Charles was on the original X-Men who spent their early years during the '60s, as a music band, spreading a messsage of love and peace, until Magneto decided to leave the team and start a solo career. It was later revealed those weren't actually the world's true memories of the '60s, as Professor X had erased the real ones.[1]

After Iceman was kicked out of the X-Men when he lost his mutant powers he became a talk show host and interviewed several candidates as a co-host. Including Cyclops, who was interviewing Charles, who used his psychic powers to reveal Scott had wanted to be a ballet dancer as a kid. [2]

Professor X attended the premiere of the wolverine movie. [3] and an audience member of the 83rd annual academy awards [4].

Close to the premiere of X-Men: First Class, Deadpool tricked Professor X and Magneto into gathering together, in an attempt to make them remember their years as friends and reconicilate. Deadpool's true objective was to have the endorsement of Professor X and Magneto to release a film on the X-Men, they denied his proposal. [1]

Wolverine and Bobby were having a drink in the kitchen while Wolverine was supposed to be picking up Charles but Wolverine used the excuse that Weapon X had messed with his memories to justify having forgotten to help Charles.[5]

  • The figure used to animate Professor X is the Professor X figure from the Marvel Legends Series 9 - Galactus Series.

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