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Quote1 Miles? I'm, like, a huge fan of your work. Do you think spider-people too often use comedy as a crutch? Get it, 'crutch'? Quote2

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What event led to Charlotte Webber becoming Sun-Spider? toggle section
Charlotte Webber, also known as Sun-Spider, gained her superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Despite her E.D.S. (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome), which requires her to use mobility aids such as a wheelchair and crutches, she has been operating as Sun-Spider and using her hyper-flexibility to her advantage in her superhero activities.
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How does Charlotte Webber's E.D.S. affect her abilities as Sun-Spider? toggle section
Charlotte Webber, also known as Sun-Spider, has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (E.D.S.), a genetic disease that affects her mobility and requires her to use aids such as a wheelchair and crutches. Despite this, her E.D.S. also gives her a unique advantage as Sun-Spider. It allows her to dislocate her body in ways that are not ordinarily possible, contributing to her hyper-flexibility. This hyper-flexibility, combined with her Spider-powers, makes her a formidable superhero. However, it's important to note that her E.D.S. also causes fatigue, meaning she gets exhausted after spending too much time as Sun-Spider.
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Who recruited Sun-Spider to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life and Destiny? toggle section
Miles Morales and Spider-Zero were the ones who recruited Sun-Spider to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life and Destiny.
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What is the significance of Earth-20023 in the Marvel Universe? toggle section
Earth-20023 is one of the many realities within the Marvel Universe. It's home to the character Charlotte Webber (Sun-Spider), also containing versions of Otto Octavius and Angelica Jones.
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Early life[]

Charlotte Webber (Earth-20023) from Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 2 4 002

Charlotte Webber was bitten by a Radioactive Spider three years ago and has been operating as Sun-Spider ever since. Her E.D.S. did not go away when she got her Spider-powers, but she remained hyper-flexible while requiring crutches for stability. In her civilian life, she also uses a wheelchair.[1]

Sun-Spider was among the Spider-persons recruited by Spider-Man and Spider-Zero to rescue Spiderling from within the Web of Life and Destiny.[3] During this time Spider-Man of Earth-616 noticed her work and concluded that she was cool.[4]

Charlie attended a long-awaited prom dance with her friends Glory, Angelica and Aster. Angelica encouraged Charlie to invite Aster to dance, having perceived that she had a crush on her. However, they were interrupted by their classmate Otto Octavius who offered to supply Charlie with new prosthetic legs. After being rejected, Otto went on an angry rampage, forcing Charlie to switch into her costume to deal with him. Unbeknownst to her, Aster also changed into her secret identity as Histamina. Together they managed to take him down, allowing the police to apprehend him.[1]

End of Spider-Verse[]

Charlotte Webber (Earth-20023) from Spider-Verse Vol 3 6 001

Immediately afterwards, Charlie was approached by Madame Web and Spider-UK who recruited her to save the Spider-Verse once again.[1] Their fight against Shatra who threatened the Web of Life and Destiny went for months, at the end of which Sun-Spider was one of the few uncorrupted Spider-Totems that remained in Spider-Army's secret hideout place on Earth-616 Beta.[4]

Reaching the endgame with the arrival of remaining Spiders from Earth-616, the team had immediately split up again. Morlun went on to obtain the Totem Dagger, ready to kill corrupted Spider-Man Noir for it. To stop Morlun from killing their friend, Sun-Spider rushed after him alongside Web-Weaver, Spinstress and Silk, arriving back to Earth-616.[5] This went terrible, as Spinstress was immediately stung by one of Shathra's wasps and converted into a member of her Hive, although the others managed to subdue her for a time.[6]

When things seemed most dire, Silk received a call from Peter Parker, who after being severed from the Great Web became her sidekick in a new timeline where he was never bitten by a spider. He received a piece of the Great Web from Earth-44145 Norman Osborn, and Silk send Spider-UK and Sun-Spider to assist him in his lab while the others went to the Loomworld for a desperate plan. Zahara and Charlie protected Peter from Shathra's minions Spider-Laird and Samurai Spider,[7] allowing Peter to implement the piece into the Great Web Shooter. When all other Spiders were freed from Shathra's control and were gathered on Earth-616, Peter fired this Great Web Shooter, defeating her and saving the Spider-Verse.[8]

Charlotte was later recruited by the Spider-Man 2099 of Earth-928B into his Spider Society and followed his orders to stop Miles Morales, aiding in his pursuit.[2]



  • Wall-Crawling


  • Hyper-flexibility: Charlie's E.D.S. allows her to dislocate her body in ways which are not ordinarily possible.[1]


  • Fatigue: Because of E.D.S. Charlie gets exhausted after spending too much time as Sun-Spider. [1]

Additional Attributes

  • Charlie has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic disease, which necessitates use of mobility aids such as a wheelchair and crutches.[3]



  • Web-Shooters inside her crutches[1]
  • Wheelchair Mech: In the Spider Society HQ on Earth-928 Sun-Spider used a wheelchair that could transform into a Spider-like mech and carry her across the ceiling.[2] Whether Charlotte has access to that wheelchair in her home reality remains to be seen.



Charlotte Webber (Earth-20023) from Spider-Verse Vol 3 3


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