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Magneto and Rogue developed a relationship when it was realized that their similar magnetic powers made Magneto immune to Rogue's absorption abilities. Rogue eventually gave birth to young Charles, whom Magneto named after his friend Charles Xavier.

With the discovery of Bishop and revelations that the timeline had been fractured, Magneto sent groups of X-Men on various missions, opting to stay behind to tend Bishop and to keep an eye on his son.[1] Ultimately, Bishop and Magneto were captured by the forces of Apocalpyse, with Magneto sending Charles into the Morlock Tunnels under the protection of Nanny just before his own capture.[2] Charles was eventually captured by the traitorous X-Ternal Strong Man, who took the boy to Apocalypse's citadel in New York.[3]

When the X-Men stormed the citadel, Rogue killed Strong Man in order to save Charles, and his father eventually slew Apocalypse.[4] With nuclear bombs dropping and threatening to destroy them, Magneto held his family close. However, their world was saved from destruction by Jean Grey. Nobody realized this truth, nor the fact that it was due to the machinations of Sinister. Magneto was heralded as the hero who saved the day.[5]

Magneto became instrumental in the efforts to rebuild North America, and Charles came to live in the rebuilt mansion once owned by his namesake, Charles Xavier.[6] Much later, the new X-Men trainee Xorn was revealed to be Husk, a mutant seeking revenge after being left to die on an X-Men mission. She took Charles as a hostage.[7] However, the X-Men killed Husk and her family, foiling their revenge plot, and Charles was rescued.[8]

Following the defeat of Sinister and Magneto's subsequent surrender to the authorities for the deception he maintained, Charles continued to live with his mother at Xavier's mansion.

Charles' death has never been seen, but he was apparently crushed to death, and supposedly devoured by Demon-Ock.[9]



Charles is still a child and his mutant powers (if he will have any) remain to be revealed. However, he has shown the ability to detect telepathic intrusion when Nate Grey was looking for him and his father while on the Astral Plane.[10]


  • His hair was officially stated as brown though always seen as blond originally and dirty blonde in the 2005 series.


  • He is not immune to his mother's powers.

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