Gray was a security guard at Stark International. Disgruntled at his common life, Gray was approached by the alien Lucifer, who offered Gray power to release Lucifer from an extradimensional limbo prison. Following Lucifer's orders, Gray looked for Anthony Stark, but found himself fighting with Iron Man instead. Gray's wife Wilma approached the strugglers and comfronted Gray, saying that he was sacrificing his family by doing this. Gray then rejected Lucifer's power.[1]

Gray eventually left Stark Industries and moved with his family to Los Angeles. There, he joined a security firm and his life with his family seemingly settled down. However, his time merged with Lucifer had left a charge of ionic energy residing in him, which attracted the attention of Count Nefaria. Agents of the Count ambushed him one day and dragged him to a nearby limousine, where the Count awaited inside.[2] His drained corpse was later found by the police, and his death was investigated by S.H.I.E.L.D.


Superhuman strength, destructive bolts shot from his hands, ionic shield deflecting bullets, superhuman leap from one building to another. Flight by using bolts as jets, and by other means. Telepathic contact with Lucifer. Ability to reject all his powers at whim.[1]

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