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As X-Force come face to face with the new Brotherhood of Evil mutants, Fantomex was poisoned by Mystique, completely blocking his powers. Psylocke was mind controlled by Shadow King forcing Fantomex to intervene. He removed his mask which contained his mind shields and gave it to Psylocke, breaking Shadow King's control over her. This however left him vulnerable and after just managing to send Psylocke away with E.V.A. he was killed by the Brotherhood.[2]

E.V.A. and the rest of X-Force managed to recover his body and E.V.A. deposited it in a cloning sample hatch in the White Sky Facility, the Cloud. All three of his brains were intact, and the machine made a mistake and cloned a new body for each of his brains. One of them being an "evil" version of Fantomex.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Similarly to those of Fantomex. Unrestrained by the sentinel derived nanites his powers of misdirection, which only he retains, far outstrip the original Fantomex being able to trick all five senses[4]


Fantomex is a skilled marksman and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant. He can also read the body language of others with unparalleled precision. This, coupled with his superhuman abilities, makes him a master of misdirection. Fantomex is also able to place himself in a state of light auto-hypnosis to perform critical tasks, such as self surgery.

Physical Strength

Peak human



Fantomex's ceramic armor has goggles (presumably for night vision) and provides some protection. There may be other devices in it. His mask incorporates telepathy-blocking ceramics.

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