Charles Villon was a ruthless gangster and a smuggler of stolen European art. Charles, also known as "Whiffy", was a cross-dresser[citation needed] and used his extensive female wardrobe in the use of his crimes, despite that his body was massive in comparison to a woman's body. It was in this capacity that he came into conflict with Miss Fury.[citation needed]

During World War II, he became a member of the French Resistance, disguising himself as a woman to escape the Nazis, who tracked him for many reasons, including his mannerisms of a stereotypical gay man.[citation needed]

His subsequent adventures are unrevealed.

Charles Villon exhibited the mannerisms of a stereotypical gay man for that time period.[citation needed]


Experienced con artist[citation needed] and art expert.[citation needed]


Wears far too much perfume.[citation needed]

For the time period Whiffy appeared in, despite not being labeled as such, was seemingly one of the few known homosexual characters in the comic book industry, this status being hinted by effeminate mannerism and cross-dressing.

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