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Charles Xavier of Earth-12 has a history that is much like his Earth-616 counterpart with a number of important differences. In this reality, mutants in general, and super-heroes in particular, are well regarded by humanity and are treated like celebrities.

Xavier offered the former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Calvin Rankin release from prison if he agreed to join his School for Gifted Youngsters. Deciding it was better than prison, Calvin accepted the Professor's invitation and become an active member of the X-Men. Calvin became a long standing member of the X-Men, seeing them through many tragedies and triumphs before he was plucked out of his reality by the Timebreakers to be one of the founding members of the reality jumping Exiles.

After Calvin's death, Blink returned his body to his home world for a proper burial. While there, she shared the story of their experiences with his fellow X-Men, and Professor X was so taken with her that he offered her the chance to stay on as a member of the team. No sooner had the offer been extended than another reality needed saving, and she had to decline and depart.

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Seemingly those of Professor X.

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