Charles Xavier was born a mutant with powerful telepathic powers. His world was ruled by a mutant monarchy whose king was Magneto. Charles and his X-Men fought him and finally defeated him when Xavier killed Magneto. At the end of the battle, he used a machine like Cerebro to share his dream of mutant and human peaceful coexistence with all mankind, finally achieving his goal.

But before his demise, Magneto reached into the molten iron of earth's outer core, splitting the earth, breaking the magnetic field that protected the world, killing millions. Then, the earth mightiest scientists (Bruce Banner, T'Challa, Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom and Hank McCoy), built a machine in Santo Marco that converted the power of mutants into the energy needed to save the earth. But the structural integrity of the planet required constant maintenance, and eventually they run out of heroes, so Xavier traveled trough the multiverse looking for more, murdering hundreds or maybe thousands of mutant heroes.


Seemingly those of Charles Xavier (Earth-616)#Powers.


  • A golden Trident used to kill Magneto.
  • A smaller version of a Ghost Box

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