New York Charlie (of his real name Charles Xavier) was a petty card hustler, using mental illusions on opponents to win until he was caught cheating during a game of cards with Creed. Sheriff Summers intervened, and was preparing to run Xavier out of town. Faced with this threat, Xavier discovered he could telepathically control others minds. He soon used this new found power to recruit a team of thugs, the Xavier Gang, and essentially run Graymalkin.[1]

Calling himself "Boss", New York Charlie operated as the crime boss of Graymalkin for about a year, imprisoning or killing anyone who defied him. Sensing the danger to the Multiverse, Xavier Head brought his team of X-Men to Graymalkin. The X-Men freed John Howlett, Governor Howlett decapitated Xavier, and peace was restored to Graymalkin.[3]


Seemingly those of the Charles Xavier of Earth-616.[1]

Sheriff Summers initially refers to this Xavier as "New York Charlie".[2] This may suggest he was originally from New York, or it could simply be meant as a derogatory nickname.

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