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Charles Grey was a member of Sir Francis Dashwood's Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe, which later officially adopted their "Hellfire Club" nickname. In 1757, fellow member John Wilkes played a practical joke involving an ape disguised as the devil, mortifying Grey. Given an opiate to calm him, Charles was overcome by fear the devil would take him. Hoping to escape this via repenting, Charles begged God for forgiveness as he stabbed himself in the heart. Though his body perished, Charles' spirit remained on Earth, unable to interact with others. One hundred years later to the very night, as Charles' descendant, Malkin Grey, began to beat his wife, Eleanor, Charles found himself able to pick up a dagger, with which he stabbed Malkin. As Malkin died, Charles' spirit secretly possessed Malkin's body, reviving it, while Malkin's spirit in turn possessed a stillborn kitten. Charles spent the next year in a loveless marriage with Eleanor, who drew comfort from the ever-present kitten. When Eleanor complained of her husband's coldness, Charles attacked her, but the kitten then knocked a large vase off the mantle, striking a fatal blow to Malkin/Charles' skull. As Charles' spirit was driven out, Malkin forced the cat to leap to its death on a spiked fence, freeing his spirit to reanimate his own corpse, but he returned to find Eleanor had pulverized Malkin's skull with a poker, leaving neither Malkin nor Charles with a viable body to inhabit.[1]


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Charles Grey's spirit survived his physical body's death, and he could possess and control others (or at least his descendant). His spirit could move physical objects under unspecified circumstances.

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