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Ian (Earth-616) from Web of Spider-Man Vol 1 110 001.png Appearances: Web of Spider-Man #110

Ian was a member of the Pipers, a biker gang who used to terrorize drivers along the Colorado southern border. Ian was one of the first Pipers to be wasted by Lizard.[1]

Ian (Bandmate) (Earth-616) from International Iron Man Vol 1 6 001.png Appearances: International Iron Man #6

Ian was one of Amanda Strong's bandmates.[2]

Ian (Earth-616) from Marvel's Voices Legacy Vol 1 1 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1

Ian went with Michelle to her father's shop to retrieve the bag within which Ian had hidden materials to fight Ian's uncle, who had become a vampire. Only the intervention of Blade saved the boys who eliminated the vampires.[3]


Ichiki (Earth-616) from New Mutants Vol 4 10 0001.jpg Appearances: New Mutants (Vol. 4) #10

Mentions: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 3) #36

Mrs. Ichiki was Hisako's mother. Hisako received news of the death of his mother and brother while she was on Utopia with the X-Men.[4]
Years later, Hisako had a vision of her mother and brother as she and the New Mutants faced off against a mutant girl whose nightmare induction mutant powers were out of control.[5]

No Image Male.jpg Mentions: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 3) #36

He was the only brother of Hisako's dad who died when he was young.[4]


Iggy (Earth-616) from Marvels Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Marvels #1, Marvels #2 & Marvels #4

Iggy was a reporter and a friend of Phil Sheldon.[6]
Years later, he was running a deli in the Baxter Building.[7]
He was introduced by Phil to Marcia Hardesty.[8]


Igor (Earth-616) from Patsy and Hedy Vol 1 109.jpg Appearances: Patsy and Hedy #109

Igor was a mercenary hired by Marcia Black to steal Mickey Morris' boat and kidnap Patsy Walker and Hedy Wolfe. Black's plans were thwarted by the arrival of Mickey Morris and Burt Chesney.[9]

Igor (Thule) (Earth-616) from Fear Itself Book of the Skull Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Fear Itself: Book of the Skull #1

Igor was a priest of the Thule Society and he was ordered to ready the protection spells to keep the Hammer of Skadi hidden.[10]


Ilsa (Warrior) (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 2 23 0001.jpg Appearances: Daredevil (Vol. 2) #23

Ilsa was Manuel Eloganto's assistant and bodyguard when he pretended to be a therapist to create a series of scams. When Daredevil confronted Eloganto in his office, Ilsa lunged at him but Daredevil easily defeated her by crashing her into a wall and stunning her.[11]


Ilyan (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 218 001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #218

After the battle against the Free Companions, Ilyan returned to the village of the Bahari Kozaks to his wife and son.[12]


Inspector Imagawa (Earth-616) from Elektra The Hand Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Elektra: The Hand #1

Inspector Imagawa agreed to release Kagenobu Yoshioka into Ishiyama-sensei's custody and care.[13]


Nurse Imelda (P.S. 20) (Earth-616) from Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 1 8.png Appearances: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #8

Nurse Imelda works at Public School 20 Anna Silver. Coach Hrbek brought Lunella Lafayette to her office when the fourth grader was acting erratic, as unbeknownst to everyone, her body was accidentally inhabited by the mind of Devil Dinosaur.[14]


Inez (Earth-616) from Longshot Vol 1 3 0001.jpg Appearances: Longshot #3

Inez was Theo's wife with whom she begged to pay the phone bill otherwise they would cut her off and do the same with the electricity bill.[15]

Inez (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 35 001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #35, Wolverine (Vol. 2) #36 & Wolverine (Vol. 2) #37

Inez was a partisan revolutionary and an old flame of Eugene Judd.[16]


Indi (Earth-616) from X-23 Vol 3 7 0001.jpg Appearances: X-23 (Vol. 3) #7

Indi was a police informant who was to give him news about pirates. Discovered by pirates he was captured and tortured. Gambit and Laura tried to save him but didn't make it in time and the pirates killed him.[17]


Inga (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 10 001.png Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #10

Inga was one of Madame Joy's girls.[18]


Ira (Earth-616) from Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 197 001.png Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #197 & Spectacular Spider-Man #199

Ira was a robber stopped by Cyclops and Spider-Man in the West Village.[19]
The same night, Ira was stopped by Peter Parker from harassing a girl on the subway train.[20]


Iridites (Earth-616) from Conan the Barbarian Annual Vol 1 12 001.png Appearances: Conan the Barbarian Annual #12

Iridites was a palace guard who announced Sedrick to King Kull.[21]


Irving from Captain America Vol 5 16 0001.jpg Appearances: Captain America (Vol. 5) #16

Mr. Irving from Pilsburg was interrogated by Captain America and Agent 13.[22]


Isaac (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Soul of the Hunter Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter #1

Isaac was a kid who fell in a hole while playing in a construction site and was rescued by Spider-Man.[23]


Isdel (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 7 5 001.png Appearances: Ghost Rider (Vol. 7) #5

Isdel, one of Jones' men, was confronted and defeated by the Ghost Rider.[24]


Ishenko (Three Wise Men) (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 2 78 0001.jpg Appearances: Punisher (Vol. 2) #78, Punisher (Vol. 2) #79

Ishenko was one of the three businessmen who tried to exploit the mineral resources of Kamchatka.[25]


Wolverine Vol 3 42 page 14 Ishiguro (Earth-616).jpg Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 3) #42

Ishiguro was embarrassed when he was forced to ask his friend Logan to leave his establishment, since his other customers were feeling uncomfortable.[26]


Isolde (Earth-616) from Uncanny X-Men First Class Giant-Size Special Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Uncanny X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special #1

Isolde was an acrobat of the Winding Road Circus.[27]


Issa (Earth-616) from Conan vs Rune Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Conan vs Rune #1

Issa was the first human killed and eaten by Rune after he fell to Earth.[28]


Doctor Ito (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 160 0001.jpg Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents #160, Marvel Comics Presents #161

Mentions: Venom: The Mace #3

Dr. Ito was a scientist of the Sunrise Society in Japan and was in charge of the project that created Mace, a clone of Shigeru Ezaki.[29]
Having developed a conscience about what the Sunrise Society was doing, he was accused of being a traitor by the Society itself and sentenced to death, but before he died he managed to destroy all the files of his research so that the Society could not use them.[30]


Ivaan (Earth-616) from Silk Vol 4 2 001.jpg Appearances: Silk (Vol. 4) #2, Silk (Vol. 4) #4, Silk (Vol. 4) #5

Mentions: Silk (Vol. 4) #3

Ivaan was a Coding Bootcamp teacher in a class where Cindy Moon attended and which took her away from the embarrassment when her cell phone started playing music and she couldn't turn it off but that he nicely and ironically did it for her. After that he asked her for an appointment.[31]
Ivaan tries to call Cindy back, after she had ditched him at the concert, asking him if she was interested in him otherwise he would have given up to avoid making a fool of himself, but he did it just when Cindy had become old because of the Manyeo, but in any case she she replied that she was interested but it was not the ideal time.[32]
After defeating the Manyeo, Cindy went to Ivaan apologizing for bailing him out at the concert and telling him that if he still wanted to go out with her he had to know that her life was complicated and after kissing him she disappeared again, leaving Ivaan wondering that in fact could definitely be a strange relationship.[32]


Ivan (Russia) (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 107 001.png Appearances: Incredible Hulk #107

Ivan witnessed the Hulk coming to his village with a small child, whom he turned over to the villagers before suddenly vanishing before their own eyes.[33]

Ivan (Actor) (Earth-616) from Longshot Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Longshot #2

Ivan was an actor who was stunt-doubled by Longshot.[34]

Ivan (Black Cat) (Earth-616) from Hawkeye vs. Deadpool Vol 1 1 001.png Appearances: Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #1, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #2, Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #3 & Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #4

Ivan was a member of the Black Cat's Gang.[35]
He was confronted by Hawkeye and Deadpool.[36]
Ivan was later reprimanded by the Black Cat for failing to find Jeremy Ellsden's hard drive.[37]
Ivan was eventually caught and arrested by the S.H.I.E.L.D..[38]

Ivan (Tilby) (Earth-616) from Venom Finale Vol 1 2 001.png Appearances: Venom Finale #2

Ivan was Trish Tilby's cameraman.[39]


Ivga (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 5 001.png Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #5

Ivga was the woman of Marcios and was really jealous of him. The night that the Shemites entered in the town she heard something about the disorders but was surprised to see Marcios wounded. She listened to him about the story of the betrayal by Taramis, then hid him and cured his wounds.[40]


Izzo (Earth-616) from Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 -1 001.png Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man #-1

Mr. Izzo was the owner of a local comic book store.[41]