Charles "Cherry" Chewatt was a loan shark that lived in Freetown during the 1940s. He had a reputation for his love of cherries and for his cruel method of murdering those who could not pay back his loans. In the fall of 1942, his most recent defaulter was Mr. White, the owner a butcher shop. Chewatt ordered his men to take White out to the city dump and kill him. When White's son Toddy come looking for his father and happened into the candy shop that Chewatt hid out at, the boy was kicked out by Chewatt who mocked him for being as "no good" as his father.

Toddy told local paperboy Roddy Colt about the experience, and Roddy then get him "in touch" with the Secret Stamp (Secretly Roddy himself). Learning how Mr. White borrowed money from Chewatt, Roddy staked out the candy shop until he saw Chwatt order his men to kill an old lady who came in to beg Chewatt to not collect from her son. Roddy attempted to go into action as the Secret Stamp but was trapped in a phone booth. This however, allowed him to call the police, and as they, arrived Chewatt escaped.

Learning that Mr. White survived the attack and was recovering in hospital, the Secret Stamp got White to promise to confess against Chewatt. Tracking Chewatt down to an auto garage, the Secret Stamp beat him and his goons into submission and left them for the police. Based on Mr. White's testimony, Chewatt was convinced of murder,[1] his subsequent fate is unknown.

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