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Glitch was a hacker who was contacted by Spymaster to assist his Espionage Elite by hacking Iron Man's computer system. To this end he developed a suit that allowed his to hack Iron Man's suit. He was able to gain access to several of Iron Man's system and engaged parts of his armors. He attempted again, but this time the armor was controlled by an LMD which accidentally trapped his conscious inside the LMD. The LMD returned to Stark, but did not have a face, so Glitch went a blind rampage until it was destroyed by Stark. Glitch's consciousness returned to his body and returned to Spymaster. Iron Man followed, but Glitch captured him. Spymaster began to plan how he would use the armor to make a fortune. Glitch was disgusted, and freed Iron Man who defeated the Espionage Elite. Glitch surrendered and was handed over to Nick Fury.[1]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[2]

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Amundson was a skilled computer hacker.



As Glitch, Amundson wore a suit of technological armor that enabled him to project his mind into and to control computer systems.

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