Early Life

Little is known about Charles Standish life, other than he is the Chief Financial Officer of Oscorp. Keeping up with all the data regarding financial expenses of the corporation.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Wanting to know the identity of the scientist working on Devil's Breath, the Demons infiltrate Standish's apartment and take him hostage, forcing him to access Oscorp's financial transactions to see if the corporation is applying money to the Devil's Breath project, thus revealing its location. Thankfully, Spider-Man intervenes and rescues him. Before he is taken to safety by Sable International, he manages to tell Spider-Man that Dr. Isaac Delaney is the person he is looking if he whants to know more about the Devil's Breath.

When Morgan Michaels turns up as another lead, Mary Jane Watson sneaks into the Sable International base at Central Park where Standish is being held to question him. She only manages to learn about a vague plot at Grand Central Station before Spider-Man interrupts. In the resulting confusion, Standish trips as he backs away, knocking himself unconscious.

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