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The Charter Federation was established over 1 million years ago with the aim of peaceful coexistence and the preservation of sentient life throughout the cosmos. Warlike races such as the Kree and Skrulls are not members of this organization, which over time has expanded to include over 10,000 worlds and 800 member races. These include the Rigellians, Pheragots, Nanda, Lumina, M'Ndavians, Primal Ones, and Lem.[1]

By the 20th century, it had become the largest peacekeeping institution in the Local Group of galaxies, with its own peacekeeping militia. the Cosmic Commandos. The militia was at the tactical level made up of squadrons known as Cosmic Commando Units, which answered to Special Tactical Command. [1][2][3]

The Charter later visited Earth to offer membership to humans, though this did not come about due to the hostile actions of the Axi-Tun who were defeated by Quasar and the Star Masters.[3] The Axi-Tun were eventually expelled from the Charter, due to crimes committed against the Charter[4] and their leader Votan taken into custody.[5]



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