Leaving a screening of the 1966 Batman movie, Charlie Ronalds' parents were slain by a mutant thief.

He grew up with great anger and hatred for people, and specifically for mutants, in an adoptive family, as none of his relatives wanted to take care of him, since his mother had been an escort or prostitute and his father her manager.

He assisted at the bus crash and powers manifestation of his fellow schoolmate Guido Carosella. In anger against mutants, he tried to kill Guido, who was momentarily incapacitated by his powers, but Guido accidentally repelled him, wounding him. This incident turned Charlie crazy and more hateful against mutants.

Using his fosters parents' money, Charlie traveled and studied magic.

Discovering that Guido had joined X-Factor, he invocated the demon Cloot, who gave him access to his realms and the souls therein. He was then transformed into Charon, as a deal for carrying souls to Cloot's realm.

He attacked X-Factor in their headquarters, resurrecting the Chalkers family: Vic (Professor Vic Chalker), Rick (Number One Fan), and Dick (Carnivore), X-Factor's "most hated foes," or "greatest and deadliest enemies", although X-Factor had no idea who they were, having never battled them before their deaths.

Facing Guido, Charon intended to kill him, but was stopped by Cloot, who revealed the truth about his parents and why his relatives stayed away from them: his mother being a "high-price hussy" and his father her "manager," who were currently residing in Cloot's realm. He then absorbed Charon into his dimension and left.[1]


Magic: Charon had the abilities to wield dark magic, and to invoke demons, granted by Cloot.




A stick with a knife and a demonic-stick with a live demon at the top.

His story mimicked that of Bruce Wayne/Batman, with the exception that the family was leaving a screening of the 1966 Batman movie, with Adam West and Burt Ward as its main actors, and not an opera (although this detail was later retconned into a screening of The Mark of Zorro). Also, the criminal being a mutant, Charlie developed a hatred for mutants, not for criminals.

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