Answering a letter from his friend Charlie Jenson, owner of the Mesa Mining Company, Kid Colt is attacked by a gang of outlaws that have been hired to keep him away from the mining company, however Kid Colt proves to be a superior shot to them and drives them away. Arriving at the mining company Kid Colt is shocked to find that Charlie is seemingly dead. The men who attacked him earlier then get the drop on him and knock the Kid out and set the place on fire, leaving the Kid to burn alive. However, a passing prospector sees the fire and rescues Kid Colt from the flames.

Meanwhile, at the office of Leroy Garson, Charlie's lawyer, Garson learns how his men eliminated Charlie and seeming killed Kid Colt in the process paving the way for him claiming the entire mine for himself as Charlie had no other surviving relatives. However they hear a noise outside and Leroy sends one of his men out, Kid Colt jumps him and then confront Garson and his other men. When Kid Colt accuses Leroy of the plot he denies it until Kid Colt tells him that Charlie survived the attempt on his life. Panicking, Leroy attempts to grab for a gun, but Kid Colt easily knocks him out just as the sheriff arrives to arrest the outlaws. The next day, Charlie -- suffering only a wounded arm -- thanks Kid Colt for saving his company.[1]

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