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Earl (Earth-616) from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 42 001.png Appearances: Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #42

Earl and Roy were two night watchers who were ambushed and defeated by the Frightful Four when they came to Liberty Island in a bid to lure Spider-Man.[1]

Earl (News Anchor) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 173 001.png Appearances: Daredevil #173

Earl was a news anchor who announced that Michael Reese and Melvin Potter were dead ringers.[2]

Earl from Sensational Spider-Man Vol 1 0 0001.jpg Appearances: Sensational Spider-Man #0

Many years later, Earl was knocked down by one of Armanda's mechanical pets when he infiltrated the Neural Port Complex.[3]

Earl (Earth-616) from Avengers Academy Vol 1 14.1 0001.jpg Appearances: Avengers Academy #14.1

Earl was a security guard at Briggs Chemical LLC and intervened during the confrontation between the Avengers Academy students and Jeremy Briggs, but it was now useless as Briggs had already defeated them.[4]

Earl (Pirate) (Earth-616) from Mockingbird Vol 1 8 001.png Appearances: Mockingbird #8

Earl was one of the undead pirates who refused to ally with the Phantom Rider.[5]

Earl (Earth-616) from U.S.Agent Vol 2 5 0001.jpg Appearances: U.S.Agent (Vol. 2) #5

Earl was the pilot of a propeller plane who was rescued by U.S.Agent after his plane was destroyed when it was hit by a dragon.[6]


Earle (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 7 6 001.png Appearances: Ghost Rider (Vol. 7) #6

Earle was the leader of an isolated community of accursed murderers, who were confronted and defeated by the Ghost Rider.[7]


Ebbhart (Earth-616) from Tales to Astonish Vol 1 49 001.png Appearances: Tales to Astonish #49

Prof. Ebbhart was one of the atomic experts kidnapped by the Living Eraser.[8]


Eddie (Tobin) (Earth-616) from Strange Tales Vol 1 108 001.png Appearances: Strange Tales #108

Eddie was ordered to throw the Painter out.[9]

Eddie (Guard) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 23 001.png Appearances: X-Men #23

Eddie and Charlie attempted to capture the X-Men, and became shocked when they suddenly vanished.[10]

Big Eddie (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 59 001.png Appearances: Avengers #59

Big Eddie, together with Charlie and Rocky, was caught stealing fur coats by Yellowjacket, who defeated them and delivered them to the police.[11]

Eddie (Morgue) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 15 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15

Eddie accidentally poisoned himself with Turhan's ring.[12]

Eddie (Kralian) (Earth-616) from Avengers Annual Vol 1 14 001.png Appearances: Avengers Annual #14

Eddie was one of Floyd Donahue's henchmen.[13]

Eddie (Electro) (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 21 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21

Eddie was one of Electro's henchmen who helped him escape from a NYPD paddy wagon.[14]

Eddie (Hunter) (Earth-616) from Spider-Man Vol 1 10 001.png Appearances: Spider-Man #10

Eddie was a hunter from Hope who was saved by Wolverine from the Wendigo.[15]

Eddie (Warehouseman) (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 55 001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #55

Eddie was told to take the box containing Cylla down to overseas air-freight to Tokyo.[16]

Eddie (Thug) (Earth-616) from Bishop Vol 1 3 001.png Appearances: Bishop #3

Eddie and another thug attacked Bishop, only to be rescued by him from Mountjoy's assault.[17]

Eddie (Shockett) (Earth-616) from Punisher War Zone Vol 1 38 001.png Appearances: Punisher: War Zone #38

Eddie was one of Mr. Shockett's henchmen who was kidnapped, interrogated and beaten to death by Mr. Brazo.[18]

Eddie (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 6 25 0001.jpg Appearances: Daredevil (Vol. 6) #25

Eddie and two of his accomplices were on the run from the police after stealing until they were stopped by Elektra in her new role as Daredevil.[19]


Edgar (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Kushala Infinity Comic Vol 1 5 0001.jpg Appearances: Ghost Rider: Kushala Infinity Comic #5, Ghost Rider: Kushala Infinity Comic #6, Ghost Rider: Kushala Infinity Comic #8

Mentioned: Ghost Rider: Kushala Infinity Comic #1, Ghost Rider: Kushala Infinity Comic #2

Traveling in 1974 in search of her uncle Edgar, Olivia found him at a concert where Bunk had managed to take him by distracting him for an evening from his astronomical observatory.[20]
Edgar accompanied Olivia to the Mount Wilson Astronomical Observatory and helped her find her way into the fifth dimension.[21]
Edgar's spirit came to Kushala's aid to fight Doctor Doom.[22]


Edith (Earth-616) from Mighty Marvel Holiday Special – Halloween with the Rhino Infinity Comic Vol 1 1 001.jpg Appearances: Mighty Marvel Holiday Special – Halloween with the Rhino Infinity Comic #1

Edith and her brother James, after seeing Iron Man's public service message not to dress up for Halloween as a supervillain, decided to dress up as Spider-Man using only one costume for two with Edith carrying James on her shoulders, but during around the streets the two were misunderstood as the real Spider-Man by the Rhino who attacked them, but fortunately the real Spider-Man intervened who rescued them and in the meantime made the Rhino come to his senses by convincing him to follow the straight path with the enthusiasm of the two children.[23]


Edmund (Guardian Editor) (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 10 0001.png Appearances: Uncanny X-Force #10

Editor of the Guardian, the newspaper owned by Worthington Industries, he was to meet with his reporter for a scoop involving Warren Worthington. He reported this to Warren himself but he met him and killed him.[24]


Edmundson (Earth-616) from Alpha Flight Vol 4 3 001.jpg Appearances: Alpha Flight (Vol. 4) #3

General Edmundson tried to deceive Guardian into believing that he knew nothing about the betrayal of Department H but when Edmundson approached him he had him hit with the weapons at his disposal, however, not taking into account the intervention of the other members of Alpha Flight.[25]


Eduardo (Earth-616) from Thunderbolts Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Thunderbolts #1

Eduardo was a television reporter.[26]


Edward (Stornoway) (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 122 001.png Appearances: X-Men #104, X-Men #122

Edward was one of Angus MacWhirter's coworkers. Edward (identifiable by his wool cap) was coaxed to keep moving along by his friend St'urt as MacWhirter argued over the leasing of his hydrofoil to the American X-Men.[27]
Sometime later, both he and St'urt noticed that MacWhirter had not been seen in awhile and discussed taking up his disappearance with the local police, unaware he'd been killed by Proteus.[28]

Edward (Westchester) (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 135 001.png Appearances: Marvel Team-Up #135

Edward and Jeff were two twin boys who escaped their house and fell down into a Morlocks' tunnel in Westchester County. They both were eventually rescued by their babysitter Kitty Pryde and Spider-Man.[29]

Edward (D.O.J.) (Earth-616) from Civil War II The Accused Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Marvel Team-Up #135

Edward was Evelyn Stanzler's partner.[30]


Edwards (Earth-616) from Blood and Glory Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Appearances: Blood and Glory #2

Edwards was a Vietnam veteran who was seen discussing with the owner of a diner.[31]

No Image Male.jpg Appearances: Iron Man (Vol. 3) #77

Mr. Edwards was one of the members of the US Senate who voted for the election or not of Tony Stark as Secretary of Defense.[32]

Mr. Edwards (Virtue's Father) (Earth-616) from Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol 1 17 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #15

Mr. Edwards was the adoptive father of Ethan Edwards who with his wife found the little Ethan just arrived on Earth with a spaceship launched by the Skrull parents of the newborn to save him from the destruction of their planet by Galactus.[33]

Mrs. Edwards (Virtue's Mother) (Earth-616) from Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol 1 15 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #15

Mrs. Edwards was the adoptive mother of Ethan Edwards who with her husband found the little Ethan just arrived on Earth with a spaceship launched by the Skrull parents of the newborn to save him from the destruction of their planet by Galactus.[33]

Edwards (Ethan Edwards' Sister) (Earth-616) from Marvel Knights Spider-Man Vol 1 15 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #15

Ethan's father made his son believe that his sister had mental retardation as divine punishment for his mother because she had had sexual relations before marriage.[33]


Efferson (Earth-616) from Marvel Vol 1 3 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel #3

Professor Efferson was a scientist who worked for Argno Gwace and was supposed to create a serum from Namor's blood that would immunize the inhabitants of the underwater fortress of Gwace, but he too was captured and brought to the surface to face justice after Namor defeated Gwace and its allies.[34]


Egg (Earth-616) from Cage Vol 2 1 001.png Appearances: Cage (Vol. 2) #1

Egg was confronted and knocked out by Cage.[35]


Egon (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 85 0001.jpg Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #85

Egon was a human that was integrated into the Phalanx collective. He and other members of the Falange collective were sent by Cameron Hodge to clash with the X-Men but were defeated and perished in the fight.[36]


Eiko (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 181 001.jpg Appearances: Uncanny X-Men #181

Eiko was one of the children of a group of friends who witnessed a dragon appear in the sky, headed to attack Tokyo.[37]


Einar (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Vol 3 25 001.jpg Appearances: Conan the Barbarian (Vol. 3) #25

Einar and Trygve, were Vanir warriors under the command of Hakon. They met Conan of Cimmeria on the battlefield among the corpses where the Vanir and Aesir had clashed, and being Conan an ally of the Aesir they confronted him, but the Cimmerian easily defeated them by killing all three.[38]


Eka (Earth-616) from Carnage Vol 2 8 001.png Appearances: Carnage (Vol. 2) #8

Eka was a member of the Chthonic Brotherhood in Jakarta.[39]


Elaine (Earth-616) from Emma Frost Vol 1 7 0001.jpg Appearances: Emma Frost #7

Elaine was the manager of a Boston boutique who intervened during a discussion between Emma Frost, who was a shop assistant for the boutique, and a wealthy client about the physiological needs of the client's dog within the boutique itself and for which Elaine gave reason to the client by threatening Emma to fire her if she didn't clean up, which Emma didn't do by quitting her job.[40]


Elio (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 673 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #673

Elio was a construction worker at the George Washington Bridge who met Spider-Man (Peter Parker) after the Spider-Island event.[41]


Eliot (Earth-616) from Longshot Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Longshot #1

Eliot was a survivalist who met Longshot when he first appeared in Upstate New York.[42]


Elizabeth (Earth-616) from Life of Christ Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Life of Christ #1

Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist. Despite her husband and her old age, the Archangel Gabriel announced to her husband, a Jewish priest, that Elizabeth would have a child and that he would call him John.[43]


Ellen (Earth-616) from Strange Tales Vol 1 108 001.png Appearances: Strange Tales #108

Ellen was Johnny Storm's date for a big charity masquerade ball.[9]


Ellie (Earth-616) from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Tomb of Dracula #2

Ellie was bitten and killed by Dracula in London.[44]


Elliot (Earth-616) from Ms. Marvel Vol 1 8 001.png Appearances: Ms. Marvel #8, Ms. Marvel #9, Ms. Marvel #10

Mr. Elliot was an A.I.M agent, he was the director of Alden's Department Store, which figured as an front for a secret A.I.M. base.[45] A wounded Elliot told Ms. Marvel about the plans they had for the Cavorite crystal.[46]

Elliot (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 405 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #405

Elliot worked as a clerk at the motel where Ben Reilly was staying in Rachel, Vermont.[47]


Ellis (Earth-616) from Red She-Hulk Vol 1 62 001.png Appearances: Red She-Hulk #62

Ellis was a Project Echelon superhuman injured by the Red She-Hulk.[48]


Elron (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 388 0001.jpg Appearances: Captain America #388

Elron was one of the security men at the Smith Building serving the Red Skull. After receiving authorization from Brice, he welcomed the five sparring partners provided by Taskmaster and elucidated them of what they could do during the training session without ever telling them that the opponent would be the Red Skull.[49]


Elsa (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 38 0001.jpg Appearances: Thor (Vol. 2) #37

Dietrich and Elsa returned to the Norwegian fishing village to meet the parents of her who they hadn't seen since their wedding day, but once they arrived at the village they found it completely destroyed and abandoned.[50]


Elvis (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 361 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #361

Elvis was the son of a woman who used to hang with Cletus Kasady.[51]

Elvis (Earth-616) from Emma Frost Vol 1 16 0001.jpg Appearances: Emma Frost #16

Elvis was Professor Pinter's dog, and whenever he took him for a walk on campus, Elvis enjoyed terrorizing pigeons until the day Astrid Bloom mentally controlled the pigeons who instead attacked Elvis and his master.[52]


Juan (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four ¡Isla de la Muerte! Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Fantastic Four: ¡Isla de la Muerte! #1

Emilio was among the festive crowd in San Juan that celebrated Ben Grimm as El Morrito and was recognized by Ben and greeted by him.[53]


Emily (Earth-616) from 4 Vol 1 4 001.png Appearances: 4 #4

Emily was one of Reed Richards' co-worker.[54]


Emma (Earth-616) from Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 11 001.png Appearances: Amazing Adult Fantasy #11

Emma was Jim's mother, who perished, along with her husband, in the artillery shelling during the American Civil War.[55]

Emma (Earth-616) from Marvel Premiere Vol 1 47 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Premiere #47, Marvel Premiere #48

Emma was the first ant ever to be used by Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man. She helped Scott during his first battle against Darren Cross.[56]

Henry, Nico and Emma (Earth-616) from Sensational She-Hulk Vol 57 001.jpg Appearances: Sensational She-Hulk #57

Emma was a tourist in Los Angeles who, together with her husband Henry and their son Nico, became caught up in a fight between the Sensational She-Hulk and the Incredible Hulk.[57]


Emmy (Earth-616) from Red Skull Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Red Skull #2

Emmy's father welcome a young Johann Schmidt to their house.[58]


Emery (Earth-616) from Tower of Shadows Vol 1 7 0001.jpg Appearances: Tower of Shadows #7

Professor Emory went to the village of Wollanston Edge to study the alleged Wollanston Curse and to do this he went to the abandoned Wollanston Mansion together with a local girl who had agreed to be her assistant not imagining that the girl's intention was that to rob him, but as soon as he entered the mansion the girl's violent intention turned against her and suffered the curse right in front of Emory's eyes.[59]


Enok (Valusia) (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 226 001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #226

Enok was a scavenger during the Great Cataclysm, who was killed by Red Sonja when he and his band of raiders attempted to harass her.[60]


Enri (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 205 001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #205

Baron Enri of Nemedia was Evlena's father, who reacted against Count Trocero, believing he was mistreating his daughter. Before he could shed blood, he was calmed down by King Conan.[61]


Enrico (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Extra Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! #2

Enrico warned May Parker that the F.E.A.S.T. shelter was already at full capacity.[62]


Enrique (Earth-616) from Reptil Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Reptil #1, Reptil #4

Enrique was a Tacos peddler in the Los Angeles Fashion District of which Humberto's cousins were customers.[63]


Epstein (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 83 001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #83

Epstein was defeated by Elsie-Dee.[64]


Eric (Earth-616) from Fear Itself The Home Front Vol 1 2 0001.jpg Appearances: Fear Itself: The Home Front #2

Eric was one of the Stamford residents who participated in the lynching attempt against Robert Baldwin.[65]

Eric (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 80.BEY 001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) #80.BEY

Eric had rented an apartment in the U-Foes, not fully knowing who they were. When May Parker and Otto Octavius were looking for who had injured Peter and sent him into a coma, they located the apartment and asked Eric about the tenants.[66]


Erin (Warp World) (Earth-616) from Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme Vol 1 2 001.jpg Appearances: Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2

Erin was a member of M.O.R.D.OC.'s Cult who, after accidentally summoning Soldier Supreme, commented that he was much more beautiful than she had imagined, mistakenly believing they had been successful in invoking Satan instead.[67]


Ernie (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 2 13 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher (Vol. 2) #13

Ernie pilot the mini-helicopter used to escape Charlie Samson. He was killed by the Punisher during the escape and consequently the helicopter crashed without his piloting.[68]

Ernie (Earth-616) from Punisher Meets Archie Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher Meets Archie #1

Ernie was a member of the rival gang of Red Fever who he got the tip from Scooter that Red Fever was in Riverdale and he gathered all the gang who ultimately clashed with against the Punisher.[69]


Errol (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 366 0001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #366

Errol was a member of the enhanced thugs of the Sweat Shop; he was on guard at the Smith Building in Washington, D.C. when he glimpsed Spider-Man and immediately alerted the Red Skull of his presence.[70]


Esmeralda (Earth-616) from Ms. Marvel Vol 1 11 001.png Appearances: Ms. Marvel #11

Esmeralda was a maid, who worked in the hotel where Carol Danvers stayed, who had recently lost her apartment.[71]


Esteban (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 1 34 001.png Appearances: X-Force #34

Esteban purchased Louis Richter's arms and ammunition.[72]

Esteban (Earth-616) from All-New Ghost Rider Vol 1 6 001.png Appearances: All-New Ghost Rider #6

Esteban took a picture of the Ghost Rider at Hillrock Heights in East Los Angeles. He was interviewed by Patricia Himmler and showed the picture on live television.[73]


Esther (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 663 001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #663

Esther was at the F.E.A.S.T. Center when May Jameson distributed the American Science Journal where an article had been published by her niece Peter and Esther told her that she must be very proud of him.[74]


Ethel (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 9 001.png Appearances: Tales of Suspense #9

Ethel and Albert attended a lecture on yoga given by Chondu the Mystic.[75]


Ethias (Earth-616) from Kull the Conqueror Vol 3 2 001.png Appearances: Kull the Conqueror (Vol. 3) #2

Ethias was chosen by Kull to venture with him, Brule and Akreon in southern Verulia looking for the amulet of Ka. In the bottom of a jungle pool used as a final resting place for mammoths, Ethias discovered plenty of ivory and bones. He was then murdered by the traitorous Akreon, who pretended he drowned while diving for bones.[76]


Eugene (Earth-616) from Fear Itself The Home Front Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Fear Itself: The Home Front #1

Eugene was an elder from the town of Broxton who was arguing in the city diner, in the midst of a crowd of tourists who wanted to see the Asgardians, about the difficulties that their town and its inhabitants were going through.[77]


Eugevnia from The Pulse Vol 1 11 001.png Appearances: The Pulse #11

Mr. Eugevnia was a jeweler in Manhattan. D-Man prevented a robbery in his store, but he ended up robbing a couple of jewels himself. As soon as he discovered Mr. Eugevnia informed Ben Urich, who was investigating D-Man.[77]


Eunice (Earth-616) from Marvels Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Marvels #2

Eunice attended Alicia Masters' sculpture exhibit.[78]


Eustace (Earth-616) from Bishop Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Bishop #1

Eustace's body was possessed by Mountjoy.[79]


Eva (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 616 0001.jpg Appearances: Captain America #616

Eva was the German shepherd of Edmund Heidler, the unaware clone of Adolf Hitler.[80]


Evans (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 9 25 0001.jpg Appearances: Captain America #616

Evans was one of the henchmen of the Power Elite who was attacked and eliminated by the Winter Soldier during the assault by Captain America and his allies on Madripoor.[80]


Eve (Earth-616) from Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 135 0001.jpg Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #135

Eve was a fashion designer who was a guest on the Regis Philbin TV show where she presented her collection of hers and among the models that paraded was Mary Jane.[81]

Eve (Earth-616) from Ghost-Spider Annual Vol 1 1 001.jpg Appearances: Ghost-Spider Annual #1

Eve was a classmate of Gwen Stacy's at Empire State University. She invited her to hang out with her, Vic, and their other two friends at Stews 'n' Sammies. Gwen initially declined, but ended up arriving up late to their get-together.[82]

Eve (Earth-616) from Marvels Snapshots Avengers Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvels Snapshots: Avengers #1

When Kerry met Eve with her dog Buddy, Eve asked Kerry where the cookie was for Buddy and Kerry replied that as soon as she had a place of her own and a bakery she would prepare them, also eve asked kerry how his life was going. amorous.[83]


Evie (Earth-616) from Iron Man 2.0 Vol 1 3 0001.jpg Appearances: Iron Man 2.0 #3

Evie was a Stark Resilient employee and was hired by Pepper Potts to get a checkbook and give three wishes to the Eastland Consultancy. After telling Pepper that she would, she asked that she knew there were problems with Eastland and that they weren't thrilled to know that Stark was involved with their work.[84]


Evlena (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 205 001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #205

Daughter of Baron Enri of Nemedia, Evlena was Count Trocero's bride. She was cursed by a magical ring, gifted by her former suitor Rovlok, which forced her to assassinate her husband, until King Conan stole the ring and eventually turned it against Rovlok.[61]


Ezmeralda (Earth-616) from Shadowland Moon Knight Vol 1 3 0001.png Appearances: Shadowland: Moon Knight #3

A seer and owner of the Full Moon Mystic shop. Marc Spector visited her shop while looking for the Sapphire Crescent, and he paid her a large sum of money for the item that she kept as a simple decoration.[85]


Ezra (Earth-616) from Marvel Feature Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Marvel Feature #1

Disguised as a businessman, Doctor Strange knocked on Ezra's door to ask him about the new building in Point Promontory, where the Omegatron was supposedly located.[86]


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