Charles "Chuck" Harrington was the high-school sweetheart and later husband of Stephanie Harrington, as well as the father of her three kids. When Steph gained the paranormal power of excess vitality in the White Event, Chuck was apparently the driving force behind Steph checking in to the Clinic for Paranormal Research as he was repulsed by the change in her.

In the Clinic, Dave Landers developed feelings for Steph, but didn't act on them as she was married, while she seemed mostly oblivious to Dave's feelings and was faithful to Chuck. When Steph, Dave, and the rest of their therapy group, the DP7 went on the run after finding out about the Clinic's ulterior motives for helping them, Steph persuaded her friends to take her home as she missed her kids. Chuck was surprised to see her, and kept her busy while he phoned the Clinic's headhunters and informed them Steph was there. When they arrived, Steph realized Chuck had turned her in, and overpowered the hunters to escape.

After several months on the run, Steph decided to grab her kids and Dave and Lenore accompanied her. Steph found the kids at Chuck's mom Helen's house and realized Chuck and Helen had been poisoning the kids' minds against her. When Chuck returned unexpectedly, Dave confronted him and a fight broke out when Chuck hit him over the head with a baseball bat, and Dave threw Chuck onto a roof and let him fall to the ground. Steph and the others escaped with the kids, but feeling guilty abut Chuck, Steph insisted on visiting the comatose Chuck in the hospital so she could use her healing ability to help him. After she did so, she was caught by the Clinic's hunters and taken back to the Clinic. Dave and Lenore had to leave the kids at Helen's house and call a family friend to come over.

When most of the DP7 were caught, they were drugged and behavior modified. Steph's paranormality meant she metabolized the drugs too quickly, and when she awoke and tried to escape, Dexter Charne and Harlan Hackbarth caused her great head trauma and left her in a coma.

After some months, Chuck came to the Clinic, apparently a changed man. He begged the comatose Steph for forgiveness, and she woke from her coma. The couple got back together again, and were apparently happy back in Sheboygan. However, they were soon found, first by the DDTeens, who became unwelcome house guests, and then by Dave and his army superior, and Lenore, who was now a CIA agent. Dave helped Steph and Chuck escape the army draft, but Steph was forced to volunteer for the CIA.

Steph entered training and the family moved to the training base, Camp Peary, with Chuck apparently the devoted househusband. However, Steph discovered he had left the base for HIV testing, and when she confronted him, he confirmed he had contracted HIV after an affair with a woman at work. When Steph was sent on an overseas mission, Chuck snatched the kids and went on the run. Steph and her friends tracked him down and when he tried to escape in a car, Steph chased him and ran him off the run. As she rescued him from the wreck, she said she didn't hate him anymore, she just felt sorry for him. Steph separated from Chuck and moved to New York City with the kids, and presumably intended to divorce him.[citation needed]

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