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Character Index - O[]


Mayor O'Brian (Earth-616) from Patsy and Hedy Annual Vol 1 1 Appearances: Miss America #91, Patsy Walker #75

Mayor O'Brian was the mayor of Centerville. He ran "Mayor-for-a-Day" contest that Hedy Wolfe won.[1]
Along with Patsy Walker, Mayor O'Brian ensured that the young Hungarian refugee staying with the Ilona Harkovy was welcomed in Centerville.[2]


O'Brien (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 3 10 0001 Appearances: X-Men (Vol. 3) #10

Max O'Brien's mother waited for her son to arrive after he was rescued by Spider-Man and the X-Men.[3]


Mr. O'Keefe (Earth-616) from Thing Vol 1 25 0001 Appearances: Thing #25

Mr. O'Keefe was an Irish man who lived in upstate New York and encountered the Thing when he heard him shooting a shotgun. O'Keefe lived on a rural farm and would capture leprechauns on his property to have them grant him wishes but had a confrontation with one of them which resulted in him turning against them.[4]


O'Malley (Earth-616) from Strange Tales Vol 1 11 0001 Appearances: Strange Tales #11

O'Malley tricked the Devil into giving him wealth while he was alive, but the Devil was resentful, so after O'Malley died the Devil wouldn't allow him to enter Hell. St. Peter refused to allow him into Heaven because he lived a wealthy and sinful life, so he has nothing to do but wander around telling his story in bars.[5]

No Image Male Appearances: Journey Into Mystery #37

Officer O'Malley was called away by Mrs. Gerrity after he helped a lost child by telling him to check the station for any reports of a missing child.[6]


O'Neil (Earth-616) from ClanDestine Vol 1 6 001 Appearances: ClanDestine #6

O'Neil was one of Rory and Pandora Destine's schoolmates at the Trumpton Comprehensive School.[7]


O'Toole (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 362 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #362

O'Toole was a chopper pilot who was killed by Carnage.[8]


Octavian (Earth-616) from New Mutants 1 8 0001 Appearances: New Mutants #8, New Mutants #9

Octavian was a member of the fourth maniple, first cohort, Thunderclap legion of the Nova Roman army. He led the soldiers who captured the New Mutants.[9]


Odukoye (Earth-616) from X-Men Prelude to Schism Vol 1 3 0001 Appearances: X-Men: Prelude to Schism #3

Dr. Odukoye visited and tested Scott Summers' eyes when he was 6 years old due to his persistent and worsening headaches.[10]


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Og (Earth-616) from Conan Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Conan #1

Og the One-Eyed was Sligo's former master of arms, although he had a bigger reputation as a thief. He was executed by Sligo as soon as he learned Og's plan to penetrate the citadel of Harach Gnar with Conan and purloin his fabled opal, the Dragon's Egg.[11]


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Ogadai (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 228 001 Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #232

Ogadai was one of the chieftains, who opposed the false Red Sonja when she wished to kill the Kozak shaman.[12]


Ogden (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 660 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man #660

Ogden was a high school student who was constantly bullied. Having reached the limit of endurance, Ogden showed up at school armed with a gun to take revenge on Richard Davies, but Richard, having been infected with the Spider Virus, acquired the sense of a spider and the super strength and at the sight of the gun he sprinted forward towards Ogden, not calculating. the force of impact and involuntarily killing Ogden.[13]


Okaba (Earth-616) from Lorna the Jungle Queen Vol 1 2 0001 Appearances: Lorna the Jungle Queen #2

A native, he told Lorna that the elephant Killer Rogue was approaching the village.[14]


Oleg (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 3 10 001 Appearances: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 3) #10

Oleg was a cybernetic bear killed by the Hulk in the Neverlab.[15]


Olga (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 253 0001 Appearances: Avengers #253

Olga was someone who worked with Alexey at a Soviet computing lab when he detected a crash as a result of an electronic battle occurring between Vision and Quasimodo.[16]

No Image Female Mentions: Black Widow (Vol. 2) #1; Black Widow (Vol. 2) #2; Black Widow (Vol. 2) #3

While returning to her apartment in Moscow, Yelena belova listened to a message of her mother on the answering machine telling her that her aunt Olga was waiting for her for the evening and to dress in a nice way that would introduce her to a single man.[17]
General Stalyenko tested Yelena Belova, actually Natasha Romanov, looking like her, calling her Aunt Oksana instead of Olga to see if she really was who she claimed to be.[18]

Olga (Earth-616) from Wolverine The Amazing Immortal Man & Other Bloody Tales Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Wolverine: The Amazing Immortal Man & Other Bloody Tales #1

Olga, the lion tamer's assistant, died while giving birth to her child.[19]


Oliveris (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 410 001 Appearances: Incredible Hulk #410, Incredible Hulk #411,

Secretary Oliveris was a high-ranking White House official.[20] When CIA agent Susan Jacobson purposely breached explicit orders by warning Israel of an attack against them to save lives,[21] she was tried and convicted of treason. Oliveris made sure that she was sent for life to Fort Cheer, a maximum security prison where she spent two years in inhumane conditions.[20] Oliveris classified the details of the Jacobson case so that Oliveris himself would not be compromised.[21] When Jacobson's ex-boyfriend, the Hulk, attacked Fort Cheer to rescue her, Warden Tarkington informed Oliveris first of the threat and condition of releasing Jacobson,[20] and then of the attack itself.[21] Oliveris refused to authorize Jacobson's release,[20] and ordered Hulk destroyed. S.H.I.E.L.D. joined the defense of Fort Cheer, and Tarkington demanded its director Nick Fury solve the situation, but Fury already suspected that Oliveris was hiding his own dirty laundry. With an excuse, Fury allowed the Hulk to release Jacobson. Oliveris demanded to meet Fury at the White House to resign, but Fury then revealed that he knew the details of the Jacobson case and that he was prepared to leak them to the press, accusing Oliveris of having protected Arab interests. Oliveris agreed not to take action against Fury.[21]


Ollie (Earth-616) from International Iron Man Vol 1 6 001 Appearances: International Iron Man #6

Ollie was a professional assassin who was killed by Jude as he was about to murder Amanda Strong.[22]


Olsen from Captain Marvel Vol 1 5 001 Appearances: Captain Marvel #5

Olsen was a doctor that worked at a county hospital in Florida located in in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral, that treated Jeremy Logan and came into contact with Captain Marvel.[23]

No Image Male Appearances: Invaders #26, Invaders #27

Doctor Olsen was a physician who lived and worked in Southern California during World War II, a competent enough surgeon who was nevertheless outclassed by Dr. Sam Sabuki. A bigot in addition, Olsen naturally welcomed his rival's removal from the hospital staff and the community too when all Japanese-Americans were interned during the war. His envy was such that, when the Invaders brought a severely injured Toro cross-country for treatment, he kept mum about Sabuki and his whereabouts, which Bucky had to be alerted to by Olsen's reluctant aide, Nurse Gimble.[24]

Even as Toro's life slipped further away, Dr. Olsen refused to even consider allowing Sabuki to operate, and angrily dismissed Gimble when she attempted to reason with him. Thankfully, Toro was kidnapped from the hospital shortly thereafter, thus allowing Dr. Sabuki the opportunity to save his life.[25]


Olson (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 33 0001 Appearances: Thor (Vol. 2) #32, Thor (Vol. 2) #33, Thor (Vol. 2) #35, Thor (Vol. 2) #36, Thor (Vol. 2) #39

Mrs. Olson was Jake Olson's mother. When Jake returned to his apartment with Beta Ray Bill, she became frightened at Bill's alien sight and passed out.[26]
When she recovered Jake explained to her mother who Bill was and things smoothed out.[27]
Mrs. Olson goes to Memorial Hospital to meet her son and meets Hannah Fairmont there, and right then Hannah's loyalty comes in saying that Jake is badly burned.[28] Mrs. Olson was present and shocked at the sight of her severely burned son while he was hospitalized.[29] Ms. Olson waits for her son to be healed and leaves the hospital but is a little disconcerted that Jake names an "Eddie" cousin whom she knows doesn't exist.[30]

Olson (Home Base) (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 2 52 001 Appearances: Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #52

Olson was one of the Home Base's security guards.[31]


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Omar (Earth-616) from Savage Sword of Conan Vol 1 7 001 Appearances: Savage Sword of Conan #7

Omar and Whazir tried to hire Conan to slay the city's mysterious wizard and plunder his citadel's treasures, but he wanted to do it in his own way. They later met the Cimmerian in the citadel, but Omar was eventually slain by a cave-bear.[32]


Orejuela (Earth-616) from Blood and Glory Vol 1 3 001 Appearances: Blood and Glory #2, Blood and Glory #3

Orejuela was a member of the Medisuelan National Defense Force under the Navatilas regime, answering to Colonel Antonio Veneno. Orejuela and Veneno were involved in operations related to illegal drug smuggling, with Navatilas' blessing, in a camp in Medisuelan jungles. Veneno believed that Orejuela and his fellow Gacha were skilled torturing a prisoner to death, while also leaving a recognizable corpse.[33]

When Veneno captured Captain America, he chained the prisoner and had Gacha[34][33] and Orejuela assist him.[33] Navatilas ordered Veneno to kill Captain America,[34] and to find his iconic shield, for which Veneno sent a team led by Enrico. To kill Captain America, Veneno had Orejuela pushing the prisoner's neck with the butt of a rifle, and Gacha grab a heavy bag of rice that would push Captain America's neck in an impossible angle. By then, Enrico's men had been killed by Captain America's ally the Punisher, who arrived with the shield (and a bomb hidden under it), and distracted Veneno. Captain America broke the bag with his teeth, surprising Gacha and Orejuela, who tried to recover the rice - but Captain America, still tied up, moved to fight them, knocking down Orejuela. The bomb exploded, killing Veneno, and Gacha was then rendered unconscious.[33]

Navatilas' forces then attacked the camp in an attempt to remove any loose ends. The stray bullets may have killed Orejuela.[33]


Orsen (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 4 2 001 Appearances: Amazing Spider-Man Annual (Vol. 4) #2

Orsen was a student at Midtown High School who was complimented by gym teacher Mike Delladova for his good performance during PE class.[35]


Orson (Earth-616) from Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1

Orson was a child who, in order to chase his balloon that had escaped him, escaped the control of his mother and threw himself into traffic and only the timely intervention of Spider-Man saved him from being hit by the cars.[36]


Ortega (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 4 2 001 Appearances: Punisher (Vol. 4) #2

Mrs. Ortega worked as a cleaner in the Flatiron Building.[37]

Ortega (Earth-616) from Emma Frost Vol 1 4 0001 Appearances: Emma Frost #4

Emma unwittingly read the past of her brother Christian's boyfriend, Dante Ortega, and among the images of her past she also saw Dante's mother while she was holding him as a child.[38]

Ortega (MPDC) (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 6 36 0001 Appearances: Deadpool (Vol. 6) #36

An MPDC officer, he surprised Deadpool infiltrated the district and was stunned by him so that he would kill undisturbed Commander Hydra who was detained there.[39]

Ortega (Earth-616) from Runaways Vol 5 32 001 Appearances: Runaways (Vol. 5) #32, Runaways (Vol. 5) #33

Coach Ortega was the coach of Griffith Park High School's football team where Gib became their star player.[40]


Ortez (Earth-616) from Six Guns Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Six Guns #2

Officer Ortez was on duty at the San Diablo airport, and when he stopped Tex Dawson for carrying a weapon, Tex introduced himself as a Texas Ranger on duty to arrest a fugitive criminal, so Ortez advised him to be very careful as San Diablo was on the brink of civil war.[41]


Mr. Ortiz (Earth-616) from Power Pack Vol 1 6 0001 Appearances: Power Pack #6

Mr. Ortiz was the janitor working at the apartment building in Manhattan that the Power family lived in. He offered to let Margaret Power use the storeroom in the basement if they needed extra space for their stuff.[42]

Ortiz (Prison Guard) (Earth-616) from Punisher Vol 2 12 001 Appearances: Punisher (Vol. 2) #12, Punisher (Vol. 2) #13

Ortiz was a prison guard from the Utah State Maximum Security Prison and an informer of the Punisher.[43]
Ortiz and his wife Conchita helped Punisher face Charlie Samson and terrorists from the Underground Liberation Army but Ortiz was eventually killed.[44]

Ortiz (Gangster) (Earth-616) from Falcon Vol 2 1 001 Appearances: Falcon (Vol. 2) #1

Mentions: Falcon (Vol. 2) #2

Ortiz was the leader of the Spanish Kings, one of the two biggest gangs from Chicago, who were locked in war against the other one, the Southstone Rangers. When Falcon attempted to put an end to the violence, he had his sidekick Patriot talk to Ortiz to convince him to work out a truce with the leader of the Southstone Rangers, Dray.
During the act where the leaders of each gang were supposed to call truce, Dray killed Ortiz in cold blood while he was extending his hand. Unbeknownst to anybody, Dray was actually working with Mayor Agnew to spread the violence across the city. Additionally, the mayor was in reality the demon Blackheart in disguise.[45]


Osama (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 1 119 001 Appearances: X-Men #118, X-Men #119, X-Men #120

Osama was Colleen Wing's grand-uncle[46] and a high-ranking member of the Japanese government. When Moses Magnum destroyed the city of Agarashima and tried to blackmail Japan, Osama met with the Prime Minister in Yashida Manor.[47] Osama summoned Wing and her partner Misty Knight of Nightwing Restorations to help.[48] [49] Against Japanese superhero Sunfire's opinion, but with Wing's support, Osama requested the visiting X-Men's help against Magnum[47] and briefed them about the mission and threat: Japan was not to submit to Magnum's demand, so instead they wanted the X-Men and Sunfire to defeat Magnum; Wing, he explained, had found Magnum's secret base and Osama.[46] After they succeeded, Osama and Sunfire bid farewell to the X-Men when they left Japan to return home.[50]


Oscar (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 31 0001 Appearances: Deadpool (Vol. 4) #31

Oscar was a janitor at the Mercy General Hospital and intervened in defense of Dr. Matsuzaki when she was attacked by vampires of the Claw Sect.[51]


Oskar (Earth-616) from Thor Vol 2 58 001 Appearances: Thor (Vol. 2) #58

Oskar was one of the soldiers who eradicated and plundered Pystoroka.[52]


Otterson (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 213 0001 Appearances: Daredevil #213

Otterson was a friend and colleague of Horatio Piper at Empire State University. While leaving work together, Otterson was shot and killed by a stray bullet that a witness commented was a reflection of unusual criminal activity in the area due to an ongoing war between Micah Synn and the alliance of Daredevil and Kingpin.[53]


Otilio (Earth-616) from Ghost Rider Vol 7 5 001 Appearances: Ghost Rider (Vol. 7) #5

Otilio, one of Jones' men, was confronted and defeated by the Ghost Rider.[54]


Otou (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 2 150 001 Appearances: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #150, Wolverine (Vol. 2) #151, & Wolverine (Vol. 2) #152

Otou was Haan Kaishek's assistant and chauffeur.[55]


Otto (Earth-616) from Sgt. Fury Vol 1 22 001 Appearances: Sgt. Fury #22

Otto was one of two engineers feeding the boiler of the train with flak on it in defense of Ploesti Oil Field. When his comrade noticed that hand grenades had been thrown into the furnace he yelled for Otto to jump off the train.[56]

Otto (Earth-616) from Tomb of Dracula Vol 1 1 001 Appearances: Tomb of Dracula #1

Otto escorted Frank Drake and his friends to Castle Dracula.[57]


Overby (Earth-616) from Ka-Zar Vol 4 3 001 Appearances: Ka-Zar Vol 4 3

Congressman Overby presided over the Congressional interrogation of Roxxon regarding the "Pangean Horizon" oil rig incident.[58]


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Oza (Earth-616) from Conan the Adventurer Vol 1 2 001 Appearances: Conan the Adventurer #2

Oza was the daughter of the chieftain of the Night-Fox Clan, who was held hostage by Conan; she was eventually killed by friendly fire.[59]


Ozsquerker (Earth-616) from Annihilators Vol 1 1 0001 Appearances: Annihilators #1

Ms. Ozsquerker was an employee of Timely Inc. to whom Rocket Raccoon delivered the mail.[60]


Ozu (Earth-616) from Defenders Vol 1 133 0001 Appearances: Defenders #133

Ozu was a member of the D.E.A. who was attempting to bust a drug ring but was frustrated by the interference of Cutlass and Typhoon. During his attempted bust aboard a ship in the San Francisco Bay, Cutlass busted Ozu for attempting to steal defense secrets on computer tape.[61]


Ozzie (Dealy Boys) (Earth-616) from Sensational Spider-Man Vol 1 25 001 Appearances: Sensational Spider-Man #25

Ozzie was one of the gunmen who tried to kill Spider-Man.[62]

Ozzie (Bronx) (Earth-616) from Black Bolt Vol 1 9 001 Appearances: Black Bolt #4, Black Bolt #9

Ozzie is the owner of Ozzie's Bar in the Bronx.[63]

He attended Carl Creel's funeral.[64]


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