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Charles Xavier was the son of nuclear researcher Brian Xavier and his wife, Sharon. His mutant abilities resurfaced shortly after his father died and his mother remarried. During an abusive act by his step-father against his step-brother Cain, Charles mentally commanded his step-father never to raise a hand to another human being again. In the years that followed, Charles rarely used his powers, preferring to keep them hidden.

Eventually, mutants began to appear around the world and the man named Magneto emerged to lead them. At first, Charles was hesitant to side with Magnus, but he was eventually convinced that Magneto's belief that mutants should inherit the Earth was correct. Charles became Magneto's most trusted confidante. Their first order of business was to take down the island of Genosha and to free its slave mutant population, the two were successful.

Charles apparently died some time afterwards, the exact cause of his supposed death was not mentioned, all that is known is that he "died so that Genosha could live". A giant gravestone stands in Magneto's garden honoring Charles' death. Cloak later discovered that there were no remains under the memorial during the raid on Magneto's palace, indicating that Charles faked his own death.

Powers and Abilities


See Charles Xavier (Earth-616)#Powers


See Charles Xavier (Earth-616)#Abilities

Physical Strength

Strength of a normal human man his age and size who engages in moderate regular exercize, especially in hus upper body.


Paraplegic: Charles is unable to walk due to spinal damage.

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