Charles Czarkowski was an inventor who developed a way to truly travel through time without creating divergent timelines or visiting alternate dimensions. Using the Chrono-Phone, Czarkowski utilized this technology to send himself stock tips from the future, becoming the ninth richest person in the world.

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One day, however, he received a warning from an unknown man that six hours from then, he was going to arrive from the future to kill Charles, and pleaded Charles to kill him first. When Charles was walking down the street, the time-traveller materialized in front of him and Charles shot in him the back immediately.[1] The man survived, but was on life support. Due to the nature of the case, Czarkowski sought the superhuman law division of the firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, and was represented by Jen Walters and Augustus Pugliese.[2]

Due to the moment of the shooting having been widely covered by the media because it was caught on camera, GLK&H's head Artie Zix sought the supervision of the Time Variance Authority, who brought people from the near past to assemble an unbiased jury since since they hadn't been exposed to the case. During the trial, it was established that the victim had used a scrambler, a device that altered a trime-traveller's DNA and facial features. Since the time-traveller had survived, Czarkowski feared that the man would try to kill him if he woke up. During the trial, Czarkowski summoned a robot to attack the court, allowing him to slip away and run back to his workshop. In order to escape and even prevent the TVA from finding him, Czarkowski used a scrambler to alter his appearance. He then recorded a message to his past self, during which he realized he had become the person destined to kill him. Before he could send a second message to clarify the situation, Czarkowski was stopped by TVA operative Justice Peace, who knew the truth behind the case and had the duty to close the paradox caused by Czarkowski's actions. He forced Czarkowski into his time machine, sending him twenty-two days into the past, to be shot in the back by his past self. In the present, Czarkowski started to regain his consciousness in his hospital room.[1]

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