Charles Xavier was a mutant telepath. Xavier fought in World War II and once used his powers to force a German soldier trying to kill him to commit suicide. After the war, Charles was hospitalized and placed in a mental institution. While there, he met Gabrielle, a fellow patient who had been rendered catatonic due to her experiences during the Holocaust. Charles used his powers to nurse Gabrielle back to health, and the two fell in love.

Xavier used his powers to have them released from the hospital and they soon married and had a son named David. Seeking others like him, Charles used a device that amplified his telepathic powers and made contact with another telepath in Morocco, Amahl Farouk, who lured Charles to him with the intent of destroying him.[1] Despite his wife's objections, Charles traveled to Morocco to meet with Farouk. After Farouk made his true nature apparent, the two fought telepathically on the Astral Plane. Charles was able to overwhelm Farouk and separate his mind from his body. Believing him to be defeated for ever, Charles returned home.

Unbeknownst to him however, Farouk's mind survived in the Astral Plane. He would seek out Charles' son in order to take his body for his own, driving Charles' wife irreparably mad in the process. Charles returned home to find his wife catatonic and would have no idea that Farouk had taken his son's body. At some point, Charles gave his son up for adoption. [2]


  • Harry Lloyd portrays Charles Xavier in the third season of the TV series Legion by FX.

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