A police officer in New York City, she is selected by the Raven Crimson as food for Archangel after his conversion to one of their number. Driven by hunger, he pulls Charlotte's life memories from her but resists, and she frees him from his power inhibitor to battle the Ravens. The memories that Archangel took stayed with him, and this is how Officer Jones' history is revealed.[1]

While she was working as a trauma nurse, Charlotte's husband George worked as a police officer. One night, while off-duty, the two of them had been attending a parent's night at Timmy's school. Walking home, George and Timmy were racing each other when they were caught in the middle of a drug war. George was killed and Timmy injured severely, a bullet nearly severing the boy's spine. Charlotte no longer wanted to work as a nurse, helping criminals to get better and putting them back on the streets. She became a police officer, which both 'felt right' to her and allowed her enough money to pay for Timmy's physical therapy.[2]




Charlotte Jones possesses an X-Men uniform created by Forge.


Standard issue police firearm.

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