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Charlie was one of the first thieves caught by Spider-Man after a robbery in an isolated warehouse.[2]

A while later, Charlie and a few other punks were seen casing a jewelry store by Spider-Man, who webbed them up before they could rob it. However, Charlie threatened to sue Spider-Man for assault and battery; forcing him to flee when they called the cops, since all the evidence made him look guilty.[3]

After robbing a bank, Charlie and his gang confronted Unus the Untouchable.[4]

A short time later, Charlie encountered again Spider-Man when he was looking for the ISO-36 stolen by the Master Planner.[5]

He later refused to give any information to Patch, being an informant.[6]

Spidey met Charlie again with other thugs in a private club which they were racketeering. During the fight, Charlie threw him some kind of miniaturized grenade that stunned Spidey and let them escape.[7]

Sometime later, together with Big Eddie and Rocky, Charlie was caught stealing fur coats by Yellowjacket, who defeated them and delivered them to the police.[8]

A short time later, while Charlie and other fellow criminals were talking about hiring Stilt-Man to kill Foggy Nelson before his D.A. election, they were attacked by Daredevil and were forced to escape by car.[9]

Charlie continued his criminal career for several years. During that time, he was apprehended by Spider-Man four more times. Each time, Spider-Man did not recognize Charlie as someone he had captured before.[10]

Charlie as Crook-Man.

One day, Charlie was mugging an elderly man at the Top of New York hotel (by pretending to have a gun), when he was interrupted by Spider-Man. Charlie ran, but Spider-Man was not able to immediately follow because another emergency came up. Spider-Man searched for Charlie later in the day, but could not find him. The very next day, Charlie attempted a purse snatching, only to be stopped by Spider-Man again. Spider-man still did not recognize Charlie, despite searching for him the day before. Charlie tried to escape by threatening Spider-Man with an unloaded gun, but Spider-Man knocked Charlie out and webbed him up for the police. Charlie came to and the webbing dissolved before the police arrived, so Charlie escaped.[10]

Charlie saves Sarah.

The next day, a discouraged Charlie decided to try one last big score before retiring from crime for good.[11] He designed a costume that included a fake explosive belt, and using the name Crook-Man he interrupted a charity gala at the Top of New York and threatened to trigger his explosives unless everyone turned over their valuables. Spider-Man arrived, and, knowing the explosives were fake thanks to his spider-sense, confronted Crook-Man. However, they were interrupted by an explosion on the roof of the hotel and a black-out, both caused by Spider-man's foe Electro. Spider-Man left to take care of Electro, and in the ensuing panic, Charlie was able to ditch his Crook-Man costume and then save Daily Bugle's publicist Sarah Klein from being trampled by the crowd. Hailed as a hero (and unrecognized as Crook-Man by anyone), Charlie was rewarded with a front page at the Bugle by J. Jonah Jameson.[1]

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