Below is a list of characters whose reality does not have an official designation and we do not feel the reality is defined enough to assign a TRN to. NOTE: The list may also include characters whose home reality is totally unknown - they are only shown outside their reality with no indication of where they are from.

Character Index - Unknown Realities


No Image Male.jpg Mentions: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #13

Leader is one of the many foes that Moon Girl have to take care.[1]

Lee Price

Lee Piece (Earth-Unknown) and Venom (Klyntar) (Earth-Unknown) from Nova Vol 7 1 001.jpg
Appearances: Nova Vol 7 #1

Alias: Venom

Venom attacked Nova's school with several villains to ask for an appointment with Lina. He was defeated by Nova.[2]


David Haller (Earth-Unknown) from Legion (TV series) Season 2 6 001.jpg Appearances: Legion (TV series) Season 2 6

David is a homeless man wandering the streets and muttering angrily to himself. One night, he is attacked by a gang of youths who savegly beat him, causing his powers to flare up, reducing the young men to dust. The flare-up of his abilities attracts the attention of Division 3, who send an armed squad to apprehend him. David kills the first wave of soldiers, and while harnessing his strength to deal with the rest, he is abruptly sliced in half by Kerry.[3]

David Haller (Earth-Unknown) from Legion (TV series) Season 2 6 002.jpg Appearances: Legion (TV series) Season 2 6

David is under heavy medication which keeps him dull and docile, and is cared for by his sister. David works at a packaging company and is constantly reminded by his sister to take his medications, despite being apprehensive due them making it hard for him to think. One night, while waiting to be picked up by his sister, the meds seemingly start to wear off and David begins to see the Devil with the Yellow Eyes. He becomes increasingly upset and starts yelling to himself, drawing the attention of a pair of police officers. The officers, triggered by his behaviour try to apprehend David, who is becoming increasingly terrified. Amy arrives just as David is being arrested, and when one of the officers pushes her, David loses control of his powers and kills them. Several squad cars arrive, and an officer shoots David in the back, just before he obliterates all of them. Years later, David is now an old man and is still cared for by his sister. The gunshot left him crippled and he is now completely dependant on his sister, unable to even speak. [3]

David Haller (Earth-Unknown) from Legion (TV series) Season 2 6 003.jpg Appearances: Legion (TV series) Season 2 6

David lives a happy life in a large house together with his wife and two children.

David Haller (Earth-Unknown) from Legion (TV series) Season 2 6 006.jpg Appearances: Legion (TV series) Season 2 6

David is shown as an office drone who hallucinates a mouse singing "Slave to Love" before eventually becoming a deranged addict discussing the theory of the multiverse to Amy.[3]

David Haller (Earth-Unknown) from Legion (TV series) Season 2 6 004.jpg Appearances: Legion (TV series) Season 2 6

David succeeds in hanging himself, and his grave is visited by Amy.[3]

David Haller (Earth-Unknown) from Legion (TV series) Season 2 6 005.jpg Appearances: Legion (TV series) Season 2 6

David is a coffe-boy at a large corporation. He uses his powers to learn that his boss is about to be duped into making a horrible business decision. He warns her and gains her trust. Years later, David is now the richest man in the world. His old boss is his secretary and his sister comes to ask him to buy her another house. David uses his powers to hurt her, telling her that there will be no more houses. At some point, this version of David lost his battle to the Shadow King, who is now in full possession of David's body and is planning to use his riches to fulfill his personal ambitions.[3]

Leo Fitz

Leopold Fitz (Earth-Unknown) from S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 3 10 0001.jpg Appearances: S.H.I.E.L.D. Vol 3 #10

A Leo Fitz was briefly glimpsed as being in a relationship with Jemma Simmons by Leo Fitz when he was closing the multiversal rift inside the Liverer.[4]

Lila Barton

No Image Female.jpg Appearances: Avengers: Endgame

When Clint Barton travelled back in time from the year 2023, he rushed to his home and called out for Lila before being pulled back to his time. Lila came to the door, having heard her father, and was confused by his absence.

Lina (Carefree)

Lina (Carefree) (Earth-Unknown) from Nova Vol 7 1 001.jpg
Appearances: Nova Vol 7 #1

Lina's school was attacked by several villains who want an appointment with her. The villains were defeated by Nova and Lina fell in love with Sam.[2]


Curtis Connors (Earth-Unknown) from Exiles Vol 2 6 0001.jpg Appearances: Exiles Vol 2 #6

Lizard was a member of an alternate team of Exiles who was seen by the Exiles when they visited the Panoptichron.[5]


Alani Ryan (Earth-Unknown) from Nation X Vol 1 4 0001.jpg Appearances: Nation X #4

Loa had her fingertips danced on causing her to plunge off a cliff into the cold waters of the pacific.[6]


Lockheed (Earth-Unknown) from All-New X-Men Vol 1 25 0002.jpg Appearances: All-New X-Men #25

This version of Lockheed was present when Colossus and Shadowcat first admitted their feelings for each other.[7]


Lockjaw (Earth-Unknown) from Strange Tales Vol 5 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Strange Tales Vol 5 #1

This version of Lockjaw was being honored for all the work he did for the Inhuman Royal Family by being given some gourmet dog food. Before they could open the can, Crystal alerted the group to an attack by the Psycho-Man. Lockjaw followed behind and rescued the Inhumans so they would feed him. They returned to Attilan and again before the can could be open the can, they raced off to stop Annihilus and were again saved by Lockjaw. Black Bolt himself was going to feed Lockjaw but Maximus ursurped his throne and the group raced off leaving Lockjaw unfed for the third time. Lockjaw teleported with the can of dog food and used it to knock Maximus out then used Maximus' helmet as a can opener, before teleporting away to eat his dinner in peace.

Lockjaw (Earth-Unknown) from Fantastic Four Giant-Size Adventures Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Fantastic Four Giant-Size Adventures #1

Aliases: Drifty

Drifty was tracking down some blue cheese alongside Thing-Thing when they ended up on Yancy Street. Drifty was chased by a local dog and Thing-Thing chased the pair and watched as Drifty was kidnapped before it began raining blue cheese.[8]



Loki Laufeyson (Ikol) (Earth-Unknown) from Young Avengers Vol 2 8 0001.png Appearances: Young Avengers Vol 2 #8

During their trip through the Multiverse in order to find and bring back Speed, the Young Avengers visited this world, where they only found Loki, Thor and other Asgardians in a skeletal state.[9]


Lo-Karr (Earth-Unknown) from Hulk Monster-Size Special Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Hulk Monster-Size Special #1

Lo-Karr was one of the many monsters that the Hulk battled several giant monsters. These exploits were read to Goom as fairy tales.[10]


Longshot (Earth-Unknown) from Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe Vol 1 3 0001.png Appearances: Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #3

When Otto Octavius was outed as Spider-Man, Longshot stood by his side when most stood against him.[11]


Lorelei (Earth-Unknown) from X-Men No More Humans Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: X-Men: No More Humans #1

This version of Lorelei was brought to the Prime Marvel Universe by Raze Darkholme after he sent every human on the planet to a pocket dimension. Becoming a member of his Brotherhood of Mutants she faced off against the X-Men but was knocked out by Psylocke early in the battle[12]

Note: This version is never identified as Lorelei Travis, but being a mutant that would be the case. However, she seems to possess the powers of the asgardian Lorelei

Luke Cage

Luke Cage (Earth-Unknown) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 1 001.jpg Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1

Luke Cage was among the individuals that knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.[13]

Luke Cage (Earth-Unknown) from Secret Wars Secret Love Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Secret Wars: Secret Love #1

Squirrel Girl won a date with Thor during the Annual Super-triathlon for Animal Welfare, which was sponsored by Stark Enterprises. Luke Cage was present at the festivities on Asgard.[14]


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