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Much like his Earth-616 counterpart, Professor X died while trying to stop Cyclops when he was possessed by Phoenix Force.[1]

After Charles's death, his last will and testament made it to the office of lawyer Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk. She went to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning in order to read the will, but Xavier set it up in a way that all members had to be present for the reading, which included Cyclops.

After deciding to head to New York, Cyclops and all the X-Men found out during the time before he died that he had married the shapeshifter Mystique, and that Charles also kept the most disturbing secret from them, the existence of probably the most powerful mutant he ever encountered, Matthew Malloy.[2]

Learning of the destruction and possible threat that Matthew could become, Cyclops' student Tempus took it upon herself to travel back in time to contact Charles in the past to let him know exactly what the future holds if Malloy was allowed to live.[3]

Charles traveled to the future with Tempus where he met Cyclops' new students and to get caught up on the current situation, learning that Matthew indirectly caused the death of Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Magik.

Even though he was against it, Xavier agreed with Tempus that the only way to avert this was to go back to the past to make sure that Matthew's parents would never meet thus resulting in him not being born. After doing this Eva brought Xavier back to the past while she went forth to a new future.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Charles Xavier of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Charles Xavier of Earth-616.

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