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Charles Xavier is a mutant who founded a school for mutants to train them to use their powers for humanity's benefit.[1] At some point, as Wolverine was preparing to leave the Xavier Institute once more, an explosion detonated that leveled the Institute, centered on Charles' position. The explosion destroyed the Institute and caused the Professor and Jean Grey's disappearance.[2]

Xavier later washed up on the shores of Genosha in a comatose state. Magneto cared for him in his palace until the X-Men came to recover him. Shortly after the X-Men brought the comatose Charles to the newly rebuilt Institute, Charles contacted the X-Men from twenty years after awaking from his twenty-year coma in the future where Sentinels and the Mutant Response Division ruled. He showed the X-Men that in the future, because the X-Men stood divided, the Sentinels and MRD were able to hunt down any and all mutants to the point of turning the U.S. into a devastated country.[3]




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