Charles Delazny was a high school janitor who grew tired of being harassed by criminals. He finally snapped, and took on the identity of "Scourge", donning a white skull mask to hide his identity and began mercilessly killing gang members and other criminals. [1]

He eventually began targeting the Serpent Skulls gang, encountering the Young Ultimates. In a big battle between the Serpent Skulls, the Ultimates and Scourge, he was captured by Spider-Man and sent to jail. [2]

Scourge (Earth-1610) from All-New Ultimates Vol 1 6 001

While being transported to jail, Scourge was freed by the Watchdogs, a right-wing moral brigade turned white supremacist terrorist outfit. Despite having racist opinions himself, Scourge was disgusted by the Watchdogs' ideology and killed a couple of his rescuers, declaring that he operates alone, before fleeing in the ensuing chaos of the Ultimates arrival. [3]


Scourge uses a multitude of different fire arms, as well as knives.

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