he was stopped and beaten by Ben Reilly.[37]

Danny (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 3 13 0001 Appearances: Captain America Vol 3 #13

Danny is one of three children of a single Brooklyn mother who Steve asked to vote for Andrew Bolt.[38]

No Image Male Appearances: Wolverine/Punisher Revelation #4

Danny was a radio DJ discussing a plague that hit New York City. He talks to a listener of the program who is very radical in wanting to deal with the problem and then Danny tries to dampen the discussion by saying that competent people were already at work to address the problem.[39]

Danny (Earth-616) from Elektra Vol 2 10 0001 Appearances: Elektra Vol 2 #10

An acquaintance of Elektra who stored her belongings in secret places.[40]

Danny (NYC) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 3 76 001 Appearances: Avengers Vol 3 #76

Danny was one of Cassie Lang's schoolmates.[41]

No Image Male Mentioned: 4 #1

Danny was a construction worker who was buried in a collapse on a building site while Ben Grimm was visiting there in search of work.[42]

Danny (Earth-616) from Warlock Vol 6 4 0001 Appearances: Warlock Vol 6 #1, Warlock Vol 6 #3, Warlock Vol 6 #4

Danny was a design student and he was Janie Chin's boyfriend.[43]

Danny (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 600 0001 Appearances: Captain America #600

Danny was a prison guard at H.A.M.M.E.R. Federal Holding Facility in Colorado that got angry because of Brock Rumlow's ironic comments on the news about Captain America's death and for that it hit him with the taser but Rumlow reacted by killing Danny and starting his attempt to free Sin.[44]

Danny (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The Hood Vol 1 5 0001 Appearances: Dark Reign: The Hood #5

Big Danny was a man who had moved to Key Largo in Florida following the mob relocation program and there he met John King who had just moved there.[45]

Danny (Earth-616) from Secret Avengers Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Secret Avengers #1

Danny was a Roxxon security guard who was stunned by Moon Knight secretly infiltrating the Roxxon building in Wilmington.[46]

Danny (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider X-Mas Special Infinite Comic Vol 1 1 Appearances: Ghost Rider X-Mas Special Infinite Comic #1

Danny was a student at the Patrick Wellman Development Center and a classmate of Gabriel Reyes.[47]

Danny (Earth-616) from Symbiote Spider-Man Vol 1 3 0001 Appearances: Symbiote Spider-Man #3

A theater employee, he smoked a cigarette during a Cats performance and was rebuked for this by a colleague of his, and also by Spider-Man who was chasing Electro into the theater. After Electro was captured by Spider-Man he boasted to the actresses of the show that he had taken care of the capture.[48]

Danny (Earth-616) from Doctor Strange Vol 5 19 0001 Appearances: Doctor Strange Vol 5 #19

Danny suffered a head injury in a car accident where his mother was driving the car and was frightened by the sudden appearance of an evil spirit seeking revenge. Dr. Strange intervened first by chasing away the spirit and then he was forced to use a forbidden spell to regain his neurosurgeon skills and thus succeeding in saving Danny's life.[49]


Dante (Shadow Consortium) (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 2 11 001 Appearances: Nova Vol 2 #11

Dante was a technician of the Shadow Consortium and was in charge of the construction of the robotic tactical unit called Armada.[50]


Danzen (Earth-616) Doom 2099 Vol 1 40 Appearances: Doom 2099 #40

A Latverian scientist who assisted Dr. Doom during his imminent discovery.[51]


Daphne (Centerville) (Earth-616) from Meet Miss Bliss Vol 1 1 Appearances: Meet Miss Bliss #1

Daphne was a student in Miss Bliss's class at Centerville Junior High in Centerville, California.[52]

Daphne (Scotland) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 81 001 Appearances: Wolverine Vol 2 #81

Daphne and Reg were attacked on their speedboat by Cyber.[53]


Thor Vol 1 497 014 Appearances: Thor #497

Darcia was a child who had been caught in the crossfire between the Hawks and the Aryan Dreams street gangs and was rescued thanks to Thor's intervention.[54]


Darice (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 121 001 Appearances: X-Men #121

Darice was a restaurant patron who was injured by an unnatural cyclonic blizzard in Calgary.[55]


Darla (Earth-616) Captain America Vol 1 616 Appearances: Captain America #616

Darla was one of the friends of Nate who, following the passage of a destructive tornado in Redfield, asked to Captain America if he wanted to go with them to see if there was still someone to help[56].


Darlene (Earth-616) from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 67 0001 Appearances: Tomb of Dracula #67

Darlene was a starlet invited by Harold H. Harold to a theatrical performance focused on Dracula in the same theater where the real Dracula and his daughter Lilith clashed.[57]

Darlene (Model) (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 105 0001 Appearances: Marvel Team-Up #105

Darlene was a model who was accompanied on the platform during a fashion show in Manhattan by Iron Fist.[58]

Darlene (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 223 0001 Appearances: Iron Man #223, Iron Man #244, Iron Man #254

Darlene was a manicurist who worked in the beauty salon of Rae LaCoste.[59][60][61]

Darlene (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 123 0001 Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents #123

While Darlene was in a mall with her husband Frank, she approached a Woman's Action Movement feminist stand to read one of their pamphlets. That made her husband so angry that he started shouting at people on the stand, including Mary Walker[62]

Darlene (Nurse) (Earth-616) from Civil War Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Civil War #3

Darlene was a nurse at the New York Hospital who disliked Captain America's decision to oppose the Superhuman Registration Act.[63]

Darlene (Host) (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 6 15 001 Appearances: Ghost Rider Vol 6 #14, Ghost Rider Vol 6 #15, Ghost Rider Vol 6 #16

Darlene never had a boyfriend.[64]
After being secretly visited by Emmael and Vraniel, she became pregnant overnight.[65]
She then gave birth to both angels and took them close to Ghost Rider.[66]

Darlene Appearances: Deadpool Vol 2 #22

Darlene was the master mind behind a county-wide gas station and tour bus robbing circle across Mason County. The criminals had the misfortune of robbing a bus that Deadpool happened to be on. When Deadpool tracked the other criminals back the the Mason County Sheriff's Department, Darlene tried to convince him that she had been trying to stop the other corrupt police, and asked Deadpool to kill them. However, Deadpool saw through her trick and locked her up, while he went to look for the others.[67]

Darlene (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Fear Itself #1

Darlene and her family were inhabitants of Broxton, when her husband Bill lost his job they lost their home to the banks and were forced to move to Wichita, to his sister's house who would host them for a while.[67]

Darlene (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 3 45 0001 Appearances: Deadpool Vol 3 #45

The declaration of marriage that her boyfriend Brad was doing to her was interrupted by the violent release of Shiklah from a local who demolished a wall causing it to collapse on Brad, taking Darlene from an embarrassing situation for her.[68]


Dario (Earth-616) from Clandestine Vol 1 5 001 Appearances: Clandestine #5

Dario was the Cap'n Oz movie special effects wizard.[69]


Darren (Writer) (Earth-616) from Sensational She-Hulk Vol 1 52 001 Appearances: Sensational She-Hulk #52, Sensational She-Hulk #54

Head writer on the soap opera Heartbreak Hospital, he comes up with the idea of making it live.[70]
When She-Hulk is killed in action, he suggested P. Isadora, from the Sensational She-Hulk movie was used instead, but Greg Hallerhand told him that wouldn't work.[71]


Darryl (Earth-616) from Punisher Summer Special Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Punisher Summer Special #3

Darryl was a member of the Bodybaggers, a paintball team made of the best bouncers and doormen in New York City; he was killed by the Psycho-Cops.[72]


Daryls (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 10 001 Appearances: Wolverine Vol 2 #10

The Daryls attacked Patch and Jessica Drew, but they were eventually killed by Sabretooth.[73]


Dave (Guard) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 17 001 Appearances: Daredevil #17, Web of Spider-Man Vol 2 #10

Dave was a security guard who mistook the Masked Marauder's approaching aircraft for one of the company's advertising blimps.[74]
Many years later, Dave witnessed Spider-Man breaking into Mayor Jameson's office.[75]

Dave (California) (Earth-616) from Amazing Adventures Vol 2 7 001 Appearances: Amazing Adventures Vol 2 #7

Dave was a bodybuilder who witnessed the Inhumans landing on a private beach.[76]

Dave (Manhattan) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 165 001 Appearances: Avengers #165

Dave was Barb's boyfriend at the time she was kidnapped by Count Nefaria, whom he tried to stop him, but he was easily knocked off by the villain.[77]

Dave (Rachel) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 405 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #405

Dave was a customer at the motel where Ben Reilly was staying in Rachel, Vermont, and an acquaintance of Seward Trainer[78].

Dave (Scientist) (Earth-616) from Sensational Spider-Man Vol 1 9 001 Appearances: Sensational Spider-Man #9, Sensational Spider-Man #10

Dave was a scientist at the Institute of Seismoharmonic Research who witnessed the Swarm attack the research facility.[79]
Dave was taken hostage by Swarm until he was defeated by Spider-Man (Ben Reilly).[80]

Dave (Penn State) (Earth-616) from Avengers Icons The Vision Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Avengers Icons: The Vision #3

Dave was a college student at Penn State.[81]

Dave (Anchor) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 48 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #48

Fox News anchor Dave exposed Sharon Keller's hoax against Spider-Man.[82]

Dave (O.N.E) (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 16 0001 Appearances: Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 #16

Dave was a O*N*E technician who fell for the pretense of Alison Blaire suffocating in her containment cell and freed her despite the warnings of his colleagues.[83]


Davey (Earth-616) from Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9 0001 Appearances: Amazing Adult Fantasy #9

Davey finds a book with a spell for summoning up a genie. He reads the words aloud and is astonished when a Genie actually appears. The Genie can grant any wish the boy thinks of. He wishes himself a giant and that everything other than Earth disappear so he will be the greatest of all. When the Earth begins to careen he realizes that without everything else, Earth no longer has its place in gravitational attraction and will be destroyed. He panics, and wishes that "everything was back the way it was right before I found you." The genie obliges.[84]

Davey (Criminal) (Earth-616) from West Coast Avengers Vol 2 46 001 Appearances: West Coast Avengers Vol 2 #46

Davey was one of the bank robbers who were confronted and defeated by the Great Lakes Avengers.[85]

Davey (Earth-616) from Daredevil Redemption Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Daredevil: Redemption #1

Davey was rescued by Daredevil when he was hit by his father.[86]


David (Reno) (Earth-616) from Warlock and the Infinity Watch Vol 1 12 001 Appearances: Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12

David and his girlfriend mistook Drax the Destroyer for the Hulk.[87]

David (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 8 0001 Appearances: Spider-Man Unlimited #8

With Don devised and led the terrorist attack of Terror Unlimited on the World Trade Center[88].

David (Tourist) (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 6 6 0001 Appearances: Punisher Vol 6 #6

While visiting the Statue of Liberty under a heavy rain, David and his family were approached by a crazed Joseph Perrett, who after having massacred his family and a waitress in a diner, wandered around the city. Perrett released David and his family after David's wife sobered him a little 'making him look carefully at her children and the father of her children[89].

David (Reporter) (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 123 001 Appearances: New X-Men #123

David was one of the journalists who attended the press conference at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.[90]

David (Keystone) (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 3 65 001 Appearances: Avengers Vol 3 #65

Exposed to the red cloud from Mount Rushmore, David warned his wife Gail and his son Paul to run away.[91]

David (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 535 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #535

David was a TV anchor who reported the massive no-bid contracts awarded to companies dealing with the Superhuman Registration Act.[92]


Davidson (Earth-616) from Carnage Vol 1 2 0001 Appearances: Carnage #2

In a space center he points out the wrong trajectory of a Hall Industries satellite and can not correct it without the right authorization that was promptly given by Michael Hall in person.[93]

Davidson (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 6 12 0001 Appearances: Captain America Vol 6 #12

Davidson was an investigative reporter to whom Gyrich revealed and handed evidence of government involvement regarding agreements with known super-villains.[94]

Davidson (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 9 13 001 Appearances: Punisher Vol 9 #13

Davidson welcomed Curtiss Jackson aboard the Leader of Pack auction yacht.[95]


Dr. Davis (Earth-616) from Scarlet Spider Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Scarlet Spider #1, The Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1, The Spectacular Spider-Man #232

Dr. Davis assisted Seward Trainer after his mind was lost into the cyberspace.[96]
She told Ben Reilly that all Trainer's life signs were strong, but there was absolutely no brain activity.[97]
Dr. Davis attempted to stop Dr. Octopus from stealing Trainer's body.[98]

Davis (Rye) (Earth-616) from The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 235 001 Appearances: The Spectacular Spider-Man #235, The Spectacular Spider-Man #236

Davis was an assistant of Jonas Harrow.[99]
He was ordered to control Dragon Man, but Spider-Man and Will O' the Wisp removed its chip.[100]


Davy (Earth-616) from Marvel Feature Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Marvel Feature #3

Davy was one of the millions of kids attracted by Xemnu to come to him in Cape Canaveral.[101]


Dawson (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 9 6 001 Appearances: Punisher Vol 9 #6

A member of Exchange, Dawson was found and knocked out by Rachel Alves in North Creek.[102]


Debbie (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 161 001 Appearances: Avengers #161

Debbie was a ranch girl at Cheery-O's Dude Ranch who met Clinton Barton and Two-Gun Kid.[103]


Debra (Earth-616) from Captain America Annual Vol 1 1999 001 Appearances: Captain America Annual #1999

Debra was a TV reporter at WNBC who publicly announced the major libel suit brought by Roxxon Oil against the Daily Bugle[104].


Debrow (Earth-616) from Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way! Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way! #1

Doctor Debrow was killed by Bullseye at a maximum security prison for criminally insane.[105]


Decker (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 160 001 Appearances: Daredevil #160

Decker fought Daredevil alongside his partner Turk.[106]


DeLong (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 83 001 Appearances: Wolverine Vol 2 #83, Wolverine Vol 2 #84

DeLong was Heather Hudson's research team's biologist.[107]
DeLong eventually managed to survive the Hunter in Darkness' assault.[1]


Delores (Waterboys) (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 2 41 0001 Appearances: Punisher Vol 2 #41

Delores decided to attack New York City's water supply out of revenge, as she was raped in the city, and the rapist was put on probation due to belonging to an ethnical minority.[108]


Delphino (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 546 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #546

Mr. Delphino was a local newsagent.[109]


Dennis (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 154 0001 Appearances: Thunderbolts #154

Dennis was a botanist / zoologist who worked on the Raft as an ecosystem overseer where Man-Thing lived.[110]


Dennison (Owl) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 502 001 Appearances: Daredevil #502

Dennison was one of the Owl's lieutenants until he was crippled by Daredevil. Together with Todd and Mosley, they ended up working for Wilson Fisk, who ordered them to inform the Owl that they were going to take over his territory, to keep Fisk in the shadows. When the three of them briefed Fisk about the outcome of the situation, Dennison revealed his intentions to work for himself, believing Fisk to be powerless, but Fisk gave a simple order to Lady Bullseye, who quickly killed Dennison.[111]


Denny (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Annual Vol 1 18 001 Appearances: Incredible Hulk Annual #18

Denny was saved by the Defenders when his car was pushed off a ledge.[112]

Denny (Penn State) (Earth-616) from Avengers Icons The Vision Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Avengers Icons: The Vision #2

Denny was a college student at Penn State.[113]


Denton (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 1 001 Appearances: Iron Man Vol 3 #1

Ms. Denton thanked Iron Man for his assistance at the Avalon Trading Company.[114]


Derek (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 2 1 001 Appearances: New Mutants Vol 2 #1, New Mutants Vol 2 #5, New Mutants Vol 2 #6, New Mutants Vol 2 #8

Derek was Walter Barrett's personal assistant and took Sophia, Barrett's mutant daughter, to heart when she came to the United States from Venezuela after the death of her mother.[115]
During a business trip to New York, Walter forbade Derek from meeting Sophia, but both were taken hostage by the Reavers.[116]
After being released by the Reavers because they were not mutants, Walter ordered Derek not to go to Sophia's aid but Derek refused to obey him by sending him to Hell.[117]
Some time later Derek went to visit Sophia at the Xavier Institute and she got furious after realizing that he was there to meet Walter and get his old job.[118]


Destiny (Earth-616) from Moon Knight Vol 6 7 001 Appearances: Moon Knight Vol 6 #7

Destiny was one of Snapdragon's strippers.[119]


Devereaux (Earth-616) from Red She-Hulk Vol 1 62 001 Appearances: Red She-Hulk #62

Devereaux was a Project Echelon superhuman with E.M.P. ability living in Annapolis.[11]


Dewey (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 230 001 Appearances: Iron Man #230

When one of the entries in the confidential access file just disappeared, Dewey couldn't check back-ups, because they were all blanks[120].


Dex (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 30 0001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #30,Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #31, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #32, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #33, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #35

Mentioned: Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours (novel)

Dex was Morlun's assistant. He bribes an employee of the port to have a boat where Morlun and his victim docked without being checked.[121]
He accompanied Morlun to a New York City pub where he had breakfast.[122]
He accompanied Morlun to a fashion atelier where he purchased a tailored suit.[123]
He was ordered by Morlun to get him new clothes after they were destroyed due to his battle against Spider-Man.[124]
During the final confrontation between Morlun and Spider-Man, Dex shot Morlun apparently killing him when Morlun had already been defeated by Spider-Man and revealed to Spider-Man that he had served Morlun because he would have done much harm.[125]

Dex (Earth-616) from Drax the Destroyer Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Drax the Destroyer #1,Drax the Destroyer #2, Drax the Destroyer #3, Drax the Destroyer #4

Dex was the best friend of Camille Benally at her hometown of Coot's Bluff, Alaska.[126]

Dex (Nebraska) (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 21 001 Appearances: Invincible Iron Man #21

Dex was a security guard at Millard Wellfield. He was killed in the same incident where Lucy Cervantes died.[127]


Diane (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 2000 0001 Appearances: Spider-Man Annual #2000

Diane was once a member of the Bacchae. When she met and fell in love with Jack, a member of rival gang Golden Horde, they left their life of crime behind. Diane and Jack got regular jobs, working at the Coffee Shop. The Bacchae caught up to her and took her away. But both Spider-Man and Bounty, who helped fake Diane's death, helped Diane and Jack to start their new life together. They eventually had a child.[128]


Dick (Earth-616) from The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 211 001 Appearances: The Spectacular Spider-Man #211

Dick was a light-sleeping neighbor who complained with Terry Martin for the noise coming out his apartment.[129]


Dickens (Earth-616) from Cage Vol 2 1 001 Appearances: Cage Vol 2 #1

Mrs. Dickens asked Cage to find her daughter's killer.[130]


Dickerson from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 410 0001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #410

Dickerson was one of the security guards at the Ravencroft Institute who was responsible for the surveillance of Cletus Kasady.[131]


Dickie (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 128 001 Appearances: Captain America #128

Dickie was Whitey's kid brother, living in Coits Neck, New Jersey.[132]


Dietrich (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 37 0001 Appearances: Thor Vol 2 #37

Dietrich and Elsa returned to the Norwegian fishing village to meet the parents of Elsa who they hadn't seen since their wedding day, but once they arrived at the village they found it completely destroyed and abandoned.[133]


Dillon from X-Force Vol 1 66 0001 Appearances: X-Force #66

Dillon was a security guard at the Wackyworld theme park.[133]


Dimitri (Hyboria) (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 1 195 001 Appearances: Conan the Barbarian #195

While looting the wrecked temple of Mitra, Dimitri saw the Devourer's sword and against his friend’s warnings seized it, thinking only that such an ornate, well crafted weapon would bring a good price. Lightning suddenly crashed down from the heavens, and the villages fled as a terrible transformation begins. Dimitri was struck dead instantly, but in his place, the Devourer lived again.[134]

Dimitri (Chernobyl) (Earth-616) from Havok and Wolverine Meltdown Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Havok and Wolverine Meltdown #1

Dimitri was one of the operators who died during the Chernobyl Disaster.[135]

Dimitri (Province 13) (Earth-616) from X-Men Liberators Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: X-Men: Liberators #1

Dimitri was a soldier assigned to feed Nikolas in Province 13.[136]


Dina (Manhattan) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 3 5 001 Appearances: Daredevil Vol 3 #5

Dina was Kirsten McDuffie's roommate.[137]


Dinah (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 44 001 Appearances: Web of Spider-Man #44

Dinah was a talk show host who interviewed Peter Parker while he was in Las Vegas promoting his book Webs.[138]

NOTE: This character resembles real-life talk show host Dinah Shore. She is probably not intended to actually be Shore, because when Web of Spider-Man #44 was published Shore had been off television for eight years.


Dingbat (Earth-616) from Marvel Spotlight Vol 1 5 001 Appearances: Marvel Spotlight #5

After killing a man for his money, Dingbat and Clyde chased Ghost Rider, but, after trapping him in an alley, they were shocked by his flaming skull and ran away.[139]


Dion (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 52 001 Appearances: Iron Man #52

Dion was a student of Raga who was confronted and defeated by Iron Man.[140]

Dion (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 227 001 Appearances: Conan the Barbarian Annual #2, Savage Sword of Conan #227

Dion was a nobleman and member of the rebel four who planned a coup against King Conan, with Dion being designated as Conan's successor. Dion came into possession of Thoth-Amon's serpent ring and was killed by the wizard who then retook the ring.[141] Dion was found dead in the shadow of the garden fountain in his villa by Conan and his soldiers.[142]


Dirk (Black Cullens) (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 2 86 001 Appearances: Punisher Vol 2 #86

Dirk and Louis were ordered by Tommy "Peach" Cullen to dispatch Jimmy Pierce.[143]

Dirk (Earth-616) from The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 209 001 Appearances: The Spectacular Spider-Man #209

Dirk was a divorce lawyer who was introduced to J. Jonah Jameson by his wife[144].

Dirk (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 3 9 0001 Appearances: X-Men Vol 3 #9

Dirk was one of the boys deceived and imprisoned by Dark Beast to experiment with Connors' serum.[145].


Dis (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Annual Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Ghost Rider Annual #1

Dis was a gang member who was attacked by the Night Terror.[146]


DiStefano (Earth-616) from Cable Vol 4 2 0001 Appearances: Cable Vol 4 #2

DiStefano was a detective from the Philadelphia Police and together with her partner Molina investigated the disappearance of the newborn son of Stinger and Paulie Provenzano, and did not want Cable to meddle in the investigation.[147]


Dixie (Camerawoman) (Earth-616) Appearances: Deathlok #2

Dixie reported an attempt to capture Deathlok in Coney Island, being saved when Harlan Ryker ordered Ian Wajler to destroy the news helicopter.[148]


Djaba (Earth-616) from Kull the Conqueror Vol 2 1 001 Appearances: Kull the Conqueror Vol 2 #1

Djaba was a goat who got lost during the earthquake that struck the City of Wonders. A child who was looking for her was eventually rescued from a landslide by King Kull and Brule.[149]


Dmitri (Starcore) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 99 001 Appearances: Avengers #102, X-Men #99

Dmitri detected very bad solar forecasts after observing a solar flare with a direct course for Earth.[150]

Dmitri (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 10 001 Appearances: Iron Man Vol 3 #10

Dmitri and Gennady were two soldiers who were tasked to located the Mandarin's body amid the wreckage of his sky dragon aircraft, with Dmitri handling a corpse-locating dog. Instead they found a badly beaten Iron Man, who tried to explain what had happened inside the aircraft but then collapsed.[151]

Dmitri (Earth-616) from Black Panther The Man Without Fear! Vol 1 516 0001 Appearances: Black Panther: The Man Without Fear! #516

Dmitri was present at the underworld bosses' meeting in SoHo called to question Vlad Dinu's conduct.[4]


Doc (Earth-616) from Marvel Zombies Supreme Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Marvel Zombies Supreme #1

Doc was the Guardsman Alpha Squad's medical specialist and was the first to succumb to the Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. rescue operation when he was killed by the zombified Hyperion clone.[152]


Dolph (Earth-616) from X-Men Children of the Atom Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: X-Men: Children of the Atom #2

Dolph was a member of Jack Winters' gang.[153]


Dom (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 4 7 001 Appearances: Captain America Vol 4 #7

Dom was one of Captain America's neighbors in Red Hook.[154]


Dominic (Teacher) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 37 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #37, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #43

Dominic was one of the teachers at Midtown High School.[155]
He used to spend the holiday break trying to find something to earn some money.[156]


Don (Scuba) (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 232 001 Appearances: Fantastic Four #232

Don was working in his sporting goods shop when the Thing, trapped by a water elemental sent by Diablo, thrashed about the store, asking for a scuba tank.[157]

Doctor Don (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 285 002 Appearances: Fantastic Four #285

Doctor Don worked at the burn ward in the South Queens Hospital for Sick Children: he solicited Janet Darling the Thomas H. Hanson's case report and, when the Human Torch came to visit the kid, he told him the he was very near the end.[158]

Don (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Unlimited Vol 1 8 0001 Appearances: Spider-Man Unlimited #8

With David, Don devised the terrorist attack of Terror Unlimited on the World Trade Center[88].

Don (ACDCR) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Vol 1 Alpha 001 Appearances: Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha #1

Don was among the scientists sent by the Atlanta Control Center for Disease Control and Research to evaluate the nanocontagion epidemy in Springville.[159]

Don (Fogwell) (Earth-616) Appearances: Daredevil: Black and White #1

Don was a regular of Fogwell's Gym who told Bullseye where to find Tyrone.[160]


Donald (Earth-616) from Venom Dark Origin Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Venom: Dark Origin #2

Donald was Eddie Brock's lawyer.[161]

Donald (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 19.1 0001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #19.1

Mister Negative had Donald watch over the Wraith. During a robbery committed by the Circus of Crime, Donald stole what they were attempting to steal, a ten million dollar watch, but was captured and killed by Wraith.[162]


Donna (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 110 001 Appearances: Web of Spider-Man #110

Donna and Cass were rescued by Lizard from the Pipers. They then died on their way back to Lubbock.[163]

Donna (Liberty Island) (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Thunderbolts #1

Donna reported the battle between the Thunderbolts and the Wrecking Crew on Liberty Island.[164]


Donnar (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 226 001 Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #226

Donnar was a scavenger during the Great Cataclysm, who was killed by Red Sonja when he and his band of raiders attempted to harass her.[165]


Donnie (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Vol 1 6 001 Appearances: Fear Itself #6

Donnie saw Fortress Null approaching Broxton.[166]


Blind Spot from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 547 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #547, Amazing Spider-Man #548

Dooley bought Peter Parker's stolen credit cards from Sean Boyle at the Blind Spot.[167]
He killed him when he later tried to retrieve them.[168]


Dora (Earth-616) from Captain Britain Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Captain Britain #3

Dora was the waitress and owner of the Flying Finish in London.[169] Dora also liked to play match-maker, pointedly suggesting to Brian Braddock that he should ask Courtney Ross out on a date.[169]

Dora (Maid) (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 13 001 Appearances: Deadpool Vol 4 #13

Dora worked as a maid at the Schaefer Theater.[170]


Doreen (Murdock) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Father Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Daredevil Father #1, Daredevil Father #5

Doreen worked as a secretary at Nelson and Murdock law firm.[171]
She introduced Agent Guida to Mr. Murdock.[172]


Dorian (Latverian) (Earth-616) Doom 2099 Vol 1 40 Appearances: Doom 2099 #40, Doom 2099 #41

Dorian worked as an assistant for the Latverian scientists Dr. Weber and Dr. Danzen. He was imprisoned for interrupting Doctor Doom. Soon after, Dorian was freed by the future Doom who had traveled back in time[173].


Doris (Hell's Kitchen) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 220 001 Appearances: Daredevil #220

Doris was killed by Manny.[174]

Doris (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 80 001 Appearances: Wolverine Vol 2 #80

Doris and her husband Willy were attacked by Bloodscream in Logan, Alberta, Canada.[175]

Doris (Snow Valley) (Earth-616) from Generation X Holiday Special Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Generation X Holiday Special #1

Doris was Stephen's mother.[176]

Doris (Assistant) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 3 56 001 Appearances: Wolverine Vol 3 #56

Doris was tasked to take photos of Logan while he was trapped in the pit.[177]

Doris (Earth-616) from Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Black Panther vs. Deadpool #1

Doris was socializing with mailman Willie Lumpkin when a school-bus driven by a child placed there by Deadpool crashed near them, seriously injuring Willie. Doris then helped the injured Willie.[178]


Dottie (Earth-616) from Bizarre Adventures Vol 1 33 0001 Appearances: Bizarre Adventures #33

While being controlled by the soul of his unborn twin sister Roberta, as a young boy Robert Gross pushed his Auntie Dottie down the stairs.[179]


Doug (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 50 001 Appearances: Iron Man #50

Doug interviewed Mr. Stark outside the Stark Industries complex.[180]

Doug (Tourist) (Earth-616) from Power Man Vol 1 22 0001 Appearances: Power Man #22

Doug and his girlfriend Debbie were in Time Square during the clash between Luke Cage and Stiletto and Discus. Doug was advised by Cage to leave the place immediately because of the situation and Doug accepted the advice but thought that the New Yorkers were ... weird.[181]

Doug (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 212 000 Appearances: Avengers #212

Doug was a member of the Washington DC Police; he and his partner Ron fired and killed Gorn after he threw at them with his sword drawn, after which they were magically hit by a vindictive Elfqueen who plunged them into the ground.[182]

Doug (Cameraman) (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 3 5 0001 Appearances: Ghost Rider Vol 3 #5

Doug was the cameraman for Linda Wei of News At Six Channel and was the first to film the new Ghost Rider with a camera.[183]

Doug (DEA) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Annual Vol 1 10 001 Appearances: Daredevil Annual #10

An agent of the D.E.A., Doug spotted Osaku in Port Newark.[184]

Doug (TV Producer) (Earth-616) from Amazing Fantasy Vol 1 18 0001 Appearances: Amazing Fantasy #18

Doug was the producer of the TV show It's Amazing and removed the astronaut John Jameson from programming to broadcast Spider-Man.[185]

Doug (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 558 0001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #558

Doug was a salvage yard worker working in the dump when the Freak emerged from the rubbish and clashed with Spider-Man.[186]

Doug (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Short Halloween Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Spider-Man: Short Halloween #1

After a Halloween party, Doug and his friend Eric brought home a stunned Spider-Man thinking he was their drunken friend Ronnie who wore a Spider-Man costume for the occasion.[187]

Doug (Earth-616) from Moon Knight Vol 8 11 0001 Appearances: Moon Knight Vol 8 #11

Doug was an assistant to Dr. Emmet at the Putnam Psychiatric Hospital during the period Marc Spector was hospitalized there.[188]

Doug (Doodkill) (Earth-616) from Unbelievable Gwenpool Vol 1 11 0001 Appearances: Unbelievable Gwenpool #11

Doug was one of the reanimated corpses revived by Doodkill's mayor necromancer.[189]

Doug (Earth-616) from Great Lakes Avengers Vol 2 6 0001 Appearances: Great Lakes Avengers Vol 2 #6

Doug tried to buy the van Great Lakes Avengers Headquarters.[190]


Doyle (Earth-616) from Human Torch Vol 2 10 0001 Appearances: Human Torch Vol 2 #10

Doyle was one of two Knights who Shyla ordered him to follow her to capture the Human Torch[191].

Doyle (Earth-616) Ms. Marvel Vol 3 5 Appearances: Ms. Marvel Vol 3 #4, Ms. Marvel Vol 3 #5

Doyle is a teenager and one of The Inventor's henchman in charge of the Greenville House.[192]


Drake (Earth-616) from Daredevil Reborn Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Daredevil: Reborn #1, Daredevil: Reborn #2, Daredevil: Reborn #3

A Deputy in a town in New Mexico, Sheriff Cole ordered him to intercept and eliminate Matt Murdock.[193]


Drayson (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Marvel Mystery Comics #2

Mentions: Marvel Mystery Comics #3

Ms. Drayson accidentally put a fire on her skirt with a cigarette but was saved by Namor who sprinkled water from the pores of his own body. Namor captured Ms. Drayson from the Dell View Hospital and tried to take her underwater, but heroic Officer Foley of the NYPD saved her with the cost of his own life.[194]


Drew (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 520 0001 Appearances: Journey into Mystery #520, Journey into Mystery #521

Drew was a young vampire under the Navarro regime. He and another young vampire managed to capture Hannibal King and take him to Navarro.[195] During his captivity, King was forced to feed on a human being for the first time to survive, but this reinvigorated him so he managed to free himself and kill Drew and the other vampires of the Navarro regime.[196]


Drumm from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 31 0001 Appearances: Tales of Suspense #31

Mrs. Drumm was the mother of two sons with completely opposite character, while Paul was a judicious man and worker Harry was lazy and with criminal tendencies.[197]


Dubinsky (Earth-616) from Havok and Wolverine Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Havok and Wolverine Meltdown #3

Dubinsky was one of Dr. Neutron's agents who captured Logan.[197]


Dubois (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 566 001 Appearances: Fantastic Four #566

Dubois was one of Doctor Doom's servants.[198]


Dubowsky (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 13 001 Appearances: Deadpool Vol 4 #13

Dubowsky was an office boy and an acquaintance of Ben Urich.[170]


Ducret (Earth-616) from Drax the Destroyer Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Drax the Destroyer #3

Ducret was killed by Paibok in order to set an example for the citizens of Coot's Bluff, Alaska.[199]


Duff (Earth-616) from The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 218 001 Appearances: The Spectacular Spider-Man #218

Duff was a street thug who was confronted and defeated by Puma.[200]


Duk (Earth-616) from Journey into Mystery Vol 1 515 0001 Appearances: Journey into Mystery #515

A member of the Wild Tiger Mob, on the Chow Yun Woo's boat that transported drugs, he collided with Shang-Chi facing him with a chain and hook but was easily defeated by the martial artist..[201]


Duluth (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 2 22 001 Appearances: Deadpool Vol 2 #22

ATF's Agent Duluth was responsible for stopping the moonshine operation ran by the Mason County Sheriff's Department.[67]


Dum-Dum (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Captain America Comics #1

When Hurricane tried to frame Piggy Perroni by introducing himself to him saying that he wanted to be part of his gang, Piggy joined him to one of his henchmen, Dum-Dum, with whom he would have to extort money from a person, but Hurricane was furious and attacked Piggy, disarming Dum-Dum and stunning him.[202]


Duncan (Yancy Street) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 90 001 Appearances: Spider-Man #90

Duncan was at Yancy Street when he was was saved by Spider-Man from being forever trapped in the Negative Zone.[203]

Duncan (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 2 13 0001 Appearances: New Mutants Vol 2 #5, New Mutants Vol 2 #6, New Mutants Vol 2 #13

Duncan takes Josh Foley to a Reavers recruitment meeting. Immediately after they attack Sofia Mantega but he is wounded and Josh heals him, discovering that he is a mutant.[116]
Duncan later met Josh returning home and accusing him of being a mutie along with others beat him up.[117]
Some time later he helped Donald Pierce to escape and rallied the Reavers asking Pierce to kill Josh for taking him to the Reavers, but when they attacked the New Mutants, Duncan was easily subdued and was about to be killed by Wolfsbane but he implored her to don't kill him and Rahne let him go.[204]

Duncan (Earth-616) from The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol 1 5 001 Appearances: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5

Duncan was the Owl's driver.[205]


Dundee (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 165 001 Appearances: Daredevil #165

Dundee was an acquaintance of Joseph Pike.[206]


Dunn (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 18 001 Appearances: Daredevil #18

Mr. Dunn was the manager of the building in Mid-Manhattan where the office of Nelson & Murdock was located. He approached Karen Page to discuss the rent, but as she fainted in front of him, he rushed the girl to a hospital and then told Mr. Murdock about it.[207]


Dunphy (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 310 001 Appearances: Daredevil #310

Dunphy was an I.N.S. agent who was stopped by Matthew Murdock from arresting Haitian refugee Yves Chapoteau.[208]


Durnis from Black Panther vs. Deadpool Vol 1 2 0001 Appearances: Black Panther vs. Deadpool #2

Durnis and his twin brother Clemson were poaching in Azania when after Durnis hit a zebra with the shotgun, Deadpool cut his left arm. Later on during their return with their private jet they were assaulted by Jack O'Lantern who threw a pumpkin bomb into the jet that made him explode killing them both.[209]


Dusty (Earth-616) from Avengers Origins Ant-Man & the Wasp Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & the Wasp #1

Dusty was one of the first ants befriended by Henry Pym.[210]


Dwayne (Earth-616) from Captain America Annual Vol 1 11 0001 Appearances: Captain America Annual #11

Dwayne was a boy from Harlem who warned Sam Wilson that he had sighted non-neighborhood people in skin-tights and heavily armed.[211]


Dylan (Earth-616) from X-Men Unlimited Vol 1 39 001 Appearances: X-Men Unlimited #39

Dylan turned against his best friend after discovering he was a mutant.[212]


Dytrius (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 58 001 Appearances: Thor Vol 2 #58

Dytrius was one of the soldiers who eradicated and plundered Pystoroka.[213]


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