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Charlie Huston is an American author of crime fiction. The mystery/thrillers Caught Stealing and Six Bad Things are Huston's first two novels. The series follows the trials of the likeable anti-hero Hank Thompson as he is caught first in a tornado of mistaken identity (in Caught Stealing), then as he returns from self-imposed exile to face down his past (in "Six Bad Things"). The final Hank Thompson novel, titled A Dangerous Man, will be published in September 2006 by Ballantine Books.

With the release of Already Dead in 2005, Huston put a new spin on the vampire tale. A departure from his first two books, Already Dead focuses on Vampyre clans which control the underworld in and around New York City, but retaining the gritty noir style. Already Dead features protagonist Joe Pitt, with four more books in the series planned. The second book of the series, No Dominion, is due out on December 26th, 2006.

In 2006 Huston joined a list of authors who have published non-graphic novels and is now writing in the American comic book industry. In April 2006, Marvel Comics launched Huston's reboot of a stock Marvel character Moon Knight. The title is an ongoing series, with Huston working on the first year (12 monthly issues). He also wrote the second Ultimates annual in August 2006.

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