Charles Xavier is the school headmaster of The Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys. Unlike the other incarnations of Charles Xavier, the Earth-10330 Charles Xavier is younger, obnoxious and self-absorbed; who possess a playboy attitude in trying to seduce Emma Frost, the headmistress of her all-girl school.

Charles almost had the chance of seducing Frost during the Orphanage's prom until one of his student, Wade Wilson, disrupted the entire festivity. Having a long annoyed history with Wilson's shenanigans, Charles threaten him of being expelled from the Orphanage for good. Just as Wilson complied to this, Deadpool of Earth-616 appeared from a dimensional portal to recruit his younger counterpart in saving the Multiverse. Charles seemed to have previously known the older Deadpool once he immediately saw him.[1]


See Charles Xavier (Earth-616)#Powers.

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