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The past history of Charles Xavier of Earth-774 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point at which Bruce Banner became the Hulk.

In this reality, Banner would retain his intelligence in his Hulk form and help Reed Richards cure his teammate Ben Grimm of being the Thing, bringing an end to the Fantastic Four. Free to focus entirely on his research, Reed would invite both Bruce Banner and Charles Xavier to join him in his experiments at the Baxter Building, an invitation that Xavier would accept.

Working together the three men would invent the Psychotron, a device that would allow them to merge into a single being. This device would be utilized when Galactus came and terrorized the Earth. Powerless to stop him by themselves, Xavier, Richards and Banner used the device to merge into a single being dubbed the X-Man. In this combined form they swatted Ben Grimm aside and battled Galactus, forcing him into retreat. When the X-Man separated into his component parts, Xavier was shocked to find that he had been stripped of his mental powers. Shortly thereafter, Xavier, Richards and Banner watched as Ben Grimm mutated into the Thing once more -- now more powerful than ever and having a hatred toward humanity.[1]

His current activities remain unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Prior to being depowered, seemingly the same as Charles Xavier of 616.


Because Charles Xavier answered Reed Richards' call to join him in his research he would not go on to form the X-Men as he did on Earth-616.

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