Charles gained his mutant powers when his parents Sharon Xavier and Brian Xavier were working on the atomic bomb. After the death of his father, his mother married Kurt Marko, Charles gained a step-brother Cain Marko, who Charles found to be aggressive. One evening, Cain tried to break into the house safe and tried using chemistry his parents showed him, but caught the entire mansion on fire. Charles was able to escape the fire, but his mother was killed.

Trying to hone his powers, he traveled the world, eventually arriving in Egypt, where he discovered a young Storm who was captured by Shadow King. Charles and the Shadow King had a telepathic battle, which Charles eventually won. Returning to America, Charles was drafted into the army, where he became an expert sniper and ended up in the same platoon as Cain. The pair were tasked with finding enemy weapon caches but stumbled across the Temple of Cyttorak which contained the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Cain was enticed by the jewel and grabbed it causing a cave-in, which left Charles paralyzed.

Being unfit for service and wheel chair bound, Charles returned home and began to protest for mutant rights and met Dr. Moira MacTaggert and the pair became inseparable. They began working on the mutant tracker Cerebro, eventually getting it to detect Magento, but in the process, Charles became too wrapped up in his work and she left for Scotland.

Travelling to a psychiatric institute in Israel where Magneto was working as an orderly, he cured Gabrielle Haller of her schizophrenia. Xavier and Magneto revealled there powers to each other, and debated on the relationship between mutants and humans, neither convincing the other of who was right. Charles eventually left the institute, concerned he had accidentally altered Gabrielle's mind to make her fall in love with him, however unbeknownst to Charles she was pregnant

After returning to America, Charles sensed the awakening of Jean Grey's telepathic powers and tracked her, discovering she had stayed in the telepathic realm to try and communicate with her recently deceased friend, Annie. Charles traveled their and convinced her to return because her family was missing her.

Later, after Scott Summers went missing, he sensed someone was inserting false memories and went to find him and help discover the truth. He found Scott after the death of Jack O'Diamonds and took him in and revealed the truth about his false memories and asked for his help.

Xavier began recruiting other mutants to his team, including Bobby Drake who he helped free from jail, Warren Worthington III who had just recently stopped being the Avenging Angel and sent Jean Grey and the rest of the X-Men to rescue Henry McCoy who was captured by Conquistador.[1]

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